Daily Guidance ~ A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love is a very special bond for those of us that have been lucky enough to have felt it ( I send my own thoughts a love to those that have not) you know that special feeling it brings.

A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love is a very special bond for those of us that have been lucky enough to have felt it (I send my own thoughts and love to those that have not) if you have then you know that special feeling it brings. I do not normally read the guide books that come with the card decks that I use as I prefer to work with them on an intuitive/mediumistic level and let them speak to me. But I was drawn today to read the guide book for today’s card and felt guided to share this lovely passage from it with you.

“I really never left you. I am in the sun that rises and sets each day, and the gentle breeze that caresses your face. When you feel the sun warm you, know that I’m holding you close in a tender embrace, whispering, ‘I love you my child”.

The love of a mother is quite special and while we don’t want to leave dad’s out, it is a different kind of bond. But then we should remember that we also have the love of a “mother figure” someone who we are lucky enough to meet and feel a motherly “bond” with them. This is also like a Mothers Love.

When the mother card appears in a reading it is usually a sign from spirit for those who’s mothers have passed to the spirit world that “Mom” is wanting you to know that they are close to you, reminding you they love you, that they are trying to inspire, comfort and encourage you, wanting to remind you of the special moments that you shared together.

If you are lucky enough to still have your mother this side of life, there is another meaning to this card also, and that is the possible need for us to give ourselves some “mothering” to “nurture” ourselves a little whether we are male or female.

Life is hard, stressful almost torturous at times, especially the times we are living right now. We all at some stage feel down, feel low and feel in need of some pampering and this card is a way of spirit telling you that it’s okay to pamper yourself, have some down time, take a nap or a nice long bubble bath, go for a nice walk out in nature, whatever makes you feel good and re-energised.

The spirit world are saying… “go on give yourself a great big motherly hug!”

As I always say….  “take some time out for yourself! It is allowed

Until next time please take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson ~ Psychic Intuitive Medium

Oracle Card Deck used for reading: The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland

Daily Guidance ~ Let Go

Daily Guidance ~ Let Go ~ Today's card is Let Go and for me reading the cards on a psychic, intuitive, mediumistic, spiritual level it "feels" to me that the spirit world have at the moment chosen a theme for you

Let Go

Yesterday I published the 1st reading in this new Daily Guidance series and the card was “Forgiveness”. It never ceases to amaze me the way that the spirit world work. As I have explained before I always shuffle the cards asking the spirit world what message they have for you and 9 times out of 10 a card at some stage will “jump out” of the pack and this is the card I will take as chosen for you.

Today’s card is Let Go and for me reading the cards on a psychic, intuitive, mediumistic, spiritual level it “feels” to me that the spirit world have at the moment chosen a theme for you. Yesterday’s card was about forgiveness and today’s is Let Go. I think definitely a theme emerging don’t you?

The cards opening sentence says:

Once you let go of the outcome, you’ll be able to release all the emotional constraints that have held you back in the past.

Why do I say there is a theme?

Well in order to forgive as we discussed yesterday with the card of Forgiveness we need to “Let Go” of the feelings and memories that created a hurtful experience for us in the first place, and until we can do that then the act of forgiveness can not take place. We have to “Let Go” first.

To “Let Go” as with forgiveness can take a lot of courage, strength and trust. Trust in ourselves and in our beliefs. Some may as the old saying goes believe it’s like “casting caution to the wind”. Personally I do not believe so and as a person who believes in spirituality and attempts to lead their life in the most spiritual way that they can, (no one is perfect and for those that try like me, you understand that leading a spiritual life is not easy!) put their faith in the Spirit World and Angelic Realms and draw upon them for the strength and guidance that they need.

I’m sure some will not agree with me, but I also believe that if you are reading this article then you are of like minded thought and beliefs yes?

As the card goes on to say:

Trust in the higher good and guidance of spirit, as we have only your best intentions at heart and will do everything in our power to protect you.

Letting go and trusting that all will be well is not an easy task, knowing that you then have no control over the outcome of a situation or event is difficult. But do we have that amount of control anyway? can we control the outcome of all situations we face in life? That’s for another article another time.

