You Are A Spiritual Being With A Body

You Are A Spiritual Being With A Body. If you want to make any kind of permanent change, you've got to get to the source, and that is spirituality.

You Are A Spiritual Being With A Body

While I normally write around the topics of obesity, being fat, self acceptance or self love, what I know to be most true is that spirituality is behind all these issues. If you want to make any kind of permanent change, you’ve got to get to the source, and that is spirituality.

Some folks think that spirituality has to happen only on solemn occasions or only in a location that has been set aside for “things spiritual.” I don’t happen to agree with that concept. I think that every time and every place is spiritual.

We first have to define spirituality. Webster’s 1828 edition of the dictionary is the most spiritual format. He defines spirituality there as the essence distinct from matter; immateriality.

That seems fairly simple to me. Do you see life as a spiritual experience, distinct from matter, immaterial? I’ll just bet a dollar to a doughnut that some of you do not. Huzzah for those of you who do.

I think that the “I” of you is the spiritual part – the soul part – the mental part. I know that if I died and you saw me laid out on a slab, all my physical parts would be there, but the part that animates me, would be missing. That would mean that without my spirit self and with two ears, I would not be able to hear. The same would be true of all the other parts. Without my spiritual self present, none of the other parts could perform their function. I wouldn’t be seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, thinking, etc.

And what all that means is this: the spiritual part is the real part. The spiritual part of each one of us is our spirituality.

I’d like to take this one step further. If I am a spiritual self with a body, is this earth experience spiritual or physical? Well, it seems to me that if my spiritual self, and your spiritual self is the real part of self, then this world would have to be spiritual also so that the real self could function, could ambulate, could unfold.

In order to gain enlightenment, I believe you have to reason your way to the position that Life is Mental. I could also say Life is Spiritual. I view Mental and Spiritual as the same. I believe spirituality is our very nature.

Our world today is so much about gratification. We go about satisfying our needs and wants in an almost ravenous fashion. I know, I know, I’m an oldster and you may think my ideas are archaic. I’d like to offer the slant that perhaps after dozens of years of experience, I might just have unfolded a truth or two and am now sharing those truths with you. We may lose out on what is truly happening in our lives if we only focus on the job, the car, the relationships, or the clothing.

In a spiritual experience, the unfolding that goes on is silent and invisible. Only the good can see its reality. I hope you are good enough to see it. When you elevate yourself to a purely mental plane, you can see that the unfoldment of your faculties and your virtues is what has been happening silently and invisibly behind the scenes of your going to school, or dating, or functioning inside a family, or purchasing that car, or anything you could name.

I think I’ve set the stage substantially enough to get back to my first idea, which was the raw ingredients of spirituality. As a spiritual individual in a spiritual universe, everything is the raw ingredients. And to live consciously in this environment, you simply need to ask yourself some key questions:

– What can I learn from this experience that will augment my spirituality?

– What have I been thinking (a most spiritual action) that has caused this to happen in my experience?

– Question how you can use what has happened as a means of stepping up higher in your spiritual life?

At some point, if you continue to work consciously to gain all the good you can from each of your experiences, you will be propelled into a functioning spirituality that is rich, rare, easy, convenient, normal and natural. You will exude the aroma of goodness. You will manifest all the money you want and need. You will experience perfect health. You will ensure your own happiness.

Many of you know that I am an advocate for self-acceptance for folks who struggle with their bodily image. My wish for you is that you discover sooner than later that your nature is spiritual. I hope you will learn how it functions so that you can enjoy its fruits as quickly as possible.

Pat Matson

Pat Matson – About

Pat Matson, the Wise Weight Woman, uses spiritual principles to help women overcome their fixation with body image.

From her education, her experiences, the lessons Life has taught her, and her deep-seated sense of spirituality, Pat’s passion is to help women learn self love. For more tips to help you achieve self-acceptance, get her free report, You Are Good and Perfect Right Now and I Can Prove It! at

The Meaning of Meaning

Whether we are aware of it or not, we constantly look for meaning in everything we do. Of course, linguistically this makes the word “because” very powerful. If a reason is provided for a request, however inconvenient or unpleasant, it makes the request more difficult to turn down. We want to do things that are familiar and the brain conveniently and seemingly independently “fires” neurons of certainty to keep us comfortable and happy. This constant activity can make changing any situation where we feel limited or unresourceful difficult to alter. We become stuck and feel powerless to adapt.

think-outside-the-boxWhat can be done to make change more accessible and transformation more possible? First of all we can reflect on the meaning we give to many things that we are subjected to. Strangely enough, it is amazing how simple it is to reframe any meaning we attach to something if we are prepared to make the effort. Once we understand that the brain is eager to keep us in a state of homeostasis it becomes easier to stop and reflect on alternative thinking. We have to challenge ourselves and let the unconscious know we want to think differently. This act uses innate creativity and is strengthened by using both hemispheres of the brain.

