Spiritual Tarot & Guidance ~ Don’t give up!

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 25th ~ 31st January 2021. The cards for this week are: Financial & Material Changes, Universe, Triumph, Ancestors, Hope and Serenity.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 1st ~ 7th February 2021

The cards for this week are: Financial & Material Changes, Universe, Triumph, Ancestors, Hope and Serenity

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

I feel that there is a very strong message coming through as the theme to this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading and that is Don’t Give up! The energy that comes with it is one of Hope & Support for all of us.

The Spirit & Angelic realms are always with us. They both know and understand our daily struggles, they have experienced themselves all that we have either gone through or are going through in some way, some of them have experienced all the lessons we are here to learn and probably even more that we can know or imagine. Some of the souls that visit us and guide us have probably spent many lifetimes on this earth. This I feel is the message behind the first two cards we have been given this week. The Ancestors card with it’s sub-heading of Generations and also the card of Financial & Material Changes.

When we turn our thoughts or prayers towards the spirit and angelic realms, whether it is in remembrance or for support and guidance, we often limit those thoughts and requests to those of Immediate family mom, dad, nan, grandad, etc. often forgetting that our bloodline, our lineage goes back centuries or more. Those relatives often some we may never have known or know of are still there for us sending and giving us their love, help and support

Through the card of Financial and Material changes the Spirit and Angelic realms are reminding us that they are very aware of how life has changed for all of us over the past months. The card itself represents Changes, Loss and Challenges. A very important message comes through from them with this card and that is everything changes for a reason, that we must not believe as some may, that any of what we are experiencing, is in any way a form of punishment. What we need to do is to find and understand the lessons within those changes and experiences. What could we have done?, What Can we do? to avoid having to repeat those lessons again

I feel the strongest message coming through in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is Don’t Give Up! To help guide, support and encourage us to keep going and moving forward along our path the Spirit and Angelic realms gave us the card of Triumph.

In last weeks message they reminded us that although most of the world is in some form lockdown, we do not need to put ourselves as individuals into lockdown. Our personal and spiritual growth does not stop, we are continually growing, evolving and learning. I’m reminded of a caption I saw on television recently that said “The future is not cancelled” and now the spirit and angelic realms through the card of Triumph are giving us the very same message!

That we should still continue to set our dreams and goals for the future, develop new ideas and tap into our inner guidance and intuition to help us to do so. We are being asked not to allow the current situations in which we find ourselves to pull us off our pathway, to use self control and self-discipline in all our endeavours. The spirit and Angelic realms remind us again that we are never alone, they are always just a thought away if we are willing to listen.

To support this message they gave us the card of The Universe. This card represents Completion, Triumph, Peace, Liberation and Fulfilment. The message I feel from the Spirit & Angelic realms again here is Don’t Give Up! They are reminding us that we have already come so far, that we have achieved so much and should be proud of our achievements and the lessons we have learned from them. We are reminded by this card that we are all connected to each other and to everything in the cosmos. The energy that makes up the stars is the same energy that courses throughout the universe and that energy courses throughout each and every one of us.

The final two cards for this weeks Spiritual Tarot and Guidance reading jumped out of the pack together and I never ignore cards that do this. They are Serenity and Hope and I feel compliment the messages from the Spirit and Angelic Realms perfectly for this week. The cards messages I feel are a clear message from spirit and need no explanation or words from me.

Serenity ~ The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. This is a time to honour. nurture and love yourself more by seeking out and removing any negative feelings and emotions that are left over from yesterday. Don’t let past issues and resentments interfere with your serenity today!

Hope ~ Your loved ones in the Spirit World know when to reach out if they see you’re at a low point. Whether you’re caught up in a difficult situation or struggling with someone specific in you life, there is always hope.

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

The Psychic Tarot – John Holland

The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck – John Holland

The Law ~ The 12 Karmic Laws

The Law ~ The 12 Karmic Laws

The Law ~ 12 Karmic Laws


“As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect”.

Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. If what we want is Happiness, Peace, Love, Friendship… Then we should BE Happy, Peaceful, Loving and a True Friend.


Life doesn’t just HAPPEN, it requires our participation. We are one with the Universe, both inside and out. Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state. BE yourself, and surround yourself with what you want to have present in your Life.


What you refuse to accept, will continue for you. If what we see is an enemy, or someone with a character trait that we find to be negative, then we ourselves are not focused on a higher level of existence.


“Wherever you go, there you are”.

For us to GROW in Spirit, it is we who must change – and not the people, places or things around us. The only given we have in our lives is OURSELVES and that is the only factor we have control over. When we change who and what we are within our heart our life follows suit and changes too.


Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong in me.
We mirror what surrounds us – and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.
We must take responsibility what is in our life.


Even if something we do seems inconsequential, it is very important that it gets done as everything in the Universe is connected.

Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on. Someone must do the initial work to get a job done. Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance, as they were both needed to accomplish the task. Past – Present – Future… They are all connected…

THE LAW OF FOCUS (You can not think of two things at the same time.)

When our focus is on Spiritual Values, it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.


If you believe something to be true, then sometime in your life you will be called upon to demonstrate that particular truth. Here is where we put what we CLAIM that we have learned, into actual PRACTICE.


Looking backward to examine what was, prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.
Old thoughts, old patterns of behaviour, old dreams… Prevent us from having new ones.


History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.


All Rewards require initial toil.
Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.
True joy follows doing what we’re suppose to be doing, and waiting for the reward to come in on it’s own time.


You get back from something whatever YOU have put into it. The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it. Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the Whole. Lack lustre contributions have no impact on the Whole, nor do they work to diminish it. Loving contributions bring life to, and inspire, the Whole.


Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences.

Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences. This progresses through eons of time, with each lifetime gaining, unfolding, and developing new  awareness every experience of every lifetime adds to the whole of the soul. You are forever expanding  and accumulating information consciously and unconsciously.

Although our physical being does not, the soul remembers in perfect detail every experience  ever had; every thought ever thought; every word, feeling, smell, scene, and  taste ever known. It all is categorized and remembered. This creates a  particular energy: The energy of you.

There is a cause and effect inherent in everything, including thoughts. The soul not only seeks experience,  it also seeks itself. The soul is the divinity of God and unconditional love incarnate. The secret of life is not in pointing fingers at everybody else and  judging their behaviours or beliefs, but in looking closely at self and noticing  what choices you make for yourself and where those choices take you.

Are they  based in fear or love? Are they for your highest good? Are you adding positively or negatively to life as a whole, including all life on the planet? This, my friend, is a full time job. Do not worry  about what you have done; stay focused on what you are doing. Karma is balanced  through love. Love is the most powerful  and greatest energy of the universe, and it will positively affect even the most  adverse situations. It is the ultimate healer. It is God. It can be used to heal  and balance any situation in the universe.

The universe is based on and  created from love. Anything not of love will create an imbalance, and the  universe will strive to put this energy into balance. This balancing is not  about punishment and reward, but it is about natural consequences. Striking out  at others, grievances, unforgiveness, hatred, violence, anger, fear, and  jealousy all have an energy to them, and there will be a reaction if this is the  energy you choose to display.

This energy is real and will affect you even if your attitudes remain as thoughts only. You will feel the effects of your  negative attitudes and actions because they will become enormous obstacles to  the growth of your soul. Make note that I am not saying these attitudes are  wrong, but that they do constitute an extremely dense energy that will inhibit  your own enlightenment. Remember, to seek enlightenment is to seek love.

The enlightenment of the soul is based in love and walking the spiritual path  from the heart. Being aware and conscious means making deliberate choices to exhibit love, no matter what situation or life condition you find yourself in.  This change always involves personal work  and commitment to the process of change.

