Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 25th ~ 31st January 2021

spiritual tarot & guidance reading 25th-31st January 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 25th ~ 31st January 2021

The cards for this week are: Death, The Hierophant, The Empress, Love & The Cave

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

Those of you who have read last weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading and read my weekly readings on a regular basis will have noticed that YES we have two cards from last weeks reading appearing again this week, even though they were drawn from a different deck. And you will also know that this isn’t the first time that this has happened. As I don’t believe in coincidences, but in synchronicities I feel that both the spirit and angelic realms feel that there is a necessity again to repeat a part of their message.

The Death Card and The Hierophant were the two cards repeated from last weeks message.

The first card was the Death card so therefore it’s meaning remains the same: The more positive and spiritual meaning behind the Death card is one of endings and new beginnings. For change to happen something must come to an end. Change is something that is inevitable whether we choose to ignore it or try to avoid it, it will happen, it is the way we both learn and grow and it is something that we need to embrace and not fear. This I feel is the message that the spiritual and angelic realms are sending us through this card.

What I like about the image from this weeks deck as opposed to the Rider Waite image is that you can see the light of the new energy and possibility of change emerging. If you look at the image where the face of death should be you will see the light of change and re-birth and also there is the symbol of infinity, the continuity of life, between the title of the card.

The second card repeated from last weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading was The Hierophant and so therefore it’s meaning also remains the same: The Hierophant is sometimes known in tarot as the spiritual teacher.

His appearance in a reading can suggest that we are sticking to tried and trusted ways of doing things because it’s the way it’s always been done or maybe we stick rigidly to our beliefs because it is the way we have been taught or guided to in the past. For example staying in a job, a career or a relationship because it’s what our parents, friends or other peer’s wanted for us or we feel that it is what is expected of us, even though we are not happy.

Our third card in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading is The Empress. One of the meanings behind The Empress in tarot is motherhood so for some of you it may mean a pregnancy, or hearing of a new birth. You can see from the image on the card that the Empress is pregnant but what she is giving birth to is a New World, New Beginnings and New Possibilities.

The first of our two oracle cards this week which are chosen as a guide to provide us with the overarching energy of each weeks reading, was the card of Love. I personally “Love” the imagery of the two hands reaching out towards each other through the heart on this card and it could not be more topical under the present circumstances in which we all find ourselves at present. Also the green colour psychically and spiritually to me signifies healing, something the whole world and our planet need greatly at the moment. It is also the colour of our fourth chakra or heart centre.

Our last card for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading was the Cave. The Cave card signifies as the card says a Sanctuary, a place of safety, somewhere to withdraw to. I feel that the message here from the spirit and angelic realms is not so much of a physical place, but a symbolic place/space to withdraw to within ourselves to find both inner peace and peace of mind.

The messages that I pass on to you from the spirit and angelic realms each week through the cards, are messages both for me and you. They are not based on a personal reading but are a spiritually based reading with messages from the spirit and angelic realms to let us know that they are aware of all that is happening in our physical world and to guide us and help us to grow, learn and develop spiritually.

It is not surprising, as I have said before, that some of the messages they give us can seem repetitive at times. One question I am guided by spirit to ask here is “how many times must a person experience the same experience before learning the lesson?”

The whole world at the moment is in some form of “Lockdown” however it does not mean, as is the case for some, that we as an individual have to go into lockdown on a personal level. It does not mean that we have to stop growing and learning as individuals. Everything we encounter good or bad along our pathway has a lesson attached to it.

The Death card reminds us that change is inevitable as much as we try to avoid it at times, it is inevitable and we must LEARN to accept it, embrace it, LEARN from it and move forward along our own individual path. You see lessons again!

The Hierophant again in support of the Death card is reminding us that we need to change the way we view situations, to not get stuck in a rut, to be open to new ways of thinking, to accept that our own beliefs and belief systems may need to change in order for us to move forward with our earthly life and grow spiritually. Yes lessons again!

We then have our final tarot card for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading The Empress. The Empress as I said earlier is the symbol of motherhood. However I feel the mothering here that the spirit and angelic realms wish to bring to our attention is one of nurturing, of loving and giving, not just to others but to ourselves. She also represents new beginnings and new possibilities.

As the image portrays and the message through the Empress is trying to tell us there is the possibility of creating a whole new world, a new life for ourselves and a new way of living. Some may say that it is not possible or that it is just wishful thinking. And for those who refuse to take the advice from spirit and the message they have given through the Death Card and Hierophant it may be and indeed seem that way. But have they learned from their own experiences or advice given? Is it again lessons that have not been learned or understood?

