Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (2nd ~ 8th November 2020)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (2nd ~ 8th November 2020) This weeks cards are Disruption, Solar Plexus Chakra, Transformation and Positive Intention.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (2nd ~ 8th November 2020)

This weeks cards are Disruption, Solar Plexus Chakra, Transformation and Positive Intention.

Hello everyone and as always, I hope this weeks message finds you safe and well.

The first card out of the deck for this weeks spiritual tarot & guidance, with help from the spirit world was Disruption, this card if you remember came out in last weeks reading and not surprisingly shows up regularly in readings at the moment. As I said last week the card of disruption is the equivalent of the Tower card in the Rider Waite tarot deck, and as I have also said before signifies major change in our lives.

Spirits next card was the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra, is one of the Seven Major Chakra’s (energy centres) that run down through the centre of our body. The Solar Plexus Chakra is linked to our desires, personal power and the origin of our emotions.

The third card drawn by spirit was Transformation. The card of transformation signifies change and the ebb and flow of life. We are reminded that nothing stays the same, we need to grow and accept the changes that come our way.

Our last card for this week again prompted and guided by spirit, also came with the Angelic Guidance. The card was Positive Intention. We are guided to be mindful of our thoughts. Thoughts are energy and are like seeds, when we plant them they grow and become reality. If those thoughts are negative, then what we reap from those seeds is negativity.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance for the coming week

What is the guidance that the spirit world and angelic realms are sending through to us for the coming week?

Well firstly we have the card of disruption again this week and as I said in the opening paragraphs, and in last weeks reading, it’s hardly surprising with all that is going on in the world. However spirit remind us that disruptions in our personal lives can happen at any time.

We need to listen to our own inner guidance on a daily basis and not be tempted to ignore it in the decisions we make and actions that we take in our life. Very often the guidance and synchronicities that come through to us from spirit and the angels, through our thoughts, dreams, feelings and our inner knowing, we dismiss because “we want to do, what we want to do”. We want and choose to make decisions that we know, deep within ourselves we shouldn’t. But we tell ourselves that “it will be okay”, we will be alright. However we forget that anything that is built on a rocky foundation will eventually crumble.

This brings us nicely to the next card chosen by spirit. This was the Solar Plexus Chakra and with this card they are really confirming what was said above, because this is the chakra (energy centre) that not only represents our own vitality and self-esteem, but also our inner-knowing, our self confidence, emotions and feelings. The very things that we dismiss when we make decisions and take actions that we KNOW that we shouldn’t.

The next card out was the card of Transformation which again strengthens spirits message for this week. The card of Transformation can again signify a time of endings and change. It is a strong message of guidance and support that comes through continually at the moment from spirit, reminding us that we need to be open to the changes that are occurring in our personal lives and all around us, and that life naturally ebbs and flows, that change is a natural occurrence, it is inevitable and without it everything would stagnate, nothing can move forwards and all would eventually come to an end.

They are reminding us again that we all have the strength within us to work through these changes, to find new ways of thinking and doing things. The message here that also comes through, that will resonate with some more than others, is that we cannot live in the past, it is time to move on, leave the past behind and take positive steps forward.

And so we come to the last card of this weeks message and guidance. This card comes from the angelic realms in support of the spirit worlds message. The card was Positive Intention and really supports this weeks message from spirit. It comes I believe as strong advice from the angels.

They are asking us to be aware of our thoughts, energy and actions, keep them positive if we want a positive future, and see our dreams and desires come to fruition. In closing a final thought that comes through from them now, is also a timely reminder. “We reap what we sow”.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself! It is allowed“!

Please try to stay positive, be mindful of your thoughts, and believe in yourself.

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Card Decks used for this weeks reading are:

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck – John Holland

Oracle of the Angels – Mario Duguay

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th October ~ 1st November 2020)

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th ~ 1st November 2020) This weeks cards are: Disruption, Spiritual Strength, Triumph, and Bring love into the situation.

Weekly Tarot & Guidance (26th October ~ 1st November 2020)

This weeks cards are: Disruption, Spiritual Strength, Triumph, and Bring love into the situation.