It can be complex, and you may feel  like you are beating your head against a wall. Truly, the soul is complex, vast,  immortal, interconnected, and multifaceted. This makes healing and change also  complex and vast. However, when you are working with love as a tool, you are  using the most powerful force in the universe, and the results can be  miraculous.

I have personally found that when I feel blocked in my own  growth, it is often wise to seek someone who works with energy and is not  invested in my personal issues. This helps achieve clarity. Spiritual growth can  often be facilitated by someone who works with energy and the healing of the soul. In some situations, our obstacles might stem from soul loss that occurred  earlier in life or from circumstances of another lifetime and are not present in our conscious mind.

The spirits have taught me that the care of the soul is the first concern, and that the soul is a composite of all that you have ever  experienced in all lifetimes. This complexity of the soul creates multiple levels of healing and makes growth possible.

Jan  Engels Smith –    About the Author:

Jan Engels-Smith promotes self-healing, empowerment, better communities, a  healthy world and conducts workshops in shamanism & journeying. Her book,  Becoming Yourself is at http://www.LightSong.net .  Jan’s a Licensed Counsellor. She’s done over 2,000 soul retrievals. She is the  founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, a Chemical Dependency  Specialist, and Marriage Therapist. She is a water-pourer for sweat lodge, a  minister, a Reiki Master.

10 Universal Laws You Need To Know

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the Law of Attraction. People are writing about it as though it is something new, however this is not the case. The Law of Attraction and all other universal laws have existed since the beginning of time. The creation of all that is, our entire existence, is governed by subtle laws that exist in the universe.

10 Universal Laws You Need To Know

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the Law of Attraction. People are writing about it as though it is something new, however this is not the case. The Law of Attraction and all other universal laws have existed since the beginning of time. The creation of all that is, our entire existence, is governed by subtle laws that exist in the universe. The Universal laws. We cannot see them however we know that they are present.

For example, we know that “what goes up must come down.” This is a universal law. We also know that when we work with them, our thoughts and actions are aligned with divine flow and ease, and when we work against them, we create struggle and dis-ease. Thus, it only makes sense to familiarise ourselves with some of these laws when we are wanting to attract new people, places, things, and experiences into our lives. When we understand the innate nature of these laws, we become better at manifesting in our lives.

Successful manifestation occurs when these laws are present in our lives, so understanding and working with these laws is the first step. Ultimately, successful manifestation of anything is dependent upon: making a conscious choice of what we want; ensuring that we are wishing for what we truly want; seeing, speaking, and write our manifestations; giving thanksas though it has already happened; and, letting go and letting God, knowing that the universe will always bring us what is most appropriate and in our highest good and growth. existed since the beginning of time.

The creation of all that is, our entire existence, is governed by subtle laws that exist in the universe. We cannot see them however we know that they are present. For example, we know that “what goes up must come down.” This is a universal law. We also know that when we work with them, our thoughts and actions are aligned with divine flow and ease, and when we work against them, we create struggle and dis-ease.

Thus, it only makes sense to familiarise ourselves with some of these laws when we are wanting to attract new people, places, things, and experiences into our lives. When we understand the innate nature of these laws, we become better at manifesting in our lives.

Here are 10 of the universal laws that you need to know to successfully manifest what you want in your life:

The Universal Law of Abundance

When we create images of abundance in our lives, we attract this energy into our reality. Abundance does not only apply to money. We also l long for an abundance of love, relationships, peace, harmony, opportunities, faith, success and much more. Where are you longing for more abundance in your life?

The Universal Law of Action

God works with us, not for us! We can be extremely gifted, talented, compassionate, deserving and so on, yet only action will materialize our wishes. Being a passive participant in our lives allows us to watch our life like a movie, whereas being an active participant allows us to star in the leading role. Which role do you choose?

The Universal Law of Divine Flow

Living in the moment, maintaining a state of love, being grateful, and serving others aligns us to the law of divine flow. In turn, we are more connected to ourselves, to others, to the universe, and to God. This deep sense of connection allows for more peace, love, grace, compassion, and synchronicity which is divine flow. How can you create more flow in your life?