Our final two cards this week repeat some of the message of the past weeks and again support this weeks reading. The cards we have been given are the card of Love and Compassion and The Cave/Sanctuary.

I am aware of and feel as the spirit and angelic realms do, of the growing unease, desperation and frustration that is building across the world due to the current pandemic and other disasters whether man made or natural that are occurring worldwide.

This is why I feel we have been given in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading the Love card with its beautiful imagery of those hands reaching out through the heart surrounded with healing energy. We need to remember here an important and difficult lesson, (YES another lesson) and that is that despite all that is happening and we are experiencing, our thoughts help create our reality and that thoughts and energy are real.

Our thoughts affect our feelings and our feelings affect our reality. so what we feel in our hearts is what we send out into the world. We need to ensure that those thoughts are like the Empress, Loving and Nurturing. If we can all do this then that is the energy that we will receive in return, we will all benefit from it including mother earth herself.

To help with this we were given the Cave/Sanctuary card. I feel that this is a a message from the spirit and angelic realms once again to “go within”, and as I always say “take some time out for yourself”. Whether it be in a physical space or one you create in your own minds eye, it is a space where just like the Empress you can nurture yourself and your spirit.

A place where you can question your beliefs, your way of thinking and look at where you can make changes in your life and make plans for your future. A place where you can accept that the world is changing and that we need to accept those changes, make any necessary changes and learn and grow from them. Yes Lessons again!

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort zone and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself “.

Alan Alda

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 4th ~ 10th January 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 4th ~ 10th January 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 4th ~ 10th January 2021

The cards for this week are: The 7 of Wands, The Queen of Pentacles, The 2 of Wands, Lotus Flower and Rest & Rejuvenate

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

May I take the opportunity of wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

The first card chosen for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is the 7 of Wands which speaks of the daily struggles that we are all enduring and I don’t just mean the financial, mental, physical and emotional struggles. I’m asked by the spirt world to also speak of the challenges we face daily with the constant bombardment of information, misinformation and conspiracy theories. All of them competing for our attention and attempting to convince us that their truth is the real truth. They remind us that we have the inner strength of our own spirit to guide us, help us stay in control of our thoughts and to live our lives by our own inner truths.

This I feel is why the Spirit and Angelic Realms gave us the 2 of Wands. They are guiding us and asking us to not rush, jump in and accept any of the information we may receive as being true and correct. They wish us to take a step back and go within. They are guiding us to take some time out, to absorb the information we have received and ask ourselves “does this feel right”. Remember your own spirit is contained within your physical body and will never lie to you or misguide you.

It can be a difficult spiritual test to trust and have faith in our own intuition. Just like the image of the 7 of wands, we can end up fighting not only external battles but also our own internal battles in our search for truth. However through the 2 of Wands the Spirit world are reminding us that we have within us the courage to do so, which will allow us to move forward and walk our true life path.

The third tarot card chosen for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading was the Queen of Pentacles. She represents someone who is hard working and can also represent in the general meaning of tarot, a working parent tasked with providing for their family. But I feel the message that the spirit world wants to bring our attention to here are her nurturing, supportive and caring qualities, because these are also some of the qualities that the Queen of Pentacles possesses.

The Queen of Pentacles although hardworking and dealing with the complexities of daily life also finds time for those she loves, she shows them love, gives generous cuddles and strives to find balance between her worldly concerns and her personal life. This is what I feel the spirit world wishes to highlight, the need for us all to find our own balance between the external worldly pressures and stresses that we face and our own personal relationships. They want us to think independently, and not let exterior forces interfere in our relationships with others or our home and family life.

The first of our two Oracle cards which represent the overall energy of this weeks reading is Rest and Rejuvenate. Now I have noted the response that a lot of people give recently when the subject of taking time out for ourselves arises. Their response often is “well with all the Covid 19 restrictions at the moment I have nothing but time on my hands”.

But taking time out to rest and rejuvenate is not about allowing ourselves to become depressed and stressed. It’s not about allowing our thoughts to focus on all the things we cannot do at present, or places we cannot go or people we cannot see. It is about focusing our minds, Physically and Mentally and letting go of worldly, daily struggles and pressures and just being with YOU!