If something turns out well or better than we expected we are really happy but how often do we give thought to the fact that there could have been some “unseen force” (spirit world, angels,) guiding or protecting us?

If we let go and things don’t turn out the way we wanted or planned we get upset. The question then is, was what we wanted the outcome to be in our best interest and for our highest good?

It all comes down to what we discussed in the beginning Trust, Faith and Belief. If we have these then we can truly learn to Let Go!

Let Go will have a different meaning for everyone. It can be a bad habit, addiction, relationship, job or set of beliefs. The list goes on. We need to look at our life and find (being truthfully honest with ourselves) what is not working for us, what or maybe who is having a negative effect on our life, what is stopping us from finding true happiness, growth and preventing us from moving forward.

I read somewhere these words, I’m sorry I can’t remember where, but have never forgotten them:

For those that believe (in the afterlife) the evidence is never ending. For those that do not, there is none.

I will leave you with those words for now …. Have Trust, Have Faith, Believe in Yourself and Let Go !

As I always say….  “take some time out for yourself! It is allowed

Until next time please take care and stay safe

Steve Robinson ~ Psychic Intuitive Medium

Oracle Card Deck used for reading: The Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland

Tarot card for this week ~ The 6 of Pentacles (6th – 12th July 2020)

Your Tarot card for this week is the 6 of Pentacles. This card is all  about giving and receiving and finding balance.

Tarot card for this week ~ The 6 of Pentacles (6th – 12th July 2020)

Your Tarot card for this week is the 6 of Pentacles. This card is all about giving and receiving and finding balance.

The other term used in some Tarot decks is the 6 of coins. Very often pentacles/coins are seen as representing money, and while it can mean or signify money, as a reader I read the cards from a spiritual/intuitive point of view and for me the 6 of pentacles is about a flow of energy, giving and receiving and finding a balance between the two.

At first glance what you see in the card is someone giving coins to another but If you look more closely at the card you will see the outline of the continuing flow of energy between the two hands. What is given should be returned in some way to complete the exchange. This doesn’t necessarily mean if you give out money for example that you will receive money in return.

The exchange could be money out from one person = gratitude from the other and so the exchange is complete. If the card had been dealt reversed it would have meant a negative reaction one person giving = nothing in return.

Sadly in today’s world there are people who take the 6 of pentacles reversed to the extreme or ignore it’s meaning altogether. Individuals or big business whose sole aim is to take as much as they can for themselves and give little or nothing in return.

It is said that there is enough food and money in this world for everyone, that there should no need for people to starve or be homeless. We have stockpiles of food, class discrimination,”third world countries” to give just a few examples. This is the reverse effect of the 6 of pentacles. Maybe some of the leaders of this world should turn their card the right way up!

On a more positive note the 6 of pentacles (upright as drawn this week) can signify a giving and receiving of time, love, help, support, knowledge and skills. the list goes on and can be anything you can give to help or support another.

But and it’s a BIG BUT what would you expect the completion of the flow of energy to be?

Giving in itself to help or support another can be enough reward for some, the knowledge and satisfaction, the heart centred feeling that they have been able to help in someway for them is enough to complete the 8 of pentacles positive energy exchange.

We have seen some of the positive effects of the 8 of pentacles during the the current pandemic. The support for the NHS, people giving their time freely to visit people’s homes, delivering food or just clapping their hands at 8pm on a Thursday evening and in may other ways. This is the 8 of pentacles positive energy working in a positive way. People giving and enjoying the feeling it has given them and so completing the energy exchange.

The World needs more of the positive energy of the 8 of pentacles.

Your task for the week ahead…

Take time out for yourself, put life on pause for a few moments, how are you living your life? 8 of pentacles upright or in reverse?

Where in your life can you see the positive exchange of the 8 of pentacles?

Is there someone or a situation you know who lives or follows it’s path reversed?

What can you do, what can you change in your life or in yourself to create more 8 of pentacles positive energy flow?