The Universal Law of Economy

This law governs energy (matter) and energy always follows the line of least resistance. When we try to make things happen that are not in our highest good or the highest good of all, those actions are met with resistance (the Law of Economy). Spending energy trying to overcome resistance and universal laws as we attempt to manifest is wasted energy that could be spent where there is flow and receptivity. The more energy we save, the more we have to spend on things that truly matter. Where do you need to shift the focus of your energy?

The Universal Law of Expectation

Energy always follows our thoughts. When we expect bad things, bad things will happen. When we expect and believe in good things, good things will happen. Therefore, our thoughts always shape our experiences and expectations. What thought patterns do you need to shift?

The Universal Law of Good Will

When we manage the energy of our thoughts and actions, and create good thoughts and wishes for ourselves and others, we automatically create the energy of good will. The energy of good will, when understood by many, creates a collective consciousness of good will and has the ability to transmute the “ill will” of others. The more we strive to be in a state of good will and in alignment with this law, the more we will attract good will into our energy fields, which can cultivate the power manifestation and abundance in our lives. How are you practicing good will in your life?

The Universal Law of Grace

When we create good karma for ourselves, and focus outside of ourselves for the healing of others and Mother Earth, we implement the Law of Grace. This means that we might receive more than we have worked for or seemingly deserve allowing us to manifest even more of what we want in our lives. How can you live a more graceful life?

The Universal Law of Intention

Energy always follows intent. When we perform an act of kindness and our intention is to be recognized for our goodness, or we have a hidden agenda, we will not be rewarded through the universal Law of Grace. Intention and effort must be aligned in order to successfully manifest. When we intend to generate more money in our lives, and we reduce our spending on non-essentials and become more responsible with our money, we create more money. More importantly, when we demonstrate that we can handle more, the universe gives us more. This is the Law of Intention. How can you improve the intentions that you are setting in your life?

The Universal Law of Manifestation

When we think, visualize, and speak what we wish to manifest, as though it is already happening in our lives, we activate this law. Our manifestations need to be positively focused, emphasizing what we want to create, rather than what we do not want to create. What do you wish to create in your life today?

The Universal Law of Patience

Patience allows us to learn to more about ourselves, our values, and to practice faith and surrender to the universe. Through patience we learn to allow for divine timing and trust that everything that we hope to manifest is occurring in its own divine order. Following this law allows for successful manifestation. Where do you need more patience in your life?

The Universal Law of Three Requests

When we repeat what we are requesting of the universe three times, it activates the universal power of three and brings a stronger energy to what we intend to manifest. Often this accelerates this speed in which we attract what we have been requesting. How can you incorporate this law in your manifestation techniques?

Jennifer Longmore – About the Author:

 Jennifer Longmore, Soul Journeys® Empowerment and Enlightenment Coach, is a leading expert on soul acceleration through the Akashic Records. She is an international healer, speaker, guest expert, contributing writer and founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies.

For more than 15 years, she has awakened thousands of clients, just like you, to their soul purpose, through high-level private sessions, group coaching programs and certification classes so that they can live their most joyous path and create an spiritually and financially abundant and joyous path.

Mystery of the Soul Part 3

Mystery of the Soul Part 3. In general, the various branches of parapsychological study related to the soul  are Near-Death Experience (NDE); Out-of-the-Body Experience (OBE); Biomagnetic  Radiation/Field (aura); Hauntings; Posessions; Bilocation; Past-Life Regression,  and ESP.

In general, the various branches of parapsychological study related to the soul  are Near-Death Experience (NDE); Out-of-the-Body Experience (OBE); Biomagnetic  Radiation/Field (aura); Hauntings; Posessions; Bilocation; Past-Life Regression,  and ESP.