This is why I feel the Spirit and Angelic realms chose the final card for this weeks Spiritual & Guidance reading which was the Lotus Flower. This amazing and beautiful flower despite having it’s roots stuck in the muck and mud at the bottom of the water, can still thrive and produce a beautiful flower. At the end of each day it folds it’s flower and sinks below the water to rest and rejuvenate. When daylight breaks it rises again to bloom and show it’s beautiful flower once more. Showing the true benefits of rest and rejuvenation.

“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.”


The overall message I feel behind this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading that the spirit and angelic realms wish to bring to us, at the beginning of our earthly New Year is for each of us to walk our own individual path. However we do not need to do this at the expense of others, we can still walk our own individual path in life and still work for the collective good of all.

In fact the more true to ourselves we are, the happier and more content we become, the more love we have to give. As a result our relationships with others will flourish more. Lets face it… if there is one thing this world definitely needs more of it is love.

The spirit world also want us to spend more time with ourselves and our own individual thoughts, our own intuitive self. They ask us to stay true to ourselves, to our own spirit within and not be distracted by all the external forces and information we are being constantly bombarded with. Information taken and used for personal gratification or personal gain is not working for the collective good of all. They wish us to use, be guided by and trust our own intuition to help us sift through the muck and mud we are surrounded by just like the Lotus Flower so that we can continue to blossom and grow personally and spiritually.

They wish us to nurture ourselves as well as others, to love ourselves as well as others. If we can’t give a hug to someone as the Queen of Pentacles would do because of Covid 19 restrictions, then give yourself a big loving hug and send it to them through thought. Remember thoughts are pure energy and can travel and you both get to receive a much needed hug and some love .

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

The Original Rider Waite Tarot – A.E. Waite

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

The Psychic Tarot – John Holland

Remaining Spiritual In a Three-Dimensional World

For many individuals, the spiritual quest is accompanied by the necessity of remaining grounded in a 3-dimensional reality.

Remaining Spiritual In a Three-Dimensional World

For many individuals, the spiritual quest is accompanied by the necessity of remaining grounded in a 3-dimensional reality.

Learning where to draw the line between being spiritual and dwelling on the negatives of our world is a complex issue. We have to address all sides of the equation and the beliefs and values they represent. Unfortunately, this brings about segregation in our society and creates an “us against them” attitude. Battle lines are drawn and sides are chosen. 3-dimensional illusions are played against spiritual ideals. You are either with us or against us. So how do we remain focused on our soul evolution and stay true to our spiritual goals?

The key lies within each individual.

Society has been segregated into comfort zone boxes. Neatly tucked within these boxes are individuals who play the 3-dimensional game with pride because they are comfortable with who they are. Their direction is focused and their path is clear. They know exactly where they’re going, “Thank you very much,” and don’t require outside assistance. However, they refuse to see the walls that limit their vision.

The illusionary walls that keep them safe and protected are the very walls that breed judgment and fear. Knocking down these walls takes an act of courage and acceptance. For once the walls come down, we are left standing naked before each other. Imperfections are shown. Fears are out in the open and anxiety levels are high. It is at this point, we need to recognize the soul, the divine God-Spark, that lies within us all, instead of relying on the physical, 3-dimensional illusions we see standing before us.

To recognize the God-Spark within another individual requires compassion and acceptance. Not just of the physical person we see standing before us, but the soul of the individual that resides inside the physical shell. It takes personal self confidence to see the true person in the individuals we encounter. When we are comfortable with our own self-worth, it’s easier to bring out the best in others. But the question of, “What if the person refuses to acknowledge their own shadow” looms. How do we handle individuals who refuse to accept they are less than perfect? First, it’s not our responsibility to determine what is perfect for them and their individual soul growth.

At some point, we have the right to withdrawal and leave them to their lessons. The key is to walk away with compassion, not anger. Understanding, not judgment and love, not fear. We have a tendency to become wrapped up in their emotional drama and define our role and the character we want to play based on the circumstances we find ourselves in. We have to understand we will not be able to control another individual or the decisions they make.

Our point of power lies in our emotional responses. We need to reprogram ourselves to detach and observe, not remain in the middle, controlling the outcome based on what we think is best. Releasing control and allowing another to grow on their own level shows maturity and personal growth. It’s letting go of ego based issues that define the walls of segregation.

