Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 25th ~ 31st January 2021

spiritual tarot & guidance reading 25th-31st January 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 25th ~ 31st January 2021

The cards for this week are: Death, The Hierophant, The Empress, Love & The Cave

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

Those of you who have read last weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading and read my weekly readings on a regular basis will have noticed that YES we have two cards from last weeks reading appearing again this week, even though they were drawn from a different deck. And you will also know that this isn’t the first time that this has happened. As I don’t believe in coincidences, but in synchronicities I feel that both the spirit and angelic realms feel that there is a necessity again to repeat a part of their message.

The Death Card and The Hierophant were the two cards repeated from last weeks message.

The first card was the Death card so therefore it’s meaning remains the same: The more positive and spiritual meaning behind the Death card is one of endings and new beginnings. For change to happen something must come to an end. Change is something that is inevitable whether we choose to ignore it or try to avoid it, it will happen, it is the way we both learn and grow and it is something that we need to embrace and not fear. This I feel is the message that the spiritual and angelic realms are sending us through this card.

What I like about the image from this weeks deck as opposed to the Rider Waite image is that you can see the light of the new energy and possibility of change emerging. If you look at the image where the face of death should be you will see the light of change and re-birth and also there is the symbol of infinity, the continuity of life, between the title of the card.

The second card repeated from last weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading was The Hierophant and so therefore it’s meaning also remains the same: The Hierophant is sometimes known in tarot as the spiritual teacher.

His appearance in a reading can suggest that we are sticking to tried and trusted ways of doing things because it’s the way it’s always been done or maybe we stick rigidly to our beliefs because it is the way we have been taught or guided to in the past. For example staying in a job, a career or a relationship because it’s what our parents, friends or other peer’s wanted for us or we feel that it is what is expected of us, even though we are not happy.

Our third card in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading is The Empress. One of the meanings behind The Empress in tarot is motherhood so for some of you it may mean a pregnancy, or hearing of a new birth. You can see from the image on the card that the Empress is pregnant but what she is giving birth to is a New World, New Beginnings and New Possibilities.

The first of our two oracle cards this week which are chosen as a guide to provide us with the overarching energy of each weeks reading, was the card of Love. I personally “Love” the imagery of the two hands reaching out towards each other through the heart on this card and it could not be more topical under the present circumstances in which we all find ourselves at present. Also the green colour psychically and spiritually to me signifies healing, something the whole world and our planet need greatly at the moment. It is also the colour of our fourth chakra or heart centre.

Our last card for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading was the Cave. The Cave card signifies as the card says a Sanctuary, a place of safety, somewhere to withdraw to. I feel that the message here from the spirit and angelic realms is not so much of a physical place, but a symbolic place/space to withdraw to within ourselves to find both inner peace and peace of mind.

The messages that I pass on to you from the spirit and angelic realms each week through the cards, are messages both for me and you. They are not based on a personal reading but are a spiritually based reading with messages from the spirit and angelic realms to let us know that they are aware of all that is happening in our physical world and to guide us and help us to grow, learn and develop spiritually.

It is not surprising, as I have said before, that some of the messages they give us can seem repetitive at times. One question I am guided by spirit to ask here is “how many times must a person experience the same experience before learning the lesson?”

The whole world at the moment is in some form of “Lockdown” however it does not mean, as is the case for some, that we as an individual have to go into lockdown on a personal level. It does not mean that we have to stop growing and learning as individuals. Everything we encounter good or bad along our pathway has a lesson attached to it.

The Death card reminds us that change is inevitable as much as we try to avoid it at times, it is inevitable and we must LEARN to accept it, embrace it, LEARN from it and move forward along our own individual path. You see lessons again!

The Hierophant again in support of the Death card is reminding us that we need to change the way we view situations, to not get stuck in a rut, to be open to new ways of thinking, to accept that our own beliefs and belief systems may need to change in order for us to move forward with our earthly life and grow spiritually. Yes lessons again!

We then have our final tarot card for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading The Empress. The Empress as I said earlier is the symbol of motherhood. However I feel the mothering here that the spirit and angelic realms wish to bring to our attention is one of nurturing, of loving and giving, not just to others but to ourselves. She also represents new beginnings and new possibilities.

As the image portrays and the message through the Empress is trying to tell us there is the possibility of creating a whole new world, a new life for ourselves and a new way of living. Some may say that it is not possible or that it is just wishful thinking. And for those who refuse to take the advice from spirit and the message they have given through the Death Card and Hierophant it may be and indeed seem that way. But have they learned from their own experiences or advice given? Is it again lessons that have not been learned or understood?