Hello everyone and as always, I hope this weeks message finds you safe and well.

Okay so I was in the process of shuffling the cards for this week with my usual deck, and well it just wasn’t happening. Nothing was coming through for me. As I sat there shuffling I found myself looking at the shelf on which I keep my decks, still nothing coming through and then suddenly a voice said “Look and Listen”. Spirit were obviously wanting me for some reason to use a different deck/s this week to channel their guidance through me, to you.

The first card drawn was “Disruption”. It is one of the Major Arcana cards in this deck, and is the equivalent of the Tower Card in the Rider Waite deck. Through this card we are being reminded once again of the fact spirit are aware of all that is going on in our lives. The card and message is one of Disruption as it’s title says. It is a message of change, the breaking down of life as we know and understand it to be. That is exactly what has happened to all of us that live on this planet right now.

The Next card drawn was Spiritual Strength and the guidance and message through this card from spirit is that we ALL have it within us! When we take a look inside ourselves we all can find the courage and self discipline it takes to get us through the problems that we face, and spirit are trying to encourage us and guide us to remember that.

Spiritual Strength was followed by the card of Triumph another Major Arcana card and here we are encouraged by spirit to keep moving forward, but use careful thought and planning as we do so. If we all run around like headless chickens as some are seemingly doing, with no proper thought or planning, it is bound to lead to failure. Spirits message is to use calmness of mind, go within, seek and listen to your inner guidance and find balance. This is the way we will win through and “Triumph” and overcome the adversities that we currently face.

All guidance and messages from the spirit world although some don’t always see or accept it, are based on love. With the next card drawn that is exactly what spirit are asking us to do “Bring love into the situation”. For those who follow Astrology this card represents the “New Moon in Aquarius”. and the message and guidance here is that there is “No Looking Back”, change is here and how we choose to deal with and approach that change is up to us.

So now I can see why the spirit world guided me to change the deck for this weeks message can you? The cards they chose for this week have a more “direct” meaning. Spirit are being very direct with their message and guidance this week. The imagery and the message on the cards “speak” for themselves.

The overall message and guidance from spirit this week I believe is one of acceptance. The world in which we live has changed and in some major ways. We have been faced with and challenged by an “invisible force” with Coronavirus. Tt has caused and is still causing Major Disruption, as the first card out represents. As I said it is a Major Arcana Card emphasising spirits message of “Major” Disruption. We must also remember that there have been and are also other major tragedies that are happening around the world adding to the Major Disruption, and that it is not just Coronavirus that this world is facing

The Spirt World are asking that all of us, across the world now, follow the message that spirit bring, and accept the change/s we are experiencing, and accept that things will not go back the way that they were. Attempting to hold on to the past, the way things were, will only bring more hurt, problems and misery. Remember “Change” can be a good thing, “Endings” can be a good thing. They bring with them the lessons we need to learn and can lead us to a brighter better future even though we may not realise or see it at the time.

Spirit are asking us to go within, access the “Spiritual Strength” that lies within us all. They want us to find the strength and courage to keep moving forward and believe in a better future, but to do so carefully and with thought. They are asking us to both see and accept that we are ALL going through the same problems in different ways, some of us are affected more than others. and this is where spirit are asking us to “Bring love into the situation”. We need to become as the card signifies “a little more detached” from our own problems and remember others are suffering too.

I am reminded to point out the Moon Card chosen by spirit also represents the sign of Aquarius which is the sign of Invention, modern advance and technology. The message here is to find new ways of thinking and doing, but using it for “the good of all” and not “individual gain”.

In closing this weeks message the final words that come from spirit are, that we should remember that we are ALL spirit, we are all each others brothers and sisters, we are ALL one family. We are all here to live a human existence and in doing so learn from and experience our own different lessons. But we can do this as “one family”.

We can work together, experience together, help one another, love one another, face the “Disruptions”, find and use the “Spiritual Strength” that lies within us. We can “Bring love into the situations” that we face and then we will ALL “Triumph” over All the adversities that we face.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself! It is allowed“!

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Card Decks used for this weeks reading are:

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck – John Holland

Moonology Oracle Cards – Yasmin Boland

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