When we release control and ego based issues, we will create distance with certain individuals. As painful as this may be for some, it’s a vital step in the process of defining who we are and better yet, who we are becoming. The goodbyes can be as emotional or controlled as we allow them to be. If we walk away with love, compassion and understanding, there is no reason to be emotionally overwhelmed. It’s when we become emotional, based on 3-dimensional illusions, that the departure becomes difficult.

The emotional reaction is what keeps us chained to the situation, not the individuals involved. Once we decide to take this step, the individual may create additional emotional dramas to hold you to the situation. At this point, we’ve reached a crossroads and only we can determine how much power we will give the situation.

It’s alright to walk away and leave them standing with a mirror in their hand, as long as it’s done with compassion and understanding in our hearts. Saying goodbye to the familiar may be a painful and scary experience, but if we remain grounded we will move past this transition with as little emotional drama as possible.

Understand that ending situations that are no longer necessary in our lives is vital to our individual growth. It’s part of what we came here to do. We are the writers, directors and casting agents of our life screenplay so we decide the starring roles, as well as the smaller, supporting ones. Emotional outbursts do not occur in our lives without our approval and once we recognize this, we can accept responsibility for healing ourselves.

Healing must begin on individual levels and expand from there. When we heal our own personal issues, we have more to offer the individuals we come into contact with. Healing ourselves as individuals leads to the healing of humanity.

In order to heal ourselves, we must look deep within our own hearts and confront the shadows that lie there. What are we so afraid of? When we take a good long look in the mirror, we will see aspects of ourselves that need attention.

At this point, we encounter a crossroads, for we either accept, acknowledge and heal those shadows or we push them aside once again. When we push them aside, we are not accepting responsibility for our actions. Every aspect of our personality has been set in place by the circumstances we’ve encountered and more importantly, our emotional responses to them. Once we move past the emotional drama and into the heart of the matter, we will find we are exactly where we chose to be.

Accepting this takes courage and maturity. It’s easier to blame someone else for our own shortcomings because this takes the responsibility off us. Personal healing takes place within our own hearts first and it’s a long, lonely journey. Other individuals may try to assist, but it all comes down to our own ability to see ourselves as we truly are and heal from there. Soul searching is a personal issue that everyone must confront eventually and it will be as gentle or intense as we want it to be.

The more we fight the process, the more painful our search within will be. We have to be able to look at ourselves honestly and realize it’s alright to dislike the actions of the person we see in the mirror. We have been programmed to view our faults as negative things. We have to be perfect and our world has to be flawless.

We are taught not to dwell on the shadow aspects of our personalities, because that is labelled as negative self-talk and damages our self-esteem. But what if we changed our opinion of this? What if we view our shadows as a missing part of the whole? A piece of the puzzle that is required. An aspect of our own self-created world that requires healing.

Once our opinion is altered, we realize that healing the dark shadows is the key. Negative self-talk does not have to play a role, for we can accept responsibility and nurture the areas that require healing. Our self-esteem will not suffer when our shadows are approached with love and compassion.

Soul searching and shadow work are vital in today’s world. We are incarnated on this planet, at this time, for many reasons. Each individual purpose is personal and unique but still effects the whole. We bring our own individual gifts to humanity for experimentation and each is a piece of the puzzle that needs to be placed for the whole picture to become complete. We can no longer view ourselves as separate from one another. While there are different levels of soul evolution, we are all a part of the one God-Spark and each individual needs to play the role assigned to them.

On a physical, 3-dimensional level, we appear to be separate from certain energy groups, however, when viewed from a detached, higher level, we see the oneness of all. Walking away and allowing certain energy groups to fulfil their soul contract is part of the process. It becomes an individual attachment when we hold resentment and anger toward a situation. In order for positive change to occur in our world, we need to allow certain dramas to unfold.

Our power lies in releasing the drama that is not part of our plan. We must allow the soul’s that have come here to learn from certain experiences, the opportunity to grow and extend themselves in a positive way.

Part of learning to extend ourselves in a positive manner is paying attention to our thoughts. Our thoughts are energy that extend to others around us. It is then expanded through them to the individuals in their circle. Long after we have forgotten about a particular thought, it is still alive and well, circulating through others and effecting them on a subconscious level. Eventually, this energy is returned to us.

By paying attention to the thoughts we send out, we start to recognize why we have the experiences we do. For example, if we live our lives in victim mode, we will continually feel like a victim. If we see chaos in everything around us, we invite more chaos. If we continually pass judgment on others, eventually we find ourselves in a situation where we are being judged. We receive what we send out and it’s important that we live our lives according to what we truly want and that we treat others the way we truly want to be treated. By living positively in every moment, we project the energy necessary to move us toward a positive outcome.