Our final two cards this week repeat some of the message of the past weeks and again support this weeks reading. The cards we have been given are the card of Love and Compassion and The Cave/Sanctuary.

I am aware of and feel as the spirit and angelic realms do, of the growing unease, desperation and frustration that is building across the world due to the current pandemic and other disasters whether man made or natural that are occurring worldwide.

This is why I feel we have been given in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading the Love card with its beautiful imagery of those hands reaching out through the heart surrounded with healing energy. We need to remember here an important and difficult lesson, (YES another lesson) and that is that despite all that is happening and we are experiencing, our thoughts help create our reality and that thoughts and energy are real.

Our thoughts affect our feelings and our feelings affect our reality. so what we feel in our hearts is what we send out into the world. We need to ensure that those thoughts are like the Empress, Loving and Nurturing. If we can all do this then that is the energy that we will receive in return, we will all benefit from it including mother earth herself.

To help with this we were given the Cave/Sanctuary card. I feel that this is a a message from the spirit and angelic realms once again to “go within”, and as I always say “take some time out for yourself”. Whether it be in a physical space or one you create in your own minds eye, it is a space where just like the Empress you can nurture yourself and your spirit.

A place where you can question your beliefs, your way of thinking and look at where you can make changes in your life and make plans for your future. A place where you can accept that the world is changing and that we need to accept those changes, make any necessary changes and learn and grow from them. Yes Lessons again!

“At times you have to leave the city of your comfort zone and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself “.

Alan Alda

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th October ~ 1st November 2020)

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th ~ 1st November 2020) This weeks cards are: Disruption, Spiritual Strength, Triumph, and Bring love into the situation.

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th October ~ 1st November 2020)

This weeks cards are: Disruption, Spiritual Strength, Triumph, and Bring love into the situation.

Hello everyone and as always, I hope this weeks message finds you safe and well.

Okay so I was in the process of shuffling the cards for this week with my usual deck, and well it just wasn’t happening. Nothing was coming through for me. As I sat there shuffling I found myself looking at the shelf on which I keep my decks, still nothing coming through and then suddenly a voice said “Look and Listen”. Spirit were obviously wanting me for some reason to use a different deck/s this week to channel their guidance through me, to you.

The first card drawn was “Disruption”. It is one of the Major Arcana cards in this deck, and is the equivalent of the Tower Card in the Rider Waite deck. Through this card we are being reminded once again of the fact spirit are aware of all that is going on in our lives. The card and message is one of Disruption as it’s title says. It is a message of change, the breaking down of life as we know and understand it to be. That is exactly what has happened to all of us that live on this planet right now.

The Next card drawn was Spiritual Strength and the guidance and message through this card from spirit is that we ALL have it within us! When we take a look inside ourselves we all can find the courage and self discipline it takes to get us through the problems that we face, and spirit are trying to encourage us and guide us to remember that.

Spiritual Strength was followed by the card of Triumph another Major Arcana card and here we are encouraged by spirit to keep moving forward, but use careful thought and planning as we do so. If we all run around like headless chickens as some are seemingly doing, with no proper thought or planning, it is bound to lead to failure. Spirits message is to use calmness of mind, go within, seek and listen to your inner guidance and find balance. This is the way we will win through and “Triumph” and overcome the adversities that we currently face.

All guidance and messages from the spirit world although some don’t always see or accept it, are based on love. With the next card drawn that is exactly what spirit are asking us to do “Bring love into the situation”. For those who follow Astrology this card represents the “New Moon in Aquarius”. and the message and guidance here is that there is “No Looking Back”, change is here and how we choose to deal with and approach that change is up to us.

So now I can see why the spirit world guided me to change the deck for this weeks message can you? The cards they chose for this week have a more “direct” meaning. Spirit are being very direct with their message and guidance this week. The imagery and the message on the cards “speak” for themselves.

The overall message and guidance from spirit this week I believe is one of acceptance. The world in which we live has changed and in some major ways. We have been faced with and challenged by an “invisible force” with Coronavirus. Tt has caused and is still causing Major Disruption, as the first card out represents. As I said it is a Major Arcana Card emphasising spirits message of “Major” Disruption. We must also remember that there have been and are also other major tragedies that are happening around the world adding to the Major Disruption, and that it is not just Coronavirus that this world is facing

The Spirt World are asking that all of us, across the world now, follow the message that spirit bring, and accept the change/s we are experiencing, and accept that things will not go back the way that they were. Attempting to hold on to the past, the way things were, will only bring more hurt, problems and misery. Remember “Change” can be a good thing, “Endings” can be a good thing. They bring with them the lessons we need to learn and can lead us to a brighter better future even though we may not realise or see it at the time.