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Tarot Card deck used for reading is The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

Intuition ~ an Intuitive’s View


In these days of burgeoning interest in all topics metaphysics, intuition and psychic phenomena have piqued the curiosity of many. Indeed, we have all, by and large, been fascinated by accounts of experiences involving psi (that elusive “x” factor that causes psychic phenomena), usually assuming that these phenomena belong to a realm out-of-the-ordinary and are not within the daily purview of most of us “common folk.”

In these days of burgeoning interest in all topics metaphysic, intuition and psychic phenomena have piqued the curiosity of many. Indeed, we have all, by and large, been fascinated by accounts of experiences.

As one who has delved more and more deeply into the world of intuition as a practising intuitive, albeit somewhat unintentionally, I would like to share some of the things I’ve learned about these interest-provoking, yet little understood phenomena. I say “albeit somewhat unintentionally” because I did not set out years ago to have this as a career goal: it was not what I majored in in college nor something I had ever seen myself doing. However, at the same time, being somewhat of a “reluctant” intuitive has given me an interesting perspective on this often misperceived topic as I had to develop and work with a faculty I didn’t even know was there.

I think what most of us do is to assume that intuitive/psychic phenomena are something that other people experience (and I’ll use these terms interchangeably in this article to refer to informational phenomena, rather than other forms involving psychokinesis, teleportation, etc.). One thing (of the many) that I’ve learned from doing this work is that everyone is intuitive and can have “psychic experiences.” Intuition is democratic; it really is everyone’s birthright.

I’ve also learned that what I used to consider as other-worldly really is a very natural part of life. Intuition and psychic knowing are actually another form of intelligence, another way of knowing and apprehending. For those who are interested in developing and using their full mental and knowing potential, developing and using their intuition is essential.

However, one flip side of this aspect of intuition is that, because intuition really is a form of intelligence, it is not always connected to spirituality. We have often assumed that intuitive’s, just because they are intuitive, are spiritually oriented; this ain’t necessarily so! As an ability, it can be used for good or ill, just like anything else.

Consider, for example, the reports of psychics who tell vulnerable clients that they have a curse on them and they can remove it for some exorbitant fee. Although this sort of misuse would appear to be in the minority, the point is that spirituality is not always a correlate of psychic ability nor, conversely, is psychic ability necessarily a portal to mystical wisdom and higher knowing. When the two are combined, however, ah, now that’s a beautiful thing! But I’m digressing….

One fascinating aspect of intuition is that it can come in many different forms and, just as I am convinced that everyone has intuitive ability, so too have I learned that the form it can take can vary greatly from one person to another.

I always assumed that intuitive or psychic information came in the form of sudden, strong awareness, almost like being hit by information, and, indeed, some people do get information like this. Intuitive insights can also be very subtle — a sense or feeling or impression about something.

And some people simply have a knowing about things; this knowing can be so deep that it will often be there with no effort, as if by osmosis, a knowing that is deeply integrated and ingrained and may just come to conscious awareness at the appropriate time. One just knows — without knowing how one knows or when one came to know.

Aside from the strength or subtlety of these awarenesses, the form can vary greatly as well. Some people will see images or hear voices (either literally through the auditory faculties of their ears or in their heads or minds). Some may see or sense colors. Others may have an impression that does not come in the form of one of the five senses.

Some people are very sensitive to energy, whether it’s the energy of a place or location, people’s energy, geological or geothermal energy, nature energy, animal or plant energy, or even color or light energy. Some people are sensitive to the energy of objects, receiving information from holding them. This latter form is called psychometry and many forensic psychics who specialize in working with police on solving crimes work with this form.

The type of information that comes from intuition can also vary. We have all had mundane experiences where we think of a song right before it’s played on the radio or think of someone just before they call on the phone. Psychic information can come in the form of events — what is going to happen — whether trivial or significant. It can also come in the form of meaning, what the meaning or significance is of what someone is going through.

There are truly many variations on the forms and types of intuitive experiences and the information they may provide, as well as the way they come to people. I am often asked by clients how I receive my information and what form it comes in.

