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Daily Guidance ~ Let Go

Daily Guidance ~ Let Go ~ Today's card is Let Go and for me reading the cards on a psychic, intuitive, mediumistic, spiritual level it "feels" to me that the spirit world have at the moment chosen a theme for you

Let Go

Yesterday I published the 1st reading in this new Daily Guidance series and the card was “Forgiveness”. It never ceases to amaze me the way that the spirit world work. As I have explained before I always shuffle the cards asking the spirit world what message they have for you and 9 times out of 10 a card at some stage will “jump out” of the pack and this is the card I will take as chosen for you.

Today’s card is Let Go and for me reading the cards on a psychic, intuitive, mediumistic, spiritual level it “feels” to me that the spirit world have at the moment chosen a theme for you. Yesterday’s card was about forgiveness and today’s is Let Go. I think definitely a theme emerging don’t you?

The cards opening sentence says:

Once you let go of the outcome, you’ll be able to release all the emotional constraints that have held you back in the past.

Why do I say there is a theme?

Well in order to forgive as we discussed yesterday with the card of Forgiveness we need to “Let Go” of the feelings and memories that created a hurtful experience for us in the first place, and until we can do that then the act of forgiveness can not take place. We have to “Let Go” first.

To “Let Go” as with forgiveness can take a lot of courage, strength and trust. Trust in ourselves and in our beliefs. Some may as the old saying goes believe it’s like “casting caution to the wind”. Personally I do not believe so and as a person who believes in spirituality and attempts to lead their life in the most spiritual way that they can, (no one is perfect and for those that try like me, you understand that leading a spiritual life is not easy!) put their faith in the Spirit World and Angelic Realms and draw upon them for the strength and guidance that they need.

I’m sure some will not agree with me, but I also believe that if you are reading this article then you are of like minded thought and beliefs yes?

As the card goes on to say:

Trust in the higher good and guidance of spirit, as we have only your best intentions at heart and will do everything in our power to protect you.

Letting go and trusting that all will be well is not an easy task, knowing that you then have no control over the outcome of a situation or event is difficult. But do we have that amount of control anyway? can we control the outcome of all situations we face in life? That’s for another article another time.

If something turns out well or better than we expected we are really happy but how often do we give thought to the fact that there could have been some “unseen force” (spirit world, angels,) guiding or protecting us?

If we let go and things don’t turn out the way we wanted or planned we get upset. The question then is, was what we wanted the outcome to be in our best interest and for our highest good?

It all comes down to what we discussed in the beginning Trust, Faith and Belief. If we have these then we can truly learn to Let Go!

Let Go will have a different meaning for everyone. It can be a bad habit, addiction, relationship, job or set of beliefs. The list goes on. We need to look at our life and find (being truthfully honest with ourselves) what is not working for us, what or maybe who is having a negative effect on our life, what is stopping us from finding true happiness, growth and preventing us from moving forward.

I read somewhere these words, I’m sorry I can’t remember where, but have never forgotten them:

For those that believe (in the afterlife) the evidence is never ending. For those that do not, there is none.

I will leave you with those words for now …. Have Trust, Have Faith, Believe in Yourself and Let Go !

As I always say….  â€śtake some time out for yourself! It is allowed

Until next time please take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson ~ Psychic Intuitive Medium

Oracle Card Deck used for reading: The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland

How To Keep Spirituality Alive

Keeping spirituality alive can sometimes be a hard thing to do. A spiritual person is supposed to think positively, be loving, caring, sharing and optimistic. How does one maintain a high spiritual level when things are just not happening the way you want them to?

How To Keep Spirituality Alive ~ Keeping It Real

Keeping spirituality alive can sometimes be a hard thing to do. A spiritual person is supposed to think positively, be loving, caring, sharing and optimistic. How does one maintain a high spiritual level when things are just not happening the way you want them to?

Sometimes life gets the best of us and we find ourselves in a not so pleasant state of mind. Stressed out, aggravated, irritated; and finally negativity comes creeping into your life and steals your joy, your patience, your love, your peace of mind, your serenity…the works.

There are times when we become so wrapped up in life’s problems and trials and tribulations that we let life torture us. Sometimes everything goes haywire including relationships not going well and money not flowing as freely as we may want.

You may even find yourself not caring about being spiritual, kind, or anything nice. You take a spiritual fall from grace, so to speak; and you simply feel like wallowing in your misery.

I say take the time to wallow. Even feel sorry for yourself if you need to. Don’t run away from your frustrations. Face them squarely in the face. Analyse your feelings and come to terms with what is taking you to that awful place. Allow yourself to feel and experience whatever emotions that ensnare you.

Keeping Spirituality Alive

Take an entire day or even a few days to experience the feelings that have overcome you while realizing that it is a temporary setback. Then pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go about reclaiming your joy.

Search for what kept you spiritually alive in the first place. If you need to meditate, listen to self-help tapes, read self-help literature, study the alignment of the planets in your horoscope, practice yoga, chant, read your tarot cards, get a psychic reading, or pray. Do whatever it takes to get yourself back to the spiritual state you were in.

Because we are not perfect we sometimes experience this fall from grace. Sometimes we can just no longer be the positive person that we would like to be. Therefore, it is important that we learn to harness and implement the triggers that will take us back to a state of bliss. These triggers are different for everyone.

Some of us may simply need to find a quiet place and get in touch with the inner-self. We might need to remove ourselves from a frustrating situation or reset our priorities in some way. Granted, once removed from this spiritual place of solace it may be difficult to get back to that uplifted state. But, get back we must.

You may even need to surrender the situation to a higher power. Whether that higher power is your higher self or the power of God. You know, let go and let God. Sometimes it gets so bad that that doesn’t even help. You can just become down-right spiritually lost.

I have a flip deck of Angel Cards that often bring me solace. When things appear to be just too much for me I flip the Angel Card for that particular day. Most often it helps but when I am in a really bad space, nothing seems to help. Ever been there?

I believe that the Angels speak to us in whispers. When the air is clean they can deliver their messages to us easily. Therefore, my bedroom is filled with 10 various types of plants that cleanse the air so that I can breathe fresh air and receive Angel messages as I meditate or sleep.

I also stopped smoking because I read somewhere that when your lungs are clean…and especially after extensive exercise when you are breathing deeply the Angels are able to communicate with you extremely well.

However, I started smoking again a couple of times and I have noticed that each time I do I get myself worked up in this state that I am describing here as not being spiritually alive. The trigger to get myself back to a blissful state is to remain free from smoking. When I am not smoking I am totally spiritually alive and uplifted.

I guess this is to illustrate that we are simply human and that we will not always maintain our highest spiritual level…which reminds me of my favourite African American spiritual song, entitled, ‘We Fall Down.’ And, the good news is that we get up and continue to find our way!

Knowing that nothing remains the same always works for me spiritually. Living for today and in the moment is ideal. Yet, tomorrow is another day, next month is another experience, next year will bring something newer. And most of all your entire life could change overnight!

Written by Sharyce Arciaga

Sharyce Arciaga is the Author of this article and she has been a spiritual adviser for over 15 years.

The Secret of Psychic Mediumship The Sceptics Don’t Want You to Know.

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic medium reading... but is still a bit sceptical it's all fake? Do you have someone you'd love to contact on the "other side" but feel silly, or sceptical that it's even possible?

The Secret of Psychic Mediumship The Sceptics Don’t Want You to Know

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic medium reading… but is still a bit sceptical it’s all fake? Do you have someone you’d love to contact on the “other side” but feel silly, or sceptical that it’s even possible? If you are anything like I once was, the idea that life continues ON after physical death is a pretty hard concept to swallow. I was a die hard sceptic (no pun intended… 🙂 and the notion that there was ANY sort of afterlife at all was the hobgoblin of small, gullible minds that wouldn’t accept death was truly the end.

But I had an AMAZING experience that challenged all of this… and more, and made my sceptical world view come CRASHING to an end, in one 60 minute session with a psychic medium I didn’t believe was real.

I was WRONG… 🙂

The fact is, information came through in a one hour session with a psychic medium that would have been IMPOSSIBLE for them to have known in advance. As a matter of fact, much of what came through, I didn’t even know… and it wasn’t until I hung up the phone, processed the information, made some calls to family and friends, and learned that much of what I was told was 100% true, some of it SO obscure that I had a difficult time explaining why I was asking, or where I had come up with it.

And this ONE experience led me on a fact finding mission that has lasted 20 years

What have I learned?

That there is TONS of evidence that mediumship is real, with some of the very BEST scientists, philosophers and even sceptical debunkers doing a 180 degree turn after studying REAL mediums who offered amazing information that simply could not be passed off as fraud, guessing, luck or cold reading

That psychic mediumship has been PROVEN in laboratory settings, under the watchful eye of genuine scientists and real experiments that are impossible to ignore. (including experiments done at the University of Arizona with Harvard trained Doctor Gary Schwartz, who worked with celebrity mediums like Jon Edward’s, George Anderson and even the real life psychic that the television show, “Medium” is based upon)

The FACT is, in my view, any reasonable person can conclude that mediumship… and our ability to contact the dead, is not only TRUE… it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in countless studies, personal experiences and amazing encounters that truly defy conventional thinking. I know that having this experience has changed MY life forever in positive ways TOO numerous too count… and if you’re lucky, I hope you have a similar one that changes YOURS equally as much!

Written by Ernie J. Gentile

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