Thought for the day ~ Knowledge

Thought for the day ~ Knowledge. We sometimes go through life, at full speed with our head down not really taking in what is happening around us or where we are going.

Thought for the day ~ Knowledge

We sometimes go through life, at full speed with our head down not really taking in what is happening around us or where we are going. Sometimes we may put the blinkers on because we really don’t want to acknowledge or see what is happening.

I often refer to life and knowledge like reading a book, we can speed through from cover to cover thinking how good or bad it was when we reach the end, but how much of the story or information we may or may not have gained have we really understood? It is one thing and a very good thing to gain knowledge and information as we go though life, but we must also gain an understanding of it too.

In spiritual terms that is why we are here “eternal progress open to every human soul” to learn and progress, but it is the understanding of the knowledge gained or lesson learned that enables the progression. It’s a little bit like correcting a naughty child, saying don’t do that or that was naughty but not explaining why. The child may see that it’s done wrong because you are correcting its mistake, but do they understand why or what they have done wrong if you haven’t explained? A lesson learned maybe, because they now know they shouldn’t do it, but is it a lesson that has been understood? Do they really know what they have done wrong?

We gain knowledge through books, school, television, the internet, friends and many other forms of media. Some of the information is useful, some of it good, some bad, some misleading, but it is the understanding of it that is important, acknowledging within ourselves, is the information right?, using our own intuition, does it feel right? then putting that knowledge into action in our own life, because this is what helps our own spiritual growth and develops our own personal philosophy on life and therefore determines the way in which we choose to live our life.

We can decide to race through from cover to cover with our heads down and race to the end, not really understanding where we are, what we are doing or where we are heading or we can take time to learn, understand the lessons, put those lessons into practice within our own life, develop as individuals, and spiritually progress.

I know which one I choose… Which one will you?

Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and Understanding

Knowledge and Understanding

As a spiritual medium I believe that we are on this earth to learn and progress. One of the principles of The Spiritualist National Union is that Eternal Progress is Open to Every Human Soul. But we also have “free will” so the choice is really ours, we can race through to the end learning nothing and make no progress at all… it really is our choice!

As explained above the gaining of knowledge is so important to our spiritual progression, but knowledge alone is no good without the complete understanding of the knowledge gained, sometimes the understanding can only be achieved through practical experience. For some people being given information is not enough, sometimes it is as the old saying goes “you have to learn the hard way”.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make with knowledge is to feel “we have the answer” that “we are right”, that “we know what we know”, because although we may posses a certain amount of knowledge maybe on a particular subject, or aspect of life, it doesn’t mean we are right all of the time. It could be that we only have limited knowledge, we may not have not completely “understood” the knowledge gained or it could be that we lack the necessary experience(s) to understand what we have learned. We should always be open to any of these possibilities.

“life is like an eternal classroom”

The gaining of knowledge and the further understanding of what we have learned is a never ending process. It really is like being in the “classroom of life”. We should never assume we know all, we should always remain flexible and be prepared to accept that we don’t know all there is to know, our minds should stay open to the endless possibilities and experiences life has to offer, to learn all that we can, and then go through the process of understanding and digesting that knowledge.

Books, Television, friends, associates and various other forms of media are all good forms of learning, however the information received may not always be correct, it may be biased, it may be incomplete, it is up to us to digest the information received and then decide for ourselves if it is correct or if it needs further study.

“To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

Henry David Thoreau.

As a natural medium I have had to both learn and unlearn, by unlearning I mean that some of what I held in my beliefs  to be true I have had to accept that I was wrong and therefore adjusted my own personal beliefs and philosophy on life. I have accepted that although I have natural mediumistic abilities, that those abilities have to be practised, used, understood and refined. (e.g. a footballer, athlete or musician may have natural abilities but it  is only through hard work, practice and study that they reach a professional standard of excellence.)

I have attended many classes, seminars and workshops in my attempt to gain the experience and knowledge that I need from mediums far more experienced than myself, in my attempt to be the best that I can be. I have subjected myself to open criticism, accepted that at times I have been wrong in the way I have interpreted information I have received and have been open to listen to, and learn from a wide range of people/mediums as I have walked my pathway.

Just as with life, my learning, my development, my understanding of mediumship is an on-going lesson and I accept that I will never know all that there is to know, but as those who have gone before me I will always be available to share the knowledge and experience that I do have, with others that are willing to listen and learn, as I have done, and still do myself.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

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