Daily Guidance ~ Find Your Centre

Daily Guidance ~ Find Your Centre. ~ I said with yesterday's card "Let Go" that I had the "feeling" that the spirit world had a theme for you running with the cards at present.

Find Your Centre

I said with yesterday’s card “Let Go” that I had the “feeling” that the spirit world had a theme for you running with the cards at present. The day before it was “Forgiveness”. So run them together in your mind and see what you “feel”. Forgiveness, Let Go and Find your Centre. What do you “Feel”?

The opening sentence of the card is where will start…..

Your outside world is a reflection and a manifestation of what’s going on inside you at this time.

Is it just coincidence the way the cards are coming out of the pack at present or is it synchronicity with a nudge from the spirit world? I will let you decide, my own thoughts are “synchronicity with nudge from spirit”.

If I had been doing this reading last year I would be talking about how crazy, fast and overwhelming our lifestyles have become and how there really isn’t time for a lot of people to just stop and think. We run from one problem to another and often for some, because of the kind of lifestyles they lead, they could be causing some of their problems for themselves.

However over the past months life has had to slow down because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and now some would say they have too much time on their hands, too much time to think, however thinking and stressing are two completely different things. Because so many now are stressing because their lifestyles have or will have to change to accommodate what is fast becoming known as the “new normal”.

That is what has happened, we have moved from a fast moving, no time to stop, stressful life to a slow moving stressful life. This is why it is so important to “Check in with yourself”.

When was the last time I checked in with myself?

Well when was it? When was the last time you checked in with yourself? I always finish my reading/articles with the words “take some time out for yourself! It is allowed ” and it really is so important to do so. We are a spirit in a human body not a machine, our human bodies can break down or maybe stop completely!

Find time to time just step back just a few minutes from home, family, working life, partners, just life in general and say to yourself “this few moments are just for me!” Close your eyes, take 3 nice deep long breaths, make sure you exhale completely letting all that stale energy out, and feel the release as the stress leaves your body.

We spend far too much time these days worrying about what we haven’t done, what needs to be done, what we haven’t got, what we think we need (I say think we need because most of time for some think is actually really just a want). For some we have become a world of need and greed and stopped caring and sharing. Thinking of “self” in it’s true sense is the last of the things on their list of “needs”.

We all need those few minutes, try it for yourself, take that preciousness time to just stop what you are doing, slow down the mind, switch off the worry and stress, take a few deep breaths, feel the stress leaving the body and “Find Your Centre”

As I always say….  “take some time out for yourself! It is allowed

Until next time please take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson ~ Psychic Intuitive Medium

Oracle Card Deck used for reading: The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland