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Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences.

Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences. This progresses through eons of time, with each lifetime gaining, unfolding, and developing new  awareness every experience of every lifetime adds to the whole of the soul. You are forever expanding  and accumulating information consciously and unconsciously.

Although our physical being does not, the soul remembers in perfect detail every experience  ever had; every thought ever thought; every word, feeling, smell, scene, and  taste ever known. It all is categorized and remembered. This creates a  particular energy: The energy of you.

There is a cause and effect inherent in everything, including thoughts. The soul not only seeks experience,  it also seeks itself. The soul is the divinity of God and unconditional love incarnate. The secret of life is not in pointing fingers at everybody else and  judging their behaviours or beliefs, but in looking closely at self and noticing  what choices you make for yourself and where those choices take you.

Are they  based in fear or love? Are they for your highest good? Are you adding positively or negatively to life as a whole, including all life on the planet? This, my friend, is a full time job. Do not worry  about what you have done; stay focused on what you are doing. Karma is balanced  through love. Love is the most powerful  and greatest energy of the universe, and it will positively affect even the most  adverse situations. It is the ultimate healer. It is God. It can be used to heal  and balance any situation in the universe.

The universe is based on and  created from love. Anything not of love will create an imbalance, and the  universe will strive to put this energy into balance. This balancing is not  about punishment and reward, but it is about natural consequences. Striking out  at others, grievances, unforgiveness, hatred, violence, anger, fear, and  jealousy all have an energy to them, and there will be a reaction if this is the  energy you choose to display.

This energy is real and will affect you even if your attitudes remain as thoughts only. You will feel the effects of your  negative attitudes and actions because they will become enormous obstacles to  the growth of your soul. Make note that I am not saying these attitudes are  wrong, but that they do constitute an extremely dense energy that will inhibit  your own enlightenment. Remember, to seek enlightenment is to seek love.

The enlightenment of the soul is based in love and walking the spiritual path  from the heart. Being aware and conscious means making deliberate choices to exhibit love, no matter what situation or life condition you find yourself in.  This change always involves personal work  and commitment to the process of change.

It can be complex, and you may feel  like you are beating your head against a wall. Truly, the soul is complex, vast,  immortal, interconnected, and multifaceted. This makes healing and change also  complex and vast. However, when you are working with love as a tool, you are  using the most powerful force in the universe, and the results can be  miraculous.

I have personally found that when I feel blocked in my own  growth, it is often wise to seek someone who works with energy and is not  invested in my personal issues. This helps achieve clarity. Spiritual growth can  often be facilitated by someone who works with energy and the healing of the soul. In some situations, our obstacles might stem from soul loss that occurred  earlier in life or from circumstances of another lifetime and are not present in our conscious mind.

The spirits have taught me that the care of the soul is the first concern, and that the soul is a composite of all that you have ever  experienced in all lifetimes. This complexity of the soul creates multiple levels of healing and makes growth possible.

Jan  Engels Smith –    About the Author:

Jan Engels-Smith promotes self-healing, empowerment, better communities, a  healthy world and conducts workshops in shamanism & journeying. Her book,  Becoming Yourself is at .  Jan’s a Licensed Counsellor. She’s done over 2,000 soul retrievals. She is the  founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, a Chemical Dependency  Specialist, and Marriage Therapist. She is a water-pourer for sweat lodge, a  minister, a Reiki Master.

The Magic Of Believing In Yourself

The Magic Of Believing In Yourself ~ You believe even when you don't believe. It's not a question of whether or not you believe; it becomes a matter of what you are willing to believe.

The Magic Of Believing In Yourself

You are the writer, the director, the producer, and the star actor of your own show. Think of your life like a Broadway production. Do you want a standing ovation? Do you think it will be a box office disaster? Do you close the curtains every night because you’re afraid to go on stage? You decide and it all starts with believing in yourself.

What’s Belief got to do with it?

You believe even when you don’t believe. It’s not a question of whether or not you believe; it becomes a matter of what you are willing to believe. If you’ve spent much of your life dismissing your talents and doubting your capabilities, it can seem like an impossible goal to begin believing in yourself. Since believing in yourself is such a vital part of goal achievement, overcoming your doubt and disbelief is crucial if you want to make jaw-dropping leaps in your life.

Push beyond what you believe you are capable of. This can be quite daunting. It also will be a step in the direction of finding the belief in you. The assumptions you have about yourself are make-believe. You have simply accepted these assumptions as truth without proof. Recognize the possibilities in each situation. Challenge the assumptions and have an open mind to the possibility that you could be wrong!

Believing in you is one of the first steps to success. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in anything.

You are doing a great disservice to yourself if you don’t believe in yourself.

I will tell you that every successful person you talk to has believed, to varying degrees that they COULD actually get to where they are today. There’s just something about believing that it’s possible to get what you want that makes things happen.

Beliefs are filters through which you create your reality. They must be held in your consciousness for a while before you begin to see the new result from the belief. Also whether a belief is true or not doesn’t matter. Having a belief that causes you to get more of what you want is important.

So where is your focus right now? Are you focused on the money that’s “Not” in your purse or are you focused that the universe is truly abundant and that you are entitled to a life filled with Beauty, Wealth & Success?

Design it whatever way you’d like.

Believing in yourself is simply a matter of shifting the way you think about yourself and your capabilities. Remember that negative thinking is a habit, whether it applies to you or the circumstances in your life.

You must be willing to put aside the self-imposed gibberish and accept for yourself a greater, more beautiful vision. You will become what you desire to be if you keep that vision in front of you and you make an undying commitment to just believe. Furthermore, if you don’t believe in yourself. How can you expect everyone else to? If you truly believe, whatever you believe you can do, you can do. Our negative or positive thoughts in our waking hours are implanted in our subconscious mind.

Do you realize the power of your subconscious mind?

This is one of the reasons I insist on a mindset makeover. The subconscious mind never sleeps and has no sense of right or wrong thinking. While you’re getting your beauty sleep it records your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Make today the day you learn how to use your mind to help you achieve your goals. It sounds like hocus pocus but you know what its fail-proof! What you see in your mind’s “eye,” coupled with strong emotion and positive action is what you WILL receive sooner or later. How beautiful is that?

Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. It does not matter if you fall on your pretty little face or whether you think it’s even possible. The important thing is to promise yourself that you will overcome every obstacle. The worst thing to do to yourself is to assume you can’t do something before even trying. Tell yourself right now that any effort to do better is one of the most productive ways you can use your precious time.

With every success, whether large or small, the belief in yourself will grow. That will be the push you need to keep stepping outside your comfort zone and attain the goals you truly deserve.

May you always believe that you can have what your heart truly desires; yes it can feel like magic…

Ungenita Prevost – About the Author:

How Negative Emotions Can Harm Your Health

Our negative thoughts can wreck havoc on our physical and mental health.  While the effects on our mental health are obvious, most of us ignore or do not  understand how negativity takes a toll on our physical well being.

Health and Negativity ~ How Negative Emotions Can Harm Your Health

Our negative thoughts can wreck havoc on our physical and mental health. While the effects on our mental health are obvious, most of us ignore or do not  understand how negativity takes a toll on our physical well being. We all know  that negative emotions add to our stress levels, we are also aware of the fact  the prolonged anxiety and stress can lead to heart diseases and many psychological problems, but what we don’t understand or are perhaps unaware of is the fact that negative emotions have physical manifestations on our health!

Feelings like anger, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy etc can not only trigger aches, pains, or illness in the body but can also  hamper our recovery.

To be able to understand how our negative emotions affect our health we need to be aware of the symbolism of our bodies. For instance our face symbolises our  outer appearance i.e. what we show to the world, any problem with the face would  mean that we hold negative thoughts about how the world perceives us. Similarly our eyes represent our ability to see and perceive, a problem; poor vision may  mean that we are stopping ourselves from acknowledging the truth or seeing  things as they really are.

The following are some simple examples which illustrate how our negative feelings may be affecting our health:

When we do not express ourselves freely or are unable to stand up for  ourselves it may affect the throat. The throat represents our ability to speak  up. Any stifling of self-expression, creativity or our feelings can lead to  problems like tonsillitis and sore throat. When the inability to express oneself  is combined with bottled up anger it can lead to even more serious throat  problems like laryngitis.

Our hearts symbolise our ability to love; heart problems could therefore be  the result of holding yourself back from expressing love, self-loathing, negative self-talk and thinking, feeling you do not deserve to love or to be  loved, resentment and hatred.

Our backs ‘support’ our bodies, any problems with the back could mean  feeling scattered, fearing over-burdened with problems or fearing that life may  not support you. A problem with the upper back could be related to stress or  feeling your loved ones are not supporting you and lower back problems could be related to financial worries  (feeling “unsupported” financially).

Our stomachs symbolise our ability to digest and assimilate. When you can’t  accept (digest) a new idea or experience, your stomach may show symptoms.  Indigestion problems could be related to not accepting change, new ideas,  situations, or people in your life.

Using these examples as guidelines can help to understand the symbolic meaning of every body part. Once we understand this symbolism we can probe  deeper into every illness and see if it’s cause lies somewhere in our thought  process or if our thinking pattern is in any way hampering our recovery.

Author: Andrew  Clinton

Article Source: Articles Factory

Daily Guidance ~ Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for a lot of us one of the hardest thing to do. We hold on to the pain for some of us for a lifetime and still take that pain with us when it's our time to return to the spirit world.


Forgiveness is for a lot of us one of the hardest thing to do. We hold on to the pain for some of us for a lifetime and still take that pain with us when it’s our time to return to the spirit world, we just can not let go, we just can not forgive.

From a spiritual perspective as part of the message from the card says;

“Holding on to resentment and anger is preventing or even suffocating your spiritual growth”

After all isn’t that what part of forgiveness is, Resentment and Anger? Unable to let go of the hurt, upset, feeling of anger that someone or a situation caused for you, resenting the feelings that they or the situation gave you?

The Act of Forgiveness as the card again says can be one of the “most damaging of human emotions”. This is true because not only can it affect our present life by affecting our current beliefs, relationships and how we portray ourselves to the outside world, it can also affect our health, mentally, physically and emotionally, because we are holding on to a memory that is very painful for us.

Is forgiveness really about releasing a painful memory?

A question we could all ask ourselves, because the moment someone has done something or said something to hurt us then has it not has already happened? If so then that means it is already in the past, and if so then becomes a memory doesn’t it?

This then leads me onto the next point about forgiveness because who is forgiveness for? The person or situation that hurt you or is it for you? Ask yourself if by you holding onto the anger, hurt, upset and feelings that you are (the “memory” of the event) who is hurting the most? The person who or situation that caused these feelings within you or you? If it was a person for example they may have no feelings of regret for what they have said or done and therefore have already let the memory of the event go! So you are the only one who is getting the continuous feeling of hurt (the memory) aren’t you?

What we must remember is that forgiveness is not for the person or situation that caused all those negative feelings for us or within us. Forgiveness is about releasing the “memory” of the event and letting it go. The person, the situation if we so choose we can release from our life and never allow them to return. But unless we release the memory the pain will stay with us.

I will leave you with thoughts and some more words from the card…

The act of forgiveness in it’s own right is equally incredibly powerful and it has the capacity to heal and transform

As I always say….  “take some time out for yourself! It is allowed

Until next time please take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson ~ Psychic Intuitive Medium

Oracle Card Deck used for reading: The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland


Self-esteem is the set of beliefs that you have about yourself. It is how good (or bad) you feel about yourself.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the set of beliefs that you have about yourself. It is how good (or bad) you feel about yourself.