Spirit are asking us to go within, access the “Spiritual Strength” that lies within us all. They want us to find the strength and courage to keep moving forward and believe in a better future, but to do so carefully and with thought. They are asking us to both see and accept that we are ALL going through the same problems in different ways, some of us are affected more than others. and this is where spirit are asking us to “Bring love into the situation”. We need to become as the card signifies “a little more detached” from our own problems and remember others are suffering too.

I am reminded to point out the Moon Card chosen by spirit also represents the sign of Aquarius which is the sign of Invention, modern advance and technology. The message here is to find new ways of thinking and doing, but using it for “the good of all” and not “individual gain”.

In closing this weeks message the final words that come from spirit are, that we should remember that we are ALL spirit, we are all each others brothers and sisters, we are ALL one family. We are all here to live a human existence and in doing so learn from and experience our own different lessons. But we can do this as “one family”.

We can work together, experience together, help one another, love one another, face the “Disruptions”, find and use the “Spiritual Strength” that lies within us. We can “Bring love into the situations” that we face and then we will ALL “Triumph” over All the adversities that we face.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself! It is allowed“!

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Card Decks used for this weeks reading are:

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck – John Holland

Moonology Oracle Cards – Yasmin Boland

5 Paths to Spiritual Growth

5 Paths to Spiritual Growth ~ When we suddenly discover the innate calling for greatness in our lives, it's important to follow through on our higher voice of wisdom.

5 Paths to Spiritual Growth

When we suddenly discover the innate calling for greatness in our lives, it’s important to follow through on our higher voice of wisdom. In most instances, our life purpose is being presented to us and that means we must follow our gut feelings to achieve the spiritual growth that is necessary for our passage into higher levels of awareness, acceptance, and inner peace. This is especially true for those of us who have become so caught up with the daily balancing act of juggle family, work, home, and other social obligations.

Though all of us enter this world with no preconceptions or prejudgments, our physical and mental beings become bombarded by external and environmental conditioning. While much of our upbringing and belief systems are constructively shaped by our families, teachers, and society in general, we sometimes become too consumed and inhibited by these traditional values and roles. In order to create an environment for positive spiritual development, we must nurture our higher consciousness by deprogramming most of what we’ve been mentally taught. That doesn’t mean we must stray away from moral values and ethics, but it means that we must totally absolve our emotional limitations that lead to negativity and mental barriers.

To achieve spiritual growth, one must begin to think and truly feel with an absolutely uninhibited mind and spirit. Within the core of our being, there is a wild mustang, a free spirit wanting to desperately break free from the mental fences we’ve built around ourselves; it’s in a way, the safety net that our mind has created for us to shelter us from harmful situations. However, that wild mustang, free spirit is your authentic self; and whether you choose to follow it or not, your authentic self wants to be released from your mental and emotional grips…and it will work fervently towards that end whether you want it to or not.

This is your soul’s way of making you stop dead in your tracks and causing you to spring into action. Why? The primary reason your soul speaks to you is to give you the appropriate clues to achieve and maintain balance in all aspects of your life — mind, body, and spirit. It truly wants you to grow spiritually so you are readied to receive the blessings that the Universal flow of energy wants you to have, that is, living in complete balance.

To help you understand more fully, I am sharing with you the following five important paths to spiritual growth. When you become aware of the paths that we often follow, you are better prepared to walk them with clarity and positive intent.

* Spiritual growth during hardship. In turbulent times in our lives, we often find that we must turn to a Higher Source of wisdom for comfort, guidance, and reason. While we may not always like the feeling of distress, it is in these times that we attain some of the highest levels of spiritual growth. It is also in these times, that we become closer to God, our Creator. This will enable us to express a deep and profound connection with our Source and a sense of oneness with the world around us.

* Spiritual growth in relationships. When we enter into a marriage, partnership, or experience the joy of a new addition to the family — we often discover the spiritual element of life here as well. Feelings of deep love and admiration fill our hearts and souls with an overflowing abundance. And as we all know, love is a deeply spiritual emotion that can only flourish and grow. When we willingly share our love and compassion with others, we actually strengthen our own resources.