Many instruments and methods are used in the investigation of psychic phenomena. Hypnosis is often used  to uncover subconscious knowledge on a subject. Such a method has been  successful in regressing a person to a past life and even between lifetimes.  Much knowledge related to the after-life and the soul’s continued existence have  thus been acquired.

Unorthodox methods that purports to contact disembodied intelligence might include séances, the Ouija board, the planchette,  automatic writing, and the pendulum; some of these methods are similar to the  Indonesian Jailangkung and Nini Towok.

One of the former presidents of  the Society of Psychical Research, C.D. Broad (1887-1971), believed that  paranormal research might eventually prove that psychological events can survive  bodily death. He theorized that man had an invisible constituent; this he called  the psi-component, or “psychogenic factor.” Ever since the days of Broad,  parapsychology has indeed made much progress.


When we speak of the viewpoints of metaphysics questions might  arise inquiring of the source of these teachings. Generally speaking, the tenets  of metaphysics are derived from the esoteric transmissions of lofty beings to  select members of the human family. These beings have already evolved far beyond the human kingdom and its pinnacle–the  perfect human being as portrayed by the archetype Adam Kadmon.

These teachings  are based on their personal experiences and awareness of the Truth of all  things. Some of the students of these lofty beings were able to verify, again by  personal experience, part of the teachings that was conveyed by these Spiritual  Masters. This would leave aspects of metaphysical teachings as theoretical or hypothetical from the student’s perspective.

There are also metaphysical  teachings that have been formulated by students intellectually without knowing  its truth experientially before-hand and may consequently be without a  foundation in reality. This is the reason why certain metaphysical doctrines are  ever-evolving. May the reader ever keep this in mind.

From the  superficial investigation of metaphysical conceptions one comes to the  conclusion that they are as diverse as the many theories developed by science or theology; however, in essence they all share a common thread in that the soul,  the spirit intelligence, is regarded as being a distinctive part of the human  organism and has a divine origin. One of the most basic fundamentals in  contemporary metaphysics is that there is only One Substance, One Power, One  Life, One Mind, One Law in the whole Universe, and each being in its innermost  “I AM” core, is part of that One.

The other laws and principles of metaphysics  stems from this basis. The above statement is not entirely accurate, however. We  referred to the One as being in the Universe, when in fact, it is entirely opposite. The Universe is in the One, or  is a partial manifestation of the One. To the meta-physician, everything has a  divine origin and is essentially eternal. We emphasise the word “essentially,”  for there is a difference between form and expression, and its divine essence. 

For instance we may liken the essence with electricity, the form-the electric bulb, the clarity and  power (wattage) of the bulb its expression. Electricity is indestructible, so is the Spirit, the divine intelligence in man. The bulb, the form of man, is  ephemeral in nature. The clarity and the wattage, the power that it gives off,  is the evolving aspect of man called the soul. The clarity is dependent upon the  purity of the bulb, or the soul.

It is often tainted by dust and dirt–or the  negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. This illustration would  indicate that the Spirit is immortal, the form transient, and the soul that  aspect of the microcosm that seeks to ever grow spiritually until it is aware of  its essential nature. By being aware it becomes immortal, meaning that it is  continually conscious of its essential nature. The soul, therefore, is only  potentially immortal.

After making our statements above, it should be  understood that the soul-concept is ever-evolving, whether from the scientific,  theological, philosophical, or metaphysical point of view. One could argue that  truth is changeless and that what was true in the past is likewise true for the  present and the future.

We concur with this, but the problem here is man’s  understanding of truth, and the presentation of truth, and not truth itself.  Metaphysics may be understood intellectually–this has its limitations; or it  may be understood mystically–this provides real knowledge that the intellect  has trouble analysing, formulating into ideas, and putting into words.

One school of metaphysical thought believes the soul to be a function or  development arising out of the vital life force that animates all living forms. This vital life force permeates the whole universe. Matter is evolving to the  point where it may support life while living organisms evolve to the point where  they may eventually support the development of self-consciousness, and this we  call “the soul.” However, this does not signify that souls are dependent upon  matter for their existence.