When we experience an event, we can develop a habit of stopping, reflecting and thinking: What is happening here? What else could this mean? Often we will never really know what the actual situation means, but thinking this way will allow us to broaden the way we habitually respond to a given situation. It is useful to consider that the information is just that…information, and data is open to interpretation and often ambiguous in nature. Let’s face it, data can mean just about anything!

However, interpretation of the data will determine the action that will be taken and often we simply respond habitually and fail to contemplate that there may be a better way to think about the situation. Once habitual reframing takes place it can lead to making more informed and creative decision making.

Now, what is wrong with certainty, you may ask. It’s worked well for me and why should I start to become something I’m not? Well, there is a trap in thinking along conventional, habitual lines. Does your thinking derive the benefits you ideally want? Do you make meaning in the most effective manner? Does your “certainty” get the outcomes you desire? This is where the “thinker and prover” is demonstrated, often to our cost. We busily make sure that everything that happens proves what we think it means. Confirmation is a lightning fast response to what we perceive to be true. But is it? Even when the evidence is sketchy it is amazing how we can adjust it to fit our model of the world.

Thinking differently, even fearlessly, can have a profound effect upon the quality of life. It can open up the possibilities and prevent you from overlooking potential opportunities. If you have been guilty of believing you cannot do something, how uplifting could it be to believe it may be possible? Challenging, but possible. Why saddle yourself with these self-imposed limitations?

Keep in mind that meaning is just interpreted data. Then think about the data in as many ways as you can. Consider the situation in VAK terms – what else could the sights sounds and feelings represent? Throw in smells and tastes if appropriate. Open up your internal dialogue and ask yourself: What else could this mean? There’s no need to restrict yourself; just as the question and wait for the fireworks from your creative juices to do its thing. You can create any meaning you wish and you can decide this is preferable to remaining stuck with no options. Get into this habit and don’t be surprised if opportunities begin to become more accessible.

Mike Lally – About the Author:
Mike is one of Australia’s finest Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainers. He is a sought-after executive coach, speaker and workshop presenter. He is a leading source of NLP, influence, hypnosis, body language and emotional intelligence skills. He has worked as an Information Technology Manager, an Investment Administration Manager and a National Client Services Manager.

Confident Decision Making: Trust Your Intuition

Just imagine that someone gave you a simple but powerful computer that had the capacity to answer any question or solve any problem you would ever face. All you would have to do is properly program the problem into the computer. Then, at exactly the right time, it would bring you exactly the answer that you need; the answer would always be perfectly correct for you.

IntuitionThe fact is that you already have such a computer, and it’s installed right between your ears. The only real difference between extremely effective men and women and men and women who are not happy with their results is the degree to which they use this amazing computer. The wonderful thing is that you can easily learn to use this computer, and when you do, you will immediately start to benefit from better decision making and getting better results.

To begin, it’s important for you to understand that your brain is divided into two hemispheres, commonly called the right brain and the left brain. Extensive research suggests that each part of the brain is responsible for specific functions.

Your left brain tends to be responsible for linear, sequential, orderly and organized functions. It is practical, analytical and skeptical. It is the part of the brain that deals with categories and concrete things. Your left brain deals with the verbal, the mathematical and the scientific. It is the engineering half of the brain, and it is primarily focused on processing facts in a step-by-step fashion.

Your right brain, on the other hand, is very different. Your right brain is holistic and spontaneous. While your left brain deals with individual details, your right brain deals with complete pictures and fully integrated ideas and situations. Your right brain is also in charge of your creative, musical and artistic abilities. It is responsible for dance and singing and laughter. Your right brain is also responsible for the intuitive processes of thinking, feeling, problem solving and decision making.

When you learn to harmonize the operations of both of these brains so they work together in cooperation, you begin to perform at exceptional levels. In fact, men and women begin to become great when they begin to utilize the marvelous capacities of the right brain, especially for making important decisions.

An intuitive decision, one that comes to you from within, is always superior to anything else that you can arrive at by simply considering the facts and details. An intuitive decision integrates all of your knowledge about a subject simultaneously and gives you an answer that is a superior synthesis to anything that you could have worked out in a step-by-step fashion. This is why the men and women who are at the top of virtually all organizations tend to be extremely intuitive in their decision making and problem solving capabilities for themselves and others.