* Spiritual growth in work. In work? Really? Yes, when we put 110 percent into our work efforts, we may not always be recognized for our productivity; but we know in our hearts that we have accomplished something, and we have succeeded in doing our part toward creating a finished product or beneficial outcome — and that makes all the difference in how we perceive life. What we give out we get back 110 percent.

* Spiritual growth during travel. Have you ever taken time to observe the world around you? Whether you’ve seen the marvels of Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the grand strand, or the rolling hills of Appalachia, you’ve touched the face of God. Spirituality is everywhere you look if only you seek it. I look in awe at the beauty of nature all around me and how it never fails to bring a sense of great joy and inner peace into my heart.

* Spiritual growth in death. As harsh as this may seem, death is the final passage to the Highest Realm of peace. When we experience the passing of a loved one, we go through several stages of grief and the mourning process. When we have reached the final stage of acceptance, it is then that we have grown spiritually. We have learned that while we may not always be able to physically see our loved ones, they will always reside in our hearts and memories forever. Spiritual growth comes when we understand that this eternal flame of love can never be extinguished.

As the tides of the many seasons come and go, we learn that from spiritual growth, comes a new dawning of a deep and spiritual recognition and awareness of life, love, and sense of purpose. Remember, the wild mustang, the free spirit in you — your authentic self, is ready to be released from your everyday confines. All you must do is ask for spiritual guidance and the Universal flow of energy will give you the soul power and tools to discover how you can truly enjoy what your life destiny is and will be.

Until we speak again, I am
Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl
© Copyright – All Rights Reserved
5 Paths to Spiritual Growth
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

Joan Marie Whelan – About the Author:

About the Author: Joan Marie is the extraordinary lifestyle expert for everyday living. She travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and her Lifestyle Makeover Programs with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her much anticipated first book, “Soul- Discovery: 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts” is now available. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go to: and click on lifestyle makeover programs.

Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences.

Unconditional Love Part 5 – Life Experiences – Choice – Karma

The ultimate goal of the soul is to seek, to experience, and to understand the marvellous wonder of existence. Enlightenment is achieved when one finds  perfection and unconditional love in all experiences. This progresses through eons of time, with each lifetime gaining, unfolding, and developing new  awareness every experience of every lifetime adds to the whole of the soul. You are forever expanding  and accumulating information consciously and unconsciously.

Although our physical being does not, the soul remembers in perfect detail every experience  ever had; every thought ever thought; every word, feeling, smell, scene, and  taste ever known. It all is categorized and remembered. This creates a  particular energy: The energy of you.

There is a cause and effect inherent in everything, including thoughts. The soul not only seeks experience,  it also seeks itself. The soul is the divinity of God and unconditional love incarnate. The secret of life is not in pointing fingers at everybody else and  judging their behaviours or beliefs, but in looking closely at self and noticing  what choices you make for yourself and where those choices take you.

Are they  based in fear or love? Are they for your highest good? Are you adding positively or negatively to life as a whole, including all life on the planet? This, my friend, is a full time job. Do not worry  about what you have done; stay focused on what you are doing. Karma is balanced  through love. Love is the most powerful  and greatest energy of the universe, and it will positively affect even the most  adverse situations. It is the ultimate healer. It is God. It can be used to heal  and balance any situation in the universe.

The universe is based on and  created from love. Anything not of love will create an imbalance, and the  universe will strive to put this energy into balance. This balancing is not  about punishment and reward, but it is about natural consequences. Striking out  at others, grievances, unforgiveness, hatred, violence, anger, fear, and  jealousy all have an energy to them, and there will be a reaction if this is the  energy you choose to display.

This energy is real and will affect you even if your attitudes remain as thoughts only. You will feel the effects of your  negative attitudes and actions because they will become enormous obstacles to  the growth of your soul. Make note that I am not saying these attitudes are  wrong, but that they do constitute an extremely dense energy that will inhibit  your own enlightenment. Remember, to seek enlightenment is to seek love.

The enlightenment of the soul is based in love and walking the spiritual path  from the heart. Being aware and conscious means making deliberate choices to exhibit love, no matter what situation or life condition you find yourself in.  This change always involves personal work  and commitment to the process of change.

It can be complex, and you may feel  like you are beating your head against a wall. Truly, the soul is complex, vast,  immortal, interconnected, and multifaceted. This makes healing and change also  complex and vast. However, when you are working with love as a tool, you are  using the most powerful force in the universe, and the results can be  miraculous.