Example self-beliefs that constitute self-esteem:

  1. I’m an excellent writer
  2. I’m a good human being
  3. I’m great at explaining concepts to others
  4. I feel I’m ugly
  5. I’m too fat
  6. I’m not good with people
  7. I’m a bad person

As you see above, self-esteem can be both broad (I’m a good human being) or specific to a certain field (I’m an excellent writer) Also self-esteem is known by many other synonyms such as self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence etc.
Why is self-esteem important?

Success in anything we take up in our life is directly linked to the amount of confidence we have in ourselves. Lack of confidence in oneself or low self-esteem prevents us from achieving our full potential in life. A low self-esteem also prevents us from enjoying life fully. By law of attraction, what we believe about ourselves is what the universe shows to us, and thus in order to attract positive things in our life, it is important that our beliefs about ourselves be positive. Self-esteem is an important Level 4 need in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

For more details about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, see  article here: Human beings have different types of needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs showing self-esteem as a level 4 need.

Where does self-esteem come from?


A large part of self-esteem comes from our childhood. The quality of relationships we have had with our parents, and the amount of praise you got from them have an effect on self-esteem. It is thus important that we positively acknowledge children for their achievements.

Our own thoughts:

Some people are naturally more positive than others. The kind of self-talk we do to ourselves is thus a big contributor to our self-esteem.


Success in anything we take up increases our self-esteem. Failures tend to decrease it.


What people around us say to us affects our self-esteem. This can be people from work, family or those we have romantic relationships with.

How can I find out if my self-esteem is high or low?

Here are some general traits of people who have high and low self-esteem. Make a unbiased judgement and find out for yourself.

People with high self-esteem tend to:

  1. Feel confident in their abilities.
  2. They do not fear failure and are willing to ask for help when needed.
  3. Consider themselves equal to other, regardless of specific talents or outward differences they have.
  4. They neither have a superiority complex not inferiority complex.
  5. Stand-up for what they believe, do not feel attacked when they face opposition, and are open to change their beliefs and grow.
  6. Trust their own judgement and do not feel guilty when other people do not like the choices they make.
  7. They learn from the past and plan for the future.
  8. They do not worry too much about the past.
  9. Believe that others accept them, love them or at least find them interesting.Are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.
  10. Enjoy their life.

Refer to the above as P1 to P10 in order to talk about it. Example – I found myself having P2, P4, and P8

People with low self-esteem tend to:

  1. Be pessimistic about their life, future, and themselves.
  2. Feel bad about many things and thus tend to be hostile and ready to explode.
  3. Are very sensitive to criticism. They feel easily attacked and experience obstinate resentment against critics.
  4. Criticise themselves often and are generally dissatisfied with themselves.
  5. Be fearful of making mistakes, which leads to a state of chronic indecision.
  6. Are unable to say “no” to others and consequently have an excessive will to please others.
  7. Tend to be perfectionistic thanks to their fear of making mistakes.
  8. Condemn the behaviours of others, exaggerates the magnitude of mistakes and find it difficult to forgive others.
  9. Have a general lack of will to enjoy life

Refer to the above as N1 to N9 in order to talk about it. Example – I found myself having N1, N2 and N7

How can I improve my self-esteem?

  1. Be positive. Focus on achievements and talents, rather than shortcomings.
  2. Stretch yourself beyond what you do now.
  3. Do not be hard on yourself. Let go of any mistakes made in the past.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you in whatever you take up.
  5. Monitor and celebrate your success. Reward yourself when you achieve milestones.
  6. Take good care of yourself – body, mind, heart and spirit.
  7. Regularly practice self-love. Look into the mirror each day and say ” Wow – How wonderful you are – I Love you !”
  8. Work with a professional coach who can quickly point areas of improvement.
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