One way to project positive change in our lives is to become the change we want to see. If we view a shadow part of ourselves in another individual and accept it as our own, we then have the power to move forward. By changing our own attitude, we become the change we want to see in others. This brings more positive change into our lives and instead of judging, we project the change from ourselves. This extends to the other individual, who absorbs it on a subconscious level. So when we set an example of positive projection, the ripple effect will eventually return it to us, bringing the people and situations we need into our lives.

We all recognize the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” This is true on a conscious level as well as a subconscious one. Our subconscious carries years of programming we may not be aware of and it’s in our own judgments and fears, as well as our positive traits, that bring about our wishes. But we don’t recognize them as “wishes” when they feel negative. We don’t accept responsibility when something bad occurs in our lives because we can not fathom the idea of inviting our own chaos.

By accepting responsibility for our thoughts and actions, on conscious and subconscious levels, we recognize how our programming dictates what we do. The trick is fully moving it to the conscious level where we have the power to control how it’s projected. Once we control the projection of our individual energy, we understand how we are lead to what we wish for. This is where we become the creators of our destiny. It is in this moment, we see what changes we need to make in ourselves. It all begins with the individual and the examples we set.

So, we have overcome our subconscious programming and are on our way to bringing positive changes into our lives. We have more self-confidence and this leads to conscious choices that move us in the direction we want to go. We are now free thinkers with the ability to set positive examples that keep us grounded in our physical reality and we no longer rely on past programming to pull us back to the places we have outgrown.

We must fight the urge to allow old habits and patterns to re-emerge. Being a free thinker moves us into a level of reality where anything is possible. We are no longer bound by repressive thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Building our self-worth brings changes on numerous levels and we discover our true mission. Our reason for existence. The purpose of our soul’s growth is to evolve and co-create a reality where all are one.

Religious beliefs that repress and project fear and judgment only add to the issues of segregation in our world. Spirituality should be viewed as a puzzle. A puzzle whose pieces are made up of every individual, regardless of colour, size, belief system or status. When we allow judgments to alienate individuals, we accept and allow the process to continue.

The situations we find ourselves in are of our own making and until we accept responsibility for our actions, we will continue to be segregated from the individuals who carry the same spark of life as we do. It’s time to look past the physical appearances and accept the soul that is housed within the shell.

The changes taking place in our 3-dimensional world sometimes make it difficult to remain spiritual and grounded. We live in a time of forced soul searching and shadow work and it’s our responsibility to co-create the future of our world. Knocking down the walls that keep humanity segregated is an important process. Accepting others on a soul level and allowing them to complete their lessons, will eventually bring all individuals together as a whole.

Recognizing the soul within helps us maintain focus and reminds us of the individual mission of each soul. It keeps our connection to the spirit in healthy balance and our soul on it’s evolutionary path.

Everyday, our world moves closer to the perfection we seek, but we must allow the process to complete itself. When we remain spiritually balanced, we see the process for what it is. We recognize where changes need to take place and we make decisions that support that goal. Humanity is awakening from it’s slumber and learning from the lessons of the past. We are beginning to see the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind and how they create our world. It begins with each soul and expands from there. Casting light that will change our world…one individual at a time.

© Copyright 2003 Angel Shadow™ All rights reserved.

Angel Shadow has been writing for over ten years and many of her personal growth articles and stories can be found on various online newsletters and websites. Her writing consists of short stories, personal growth articles, poetry, and screenplays. For more information, visit her WordPress blog. https://angelshadowauthor.webs.com/

A Meditation Technique to Help You Unwind

A Meditation Technique to Help You Unwind - Unless you're an extremely laid-back individual, you probably could use a good meditation technique. The vast majority of people spend their lives wound tighter than a three-dollar watch.

A Meditation Technique to Help You Unwind

Unless you’re an extremely laid-back individual, you probably could use a good meditation technique. The vast majority of people spend their lives wound tighter than a three-dollar watch. Unfortunately, that type of stress is not only unhealthy physically; it also blocks any creativity; puts stress on relationships and makes your life miserable.

There are several different types of meditation techniques to relax both your mind and your body, and they all involve emptying your mind and thinking about nothing. That’s pretty difficult to do. It’s much like telling someone not to think of a pink elephant. The first thing that comes into their mind’s eye is a pink elephant.