I have personally found that when I feel blocked in my own  growth, it is often wise to seek someone who works with energy and is not  invested in my personal issues. This helps achieve clarity. Spiritual growth can  often be facilitated by someone who works with energy and the healing of the soul. In some situations, our obstacles might stem from soul loss that occurred  earlier in life or from circumstances of another lifetime and are not present in our conscious mind.

The spirits have taught me that the care of the soul is the first concern, and that the soul is a composite of all that you have ever  experienced in all lifetimes. This complexity of the soul creates multiple levels of healing and makes growth possible.

Jan  Engels Smith –    About the Author:

Jan Engels-Smith promotes self-healing, empowerment, better communities, a  healthy world and conducts workshops in shamanism & journeying. Her book,  Becoming Yourself is at .  Jan’s a Licensed Counsellor. She’s done over 2,000 soul retrievals. She is the  founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, a Chemical Dependency  Specialist, and Marriage Therapist. She is a water-pourer for sweat lodge, a  minister, a Reiki Master.

Love ~ What does it mean to you?

What does love mean to you? There are so may different kinds of love aren't there? Or are there?

Love ~ What does it mean to you?

What does love mean to you? There are so may different kinds of love aren’t there? or are there?

A mothers love, a farther’s love, the love you have for your child, the love of a pet, a child’s love for you, a partners love for you, a friends love, your love for a friend or the big one that most struggle with “Love of self”. We could build quite a large list couldn’t we? But the question is are they different kinds of love or are they different depths of love, emotions or even sentiments?

The word “Love” gets used quite a lot these days but how much actual feeling or understanding is there behind it when it’s used. We have all heard someone or had someone say “Love Ya!” but how much real feeling is there behind those words or understanding of them.

Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses. Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu

So does the word love still have the same meaning as it did in the past, has it lost it’s depth of feeling, is it used now too much in an almost flippant manner. In times past it took a great deal of strength and courage to even utter the words “I love you”.

But still what is love? Is it a feeling, a passion that attacks the head, the heart and the senses all at the same time as Lao Tzu says. Is it something even more profound than that. Where does it come from? Is it a passion an emotion what is it that creates that inside us that leads us to that ultimate (shall we call it “knowing”) that it is love that we are feeling for a person, animal or even object.

That leads us to another question is “god I love it” the same emotion/feeling/passion as “god I love you”? See what I mean when I ask the question “is the word love used too freely these days, has it lost it’s true meaning?

I have no answer to any of these questions, I really don’t, I’m still searching even after the years I have walked and “felt” on this earth. The one thing I do believe is the “big one” that I mentioned earlier and i’m still working on it to this day, and that is “love of self”. I believe it is the “true” starting point of understanding what love really is. I also believe that we all, if we are honest struggle with the true meaning of self love. We all have memories of things we have done, said, believed or thought that lead us to believe that we can’t love ourselves because…..?

Think of all those questions that rattle through peoples minds. “I mean look at me who could love this”, “I’m not beautiful enough to be loved by anyone”, I’m too fat for anyone to love me”, “I’m too skinny for anyone to love me”, I’m too thick, just not clever enough for anyone to love me” or as I have also heard someone say… “I’m disabled who’s gonna love me”, that one crushed me when I heard someone say that about themselves, more so than some of the other stuff.

‘Beauty in the eye of the beholder’ has a literal meaning – that the perception of beauty is subjective – what one person finds beautiful another may not.

Spiritual Love?

Love from a spiritual perspective a lot of people think is so drastically different, but is it so different? I personally do not believe it is. I believe it is the foundation on which we should build. I also believe it is just something that most have either not learned, understood or have simply forgotten in what has become a fast moving, self centred, self indulgent, “I need”, “me first” world.

We should have respect for ourselves, our bodies and love for ourselves. We should all respect each other, each others bodies (whatever shape, form or colour they may be). and we should all have love for each other. None of us are any more special or “better” than anyone else. We all have something to offer this world, we all have our own unique talents/gifts to offer and we all have “love” to offer, it is inherent in us all. We should all respect and have love for the earth we walk on and all of the lifeforms that share it with us and all of nature itself.

But the question is….. If we can not truly learn to love and understand ourselves can we truly do any of the other stuff?

That brings us back to the original question “Love ~ What does it mean to you?” So please share your thoughts, what does it mean to you?

Look forward to reading your thoughts.

Take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

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