They are associated with the vital principle of the  universe. Some scientists regard the universe as a living organism, or a living  thought rather than something lifeless or mechanical. The soul or  self-consciousness may be regarded as a higher expression of the life-force that  permeates the universe. This signifies that the soul is a dynamic potential  inherent within energy. As energy is indestructible, so is the soul in its  essence indestructible. As energy is kinetic, forever in movement, so is the  soul never the same in its expression–it continually evolves.

Esoteric  teachings classify the microcosm into, three, five, or even seven aspects. In  the threefold division we have Personality, Soul, and Spirit; or in Indonesian  we may say Jiwa, Roh, and Sukma–but keep in mind what we have said before that  there is no standard agreement as to the terms used.

Sukma may be called  “Ingsun,” “Atma,” “the Self,” whatever. Terms are not important in this context,  principles are. In the Judaic Qaballa, the threefold microcosm is designated as  Nephesh, Neshamah/Ruah, and Yechidah. In Buddhism as Nirmanakaya, Sambogakaya,  and Dharmakaya. In Theosophy as Personality, Ego, and Monad. In Hinduism as  Rupa, Jiwa, and Atma. In ancient Egypt as Khat, Ka , and Ba.
These threefold  divisions have subdivisions. In certain Hindu teachings they are subdivided into  five. Theosophical and Rosicrucian teachings divides the microcosm into  seven:

[Please visit our website for the table]

In the Rosicrucian  system, the Divine, Life and Human Spirit may be considered as the Soul. The  Monad as the Spirit, and the other lower components as the Personality. Each of  these components of the microcosm reside in their own plane or dimension, and  they are composed of the substances of their respective realm. Each has its own  particular function in the operation of the microcosm. Each component vibrates  at a certain frequency. Vibrations may be perceived as sound, light, or hue.

The  seven components of the microcosm, therefore, collectively produces a musical  chord, or as a certain colour–the conglomeration of all the colours of the  components. This collective sound or colour may be said to be our “soul” name.  This sound may be dissonant or harmonious depending upon one’s soul-development.  Each microcosm vibrates at a different frequency; there are no two microcosms  quite alike, just as there are no two snowflakes of the exact same pattern. Each  component of the microcosm has its primary faculty. The intellect is the faculty  of the Lower Mental, the imagination of the Higher Mental, the Intuition of  Buddhi, and Inspiration of Atma.

Since this is not a thesis on the occult  anatomy of man we will not delve too deeply into the subject, suffice to say  that there are many more components in the microcosm than what we have referred  to above that are vibrating at a frequency undetectable as yet by our modern  technological instruments. However, we will discuss a little so as to give a  brief picture of man’s hidden composition.

Aside from the seven major  components in man, the microcosm, there is also the thread that connects them  all. This is called the sutratma. Forces and impulses from the highest aspect of  the microcosm flows to the lower aspects via this connecting bridge. Our  reaching up towards our divine Source builds another bridge called the  antahkarana. This antahkarana grows from the lowest aspect of the microcosm and  eventually anchors itself to the Monad.

The etheric body of man is  constructed out of “lines of force.” These are the counterpart of the physical  nervous system. Where they criss-cross a power-spot is formed. These are the  acupuncture points, the minor and major chakras, and the tan-tiens. Certain  energies from external sources accumulate in the etheric body of man. Kundalini  is one of them. Kundalini is the cosmic fire, the force that has the power to  purify and awaken the lower energy structures of the microcosm. When it awakens  it flows through certain pathways of the etheric body. There are various main  channels associated with kundalini awakening.

Another vital aspect of the  microcosm are the seed atoms. These atoms are records of the evolutionary  development of the soul, physically, emotionally, and mentally. They also store  our karmic tendencies, expressions, and records. Though each of the seven  components of the microcosm has its seed, only three are normally considered in  esoteric writings.