Before you begin any technique, get into comfortable clothing and a comfortable chair that supports your back. Turn down the ring volume on the phone so you have no distractions. If you have children, request they give you 25 minutes of alone time or have a spouse take them to another part of the house.

You need to have a table in front of you. Put a candle in a holder on the table. Make certain that you have a heat and flame resistant plate under the candle. Light the candle and if you’d like, turn out the other lights. That’s not necessary but it does remove distractions. There’s no need to sit in cross-legged position. Frankly, for most people that is a bit uncomfortable. Sit with your feet flat on the ground, side by side. Lay your hands comfortably in your lap.

Stare into the flame of the candle and only focus on the flame. As you do this, slowly breathe in through your nostrils, hold it a few minutes and exhale through your mouth. Do not think of anything but the flickering light of the candle. Watch it as it dances and moves. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Allow your body to relax with each exhaling breath. Feel your body relaxing as you watch the dancing light of the candle.

Since you’re simply placing your focus on the candle, not making any judgments as to how it should move, whether you’re breathing properly or if you’re relaxed enough, you’ll find that you’ll begin to feel more refreshed. If you wish, you may close your eyes. If you’ve watched the candle intently enough, you’ll be able to see it dancing even with your eyes closed. After ten minutes, you can either continue or end your meditation. This meditation technique is quick to learn and helps you empty your mind and wind down.

Other meditation techniques use deep breathing and focus on each breath. Unfortunately, many of these require that you learn specific breathing techniques and often take a bit of time to conquer. Watching a lighted candle brings immediate focus and its movement helps your mind and body relax. You owe it to your health and those that love you to learn a meditation technique to use each day. You’ll find your attitude improves, but also you’ll reap healthy benefits.

Copyright Aaron Aberson.

Riding the storm of life ~ Inner Peace

Inner peace is all about coping. If the unpleasant and painful memories remain too long with us, we will not make the transition that we are called to make from restless non-acceptance to quiet acceptance.

Riding the storm of life ~ Inner Peace

We do not have to go to the foot of the Himalayas to attain inner peace. We also do not need to renounce everything before attaining quietude. Instead, we can live day to day in inner quietude. If we look at all of life’s experiences and their disturbing content with inner eyes, the disturbances we undergo will remain at the periphery. Deep down there will be an emotional quiet.

Inner peace is all about coping. If the unpleasant and painful memories remain too long with us, we will not make the transition that we are called to make from restless non-acceptance to quiet acceptance.

We are in a win-win situation when we accept the challenge of living, discriminating how far we should go along a certain track, who we should relate to in more intimate terms and those we need to distance because their values are so desperate from our own.

If we are self-sacrificing and wise, we will remain calm and tranquil despite the provocations we face. We do not avoid difficult people and circumstances, but learn to deal with them by distancing ourselves from them and building on relationships that bring happiness.

Withdrawal is an option but it would lead to disengagement and non-involvement and that does not bring required results. The inner peace we crave comes after traversing a long passage. Learning with experience, we begin to take things in our stride. It’s not all that easy, though.

There are many ways to cultivate and build on inner peace. We could set some time aside daily for prayer and meditation. Disproportionate understanding can blow up the way we perceive things. We could spend quiet time in the garden, in silent communication with plants and trees. We endure life’s storms and learn to absorb its shocks and we find that we are, in fact, in the midst of all these circumstances, communing with God, a tangible presence in our lives.

Coping is not just reactive, it’s proactive too. We pick up the mantle thrown to us and practice patience, detachment, endurance, serenity and acceptance of all that comes our way. To overcome obstacles and difficulties we need to develop coping skills that encompass mental and spiritual needs.

The only difference between the wise and the foolish is that the wise learn to cope with reality and transform it and the foolish get swept away by the ups and downs of life.

Life is uncertain; it is unpredictable. It is also unfair, it seems. But in learning to cope with all the ups and downs of life, we begin to live a full life.

There is the parable of the wise man in the gospels who built his house on rock. It withstood all the rains and storms. On the other hand, the man who built his house on sand watched his house get destroyed in the rain and storm. Hence, we need to cultivate rock-like resilience and welcome attributes that will help us to cope. The reward of inner strength is inner peace. Right here, in your living room, your workplace in your family will find inner peace. We do not have to look too far.

Once we learn to cope, the going will be easier and there will be no need to hide our real selves. We will be able to stand up and meet life on our own terms. And experience the fulfilment of a pilgrimage well weathered.

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