Time for ourselves

There is this reverberating conversation in my head. Words, letters and phrases I have heard many times before. Hearing but not knowing what is said. Listening but having to let go the words as they fill my mind. The consequences of that being heard are grave, but also petty and childish to extreme. They tell of things happening or imagined as happening : I no longer know which, but repeating the same old hang-ups. The same old tired cliché of an unprepared mind. It hangs on to things past when they cannot be changed and the lessons are no longer relevant  to the now.

TimeFrom experience I know only too well what that does to the mind, to the body and to the soul. We misrepresent all the facts changing them to suit what we need to hear, enabling us to carry on doing the same things we have always done. We do not accept that it may be our own fault. It may have been partly from the choices we made in another dimension but we return to the source to provide the backdrop of our life and fail to take into account time, duration and loss.

How much better it would be if we let go. Release to the winds of time and energy all of the matters that once were but should no longer be reflected in our lives. Allow people to move on without regretting their loss but with thanks for their presence for the time they were with us. Remembering only those meetings that were positive and with their movement let go of any real or imagined slight they may have brought to us.

This is not an easy proposition and may well be impossible for some to embrace, but in all we do and say there is power and in reality we are the sum of all we do and say and it is for our own benefit that we need to release the expectations of the past and embrace those of now. It is not always  necessary to challenge the spoken word of others. They are as entitled to an opinion as any. We should however, always be on guard against those who are using the past to justify their actions in the present. We are all here to share this world and as individuals we have the power to lead, where those who prefer to follow along a path that only ensures conflict not contentment and harmony. No words, written or spoken, can be wholly right, as they are said or written by individuals and are a reflection of their mind-set and not that of any other individual.

Do not simply follow, be aware, digest the words and participate in the life we have now. Let go of the past, not the memories for most memories are potent reminders of others, but be selective and work towards positive goals in all we say and think.

Marilyn Reynolds
© Marilyn Reynolds 2011