These are the Physical Seed-Atom, the Emotional Seed-Atom,  and the Mental Seed-Atom. Each of these seed atoms has its position in the  physical body. The mental seed atom lies in the pineal gland, and this is where  our consciousness is seemingly focused. As can be seen from this, Descartes was  not entirely wrong in presuming the pineal gland to be the seat of the  soul.

As we said before, the seeds are records. They may be thought of as  our recording angels. They record our every thought, feeling, and action. Our  karma are stored in these seeds as well, and from time to time, when the time is  ripe, they release the effects of the karma that we put into motion in our past.  The timing of this is determined by a higher aspect of the microcosm, the Ego  and our Solar Angel in conjunction with the advice and decree of the Lords of  Karma–those beings that assists humanity in balancing and harmonising all  karmic actions.

The pineal gland is also the host of other spiritual  components, and this is what makes it the most important gland of the endocrine  system. The pineal and pituitary glands are psychic complementaries and their  harmonized functioning results in a more perfect human expression. They are  there not merely to secrete the known hormones but they play an important role  in occult physiology. We regret that very little can be said in this  paper.

Within the physical heart lies a spark of the Ego, the Soul, or  the Higher Self. The Upanishads refer to this as the “Supreme Person, the size  of the thumb.” This spark is threefold in nature, in has three  aspects-power/will, love/wisdom, intelligence/activity. They are represented by  three colours-blue, pink, and yellow, respectively.

According to mystical  thought the physical body is the temple of the soul, and although religion is in  agreement, many religious persons have turned their temple into a tomb, with its  occupant dead asleep in the darkness of ignorance. Outward ceremonies, forms,  and rituals are actually devoid of any true spiritual benefit when mechanically  conducted. They may please the emotions but they deceive devotees into believing  in their piousness.

The outward forms are merely signs of spiritual realities  within. It is by understanding and living these realities that one progresses in  a true religious sense. For instance, formal religion may ask us to pray once a  day, or five times a day; but in true religion we have to be in a constant state  of prayer, “25 hours a day, 8 days a week.”

Prayer is a certain mental attitude  and awareness. It is not in requesting something but accepting that all that we  could ever ask for is ours and is being done to us right now. Succinctly,  Religion is Mysticism poorly understood as Science is its child that is  undergoing a maturing process. More could be said of this but we would stray too  far from our main subject.

Origin of the Soul

Man’s innermost  being is the Monad. This is the SELF, the God within Man. Its nature is  Sat-Chit-Ananda–Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss. The Monad is a spark of  the Divine Flame which is the One Existence. The Monad is not a creation, it is  an emanation. It is God individualized within the microcosm. The Ego, or the  Soul, is in turn an emanation of the Monad, and the Personality an emanation of  the Soul. It is the Soul that “creates” the physical body.

All things are  manifestations of the One. IT manifests as energy. Energy is omnipresent,  omnipotent, and omniscient. It is indestructible and eternal. Man, like  everything else is made up of energy. He has certain magnetic fields and  structures all composed of energy. The Monad within man qualitatively speaking  is of God, is God. Quantitatively, the Monad is but a minuscule fragment of the  infinite whole.

When man is aware of his divine SELF-nature, he experiences the  inner essence, the God within and thus declares “unification” with his Source.  He realises that essentially he is “God”–however, keep in mind that this refers  to the God nature within and not to God’s totality, to the essence of man and  not to his physical form or false ego. Like Jesus Christ he affirms: “I and my  Father are one.” This is not blasphemy as theology might teach us. It is the  recognition of the love of our Source who has bestowed ITs very being upon us.  IT has given us ITs identity.

This whole notion might be incomprehensible to  some, nevertheless, it is a Truth experienced by mystics of all generations and  cultures. There is no separation between God and Man, between God and the  Universe. God is immanent within all, and also transcends all. The forgetfulness  of this divine union is Man’s fall from divine grace. Man ate the forbidden  fruit of intellectual knowledge and has forgotten his essential nature.