It took me a long time to figure this out and to know how to respond, because I was not doing what I thought an intuitive did (or should do?). (I read people’s energy — directly experiencing it — on a level not usually associated with the body, receive information, and work to interpret it — usually in the form of a direct experiencing that is difficult to define, a sense, an impression, sometimes visual images, sometimes words or quotations, sometimes colours, etc.

I am particularly sensitive to people’s and animals’ energy. And I also have a deeply seated knowing about things.) Some intuitive’s/psychics specialise in certain types of phenomena or information: some specialise in health, working as medical intuitive’s; some, in finding missing people or lost objects; some, in communicating with passed-on loved ones; some, in animal communication; etc. Some people directly access their information; others work with guides as intermediaries.

The point I would like to make is that intuition/psychic informational experiences are a much richer, more complex, and diversified phenomena than most of us have realised and, because of their richness and complex beauty, are well deserving of our admiration as another of the universe’s creations and marvels.

We can all have one or more types of intuition in one or more forms. The information or content we get can run the gamut from the mundane to the divinely sublime. But we all usually have some form or forms of it, and, if we’re truly open and don’t put preconceived terms and self-imposed limitations on it, can receive many different types of information in different forms.

The trick is to start to work with what we have (and may not even know that we have). Ofttimes someone will have an ability and just assume that everyone else does. For instance, a gifted healer I know has always been able to see people’s organs and assumed that everyone else had this trait.

It is in starting to work with what we have that we start to open up the treasure chest that we have been given in our lives. There are many benefits of doing this aside from the trivial and temporary side effects of wowing or entertaining ourselves or others, or of simply manipulating energy or playing psychic games.

We can have many practical benefits in our lives with regard to information that can be helpful to us in a practical, quotidian fashion. For instance, we have all heard about people averting potential tragedy or catastrophe by heeding gut feelings or other intuitive information they received.

In addition and quite significantly, when we begin to tap into our own intuitive/psychic knowing ability, we begin to strengthen in ourselves. Once we begin to develop our own knowing, it is very powerful and deepening. No one can take that away from us. With knowing comes the beginning of understanding. And with understanding and insight can come wisdom if we are so open and so inclined.

There are many ways of starting to develop our innate gifts. There are several very good books on this subject that are available. I as well as others have taught workshops on this. One can just practice and feel one’s way along.

The key is to know how it works for us and also simply to believe that it is indeed there. We have to first acknowledge and own that we do, in fact, have some form(s) of intuitive ability. Once we figure out how ours manifests, we must honor our gifts and their form(s).

“One tricky little potential sticky point to using intuition/psychic ability is in learning to distinguish what is true knowing from what may be coming from our own “stuff” — our wants, needs, fears, mindsets, beliefs, etc. True intuition is not coloured by emotional feelings; it is neutral, colourless. Nor is it filtered through our mindsets or cultural filters. If we get a feeling about something that is tinged with, for example, fear, it may just be coming from our own issues. Pure intuitive information is just that: pure, and uncontaminated by our “stuff.”

One reason why it may have been more difficult for us in our contemporary Western culture to work with our intuition, aside from the fact that it hasn’t been valued in our culture, is that it often works in a different way from our normally used and encouraged faculties. Intuition is receptive. It is a receiving of information, which is a different mode from that of our left-brain logical modes which are active as we analyse and probe.

Instead of trying to figure things out intuitively (which doesn’t work because it’s a figurative oxymoron), we must instead receive information, paying attention to what comes. I am convinced that we all receive information all the time. It’s just that we aren’t trained or encouraged to pay attention to these subtleties. As a matter of fact, I am convinced that we are all spoken to all the time by this wonderful universe, if we are inclined to listen or pay attention to the signs we are given.

It is perhaps my own personal prejudice, but I also feel that the highest manifestations of intuition/psychic information come in a spiritual form and/or have spiritual relevance — that give us information for our own progress on our paths (or for others on their paths). I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I have a strong sense that the more we connect to the knowing place within ourselves, the more we also connect to the divine. And the more we consciously connect with the divine, the more true knowing we have.