This densified his being and he was made to wear “animal skins,” that is, the  physical body. Man’s innermost being is Light, but because of ignorance he fell  into the lower dimensions. Each dimensional descent enshrouded his light with a  thicker and thicker vestment until finally he wore animal skins in the  three-dimensional world and entrapped himself in matter–the most stupid part of  the Mind as Leibnitz said. Man’s original sin is the sin of ignorance and  forgetfulness. He who will hear let him hear!

Purpose of the Soul:  Evolution

Change is one of the laws of the universe, it results in the  cycles of creation/destruction; involution/evolution, etc. The Monad, a spark of  the One, is in essence divine. It possesses a divine collective consciousness  without any particular awareness of individuality and separation from its  Source. However, it was emanated by its Progenitor for a purpose. As a focus  point of the One Being it was manifested so that the One could experience  various aspects of Itself, to grow in awareness of ITs inner potentiality,  nature and power. In order to do that it had to further densify ITs being to the  lowest possible dimensional reality.

This is the act of involution. Thus, the  Monad issued from itself a threefold-Soul which in turned manifested the  four-lower bodies: the physical, etheric, astral, and lower mental. Having  undergone the involutionary cycle, man is now on the upward path. Humanity is  presently on the path of evolution as a continuance of its soul-journey and  purpose. Along the path of evolution humanity’s consciousness grew through  various lower consciousness levels typified by the consciousness of the  minerals, plants, and animals, until finally it attained human-consciousness. 

What is the end of the soul’s journey? It probably has none. There is no end to  evolution in the school of life, or spiritual and cosmic growth. We could say  that the end is to merge with God but that is only half the truth. Words cannot  express what goes on beyond that, neither can the intellect conceive. Absolute  Inertia does not exist in the universe. Galaxies are born, and galaxies die,  this goes on eternally. By attaining God-Consciousness, or a higher  consciousness level, one goes on to even more lofty spiritual heights that are  beyond human understanding.

The human kingdom is not the ultimate achievement,  infinite possibilities lies before the evolving soul. With God all things are  possible–and God partly lies within our being experiencing all things through  us. We concede that what we have said above is not easily assimilable and is  controversial; however, realise that we do not force ideas upon anyone. It is  rather difficult for us to convey abstract ideas with words, therefore, a debate  upon this is needless.

What we have explained above is simply the main points  regarding the soul’s purpose and its cosmic trek, and is not to be considered as  the whole-truth. It is merely a partial revelation. The whole subject of the  soul’s purpose would take us deep into the study of cycles, rhythms, spiritual  races, etc.

There are two aspects of evolution: the evolution of form and  the evolution of consciousness; and also two factors regarding the soul to  consider: soul essence and soul expressions. When we speak of evolution we refer  to the consciousness aspect, and the expression of the soul of its innate  divinity.

It takes a complex nervous system and brain to support a higher  expression of the Soul, or the sense of Self; and an even greater unfoldment is  required for the sustenance of a higher form of consciousness called “Christ  Consciousness” or “Cosmic Consciousness.” This is, however, related to organic  development.

The evolution of Darwinism refers to the form aspect of life  and need not be considered further in this paper except to say that what  Darwinism refer to as evolution might simply be a case of adaptation or genetic  mutation.

Above we mentioned “soul-essence” and “soul-expression.” The  soul’s inner essence is God-essence. It has all the powers, virtues,  potentialities of God inherent within it. All of God’s attributes are encoded  within the fundamental nature of the soul, just as the human blue-print is  encoded in the DNA of every cell of the physical body.

Though the soul’s inner  nature is divine, its expression or personality is ever-evolving. While  incarnated in physical form the soul has a dual task of removing the stains  accumulated upon its personality, and of awakening its inner divine being that  its expression would reflect the perfection of its essence.

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