We don’t have to become professional practicing intuitives or psychics to develop our potential and benefit from it. Intuition is real. It is a very natural part of life. And it can be yours if you desire for it to be. It can enrich your life, as well as that of others around you. And it is deserving of our respect, because it can serve a quite honorable purpose.

This article was first published in “Innerchange Magazine” in the February/March 1998 issue.

Diane Brandon – About the Author:

Diane Brandon is the Host of “Living Your Power” on the Health & Wellness Channel of, as well as an Intuition Teacher, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, and Speaker. She is the author of “Invisible Blueprints” and several articles on personal growth topics, as well as a contributing author to “Speaking Out” and “The Long Way Around: How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love.” Her private work with individuals focuses on personal growth, working with dreams, and personal empowerment, and she has done corporate seminars on intuition, creativity, and listening skills. More information may be found on her websites, and She may be contacted at

Creating in the now…

Creating in the now… If you think back over your life, about all the things that have happened to you.
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Creating in the now…

If you think back over your life, about all the things that have happened to you, all the things that you have given away, and all the things that you’ve received. They’ve all happened in the present moment. Unfortunately, so often, our focus tends to be on what has happened, what we’ve given away already, what we will have to give away, and what might happen in the future. Which is a dichotomy in itself really (the latter I mean) because nothing ever happens in the future. Ever. Everything always happens in the Now. The present moment.

Let’s look at this in more detail. Imagine that you are moving home. You’ve bought the house, you’re waiting for the Completion Day in a month’s time. You’re getting excited about moving into your new home. Hopefully you’re not getting depressed about having a mortgage! You’re planning on where you will put your furniture, how you will decorate, how you will fix up the garden, and so on.

This is all good stuff, and wonderful to do. It can create wonderful feel-good energy that helps you feel happy and be in a flowful state. Remember, when we feel good, we create and attract even more positive experiences into our lives.

The trick about visualising the future, however, is also to focus upon enjoying where we are right now. Completion day may well be in a month’s time, but when that time comes around it won’t be in the future, it will be NOW. You will be moving in NOW. Nothing ever manifests for us in the past or future, only in the present.

Everything we’re aiming to manifest into our lives needs to come to us. We need to allow it in. We need to take intuitive actions to help create what we want, and feel good about what we’re doing that’s getting us to where we want to be. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to be an impatient bunch of humans and, because what we want isn’t here yet, or doesn’t seem to be coming quickly enough, we get frustrated and sometimes even give up!

Esther and Jerry Hicks have a great analogy about this in terms of travelling from one place to another. We get halfway there and realise we’re not there yet so we go back home again.

But we realise we want to be somewhere else and so set off on the journey again, only to get half way and get frustrated because we’re not there yet, so turn around and go back again. And so on, and so on, and so on. Notice a pattern like that in your life? Ever hear yourself saying things like “I want it but I haven’t got it yet, I really want it but I still don’t have it, I keep moving towards it but it’s not here yet”.

See where your focus is? Not on what you WANT but on the fact that you haven’t got it yet. After all, even God took 6 days to create the Earth. Imagine if God had given up halfway through because it wasn’t finished yet?! 😉

In order to create and manifest what you want you need to feel good about where you are on your journey right NOW. In the Now. In the present moment. Feel good that you ARE moving forward. Feel good that you are leaving behind what you no longer want. Feel good about anything and everything. It is only in feeling good, and making peace with where we are that we’ll actually get to be where we want to be.

Don’t get frustrated because moving day hasn’t arrived yet, get excited about how what your house will look like when you’ve moved in. Get excited about how happy you’ll be there. Feel elated about having achieved what you wanted to. Feel good about the place you’re living in right now. Feel good about how smoothly the process is going. Feel good about packing things up, ready to be moved. Etc, etc.

Do you see, by focusing upon, and feeling good about, the current moment, you are creating a happy, enjoyable life right now. It’s OK to acknowledge contrast – but then focus upon what you do want. Don’t keep “waiting for it to happen”. If you keep waiting for something to happen it never will. Create a happy, enjoyable, delicious life in the present moment. Enjoy every moment of the journey, because when you get to the perceived destination, there’ll always be another dream or goal to aim for.

An article written for by Alun Jones

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