Ralph Waldo Emerson called intuition the “still, small voice within.” This inner voice is like an unfailing guide or mechanism that always tells you the correct thing to do or say. The more you trust it and believe in it, the better and more accurately it works for you. And your ability to use your intuitive decision-making powers precedes and predicts your success and effectiveness in virtually everything you do.

To trigger your intuition and tap into higher levels of your mind on a regular basis, you need to have four mental qualities. The first, as I mentioned, is a complete trust and belief, almost a childlike faith, in your intuition, and the disposition to just “go with the flow” of your inner mind. Your intuition functions effortlessly and works best when you stop trying to make something happen and instead just “let go” and accept whatever solution comes to you.

The second mental quality that enables you to use your intuition more efficiently is a positive mental attitude. By this, I mean that you are simply calm, relaxed and cheerful about outcomes. A positive mental attitude has been described as a constructive response to stress and adversity. When you respond in a relaxed, easygoing way, you create the mental climate that enables your brain to function at its best, and this is what triggers your intuition.

The third mental quality for enhancing your intuition is an attitude of confident expectation. The more positive and more confident you are, the sharper and quicker your intuitions and solutions will be. So confidently expect things to go well for you. Look for the valuable lesson in every difficulty and adversity. Seek out the advantage or benefit in each setback or obstacle that you face. Your conscious decision to keep your mind focused on the good parts of your situation, coupled with your refusal to dwell on the negative parts, will give you a mind that functions at its best to help you achieve your goals.

The fourth mental quality for intuitive decision making is listening. Women tend to be better at listening to their intuition than men are. This is probably why women’s intuition is so much more respected than men’s intuition is. However, both men and women have the same intuitive abilities. All they have to do is listen to them on a regular basis. Most of our mistakes in life result from ignoring our intuition or refusing to listen to our intuition because we think that by doing so, we will be better off. It always turns out to be a mistake.

Brian Tracy – About the Author:
Brian Tracy is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders on personal and business success and has transformed the lives of millions. He is the CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.
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In addition to being a top selling author of over 50 books, Brian Tracy, as a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, has given more than 5,000 talks and seminars in 55 countries worldwide.
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Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Knowing All About the Subconscious Mind

I think it is an interesting mechanic to actually know how the subconscious mind actually works, and in this case, we are here to look at how the brain and unconscious mind actually work together to form a perfect partnership of memory and function. One of the good things about knowing this is that you are more than able to understand the functions of the mind, and see how you are going to use your own internal processes, your own ingenuity and of course, the technology that is all around you to be able to enhance the power of your subconscious mind, and in turn, your life.

concious mindFor one thing, the subconscious mind is the one that remembers everything, and this is done through the power of association. To fully understand just how powerful this association is, we need to track back to when you were a child, and understand that the way you behave and how you are today, are all set in subconscious stone to when you were associating images and emotions, experiences and feelings and stimulation and reactions, all when you were a small child, and this is the true power, because it has not left your mind since.

To give you an example of this, let us take the very well known example of the bicycle. Imagine if you will that you have learned it once, been able to master the balances necessary to get the bicycle going. Now when this happens, what is going on in your subconscious mind is that now it is associating the muscle balances necessary, using the centre of gravity, the motions you are going through, the confidence you have developed and instilling all that as an association of riding a bike. Now this gets ingrained into your unconscious mind quite a bit.

Even if you have never touched a bike for 30 years, your subconscious still has that memory stored, and all it needs to do to actually reactivate all the knowledge you have and the associations needed to control and ride the bike, is for you to actually get on your seat and start pedaling. You see, no one really doesn’t know how to ride bike. Your mind just has to get used to the idea. When talking about pure science, anyone can ride the bike, attain velocity and balance can be achieved, but the thing is, we are not mechanical and when introduced to something new, the subconscious mind must get used to it first before you can truly master it.

So this is just a little information on how the subconscious mind really works. While this is a pretty rudimentary way to explain on the systems of the subconscious mind, it gives you a better picture of how it really manages to control the way we think and how we make sense of the world. If you need more information, there is always the internet, chocked full of good information on the subconscious mind and how it works in its mysterious ways.

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by Gregory Frost

Why you should choose to follow your dreams..

I am writing this article after waking up this morning feeling really refreshed after a great night’s sleep. It was one of those nights that seemed to be full of enjoyable and eventful dreams too, and I can still clearly remember many of the things that those dreams contained.dreaming

I hope you too regularly get nights full of dreams, but if you do, what do you with them? You see your dreams are important and can give you many important insights into your life.

In reality you will dream virtually every night, and often 5 or more times per night, but most of the content of all of those dreams will be lost to you unless you can remember it or, more importantly, know how to teach yourself to do so. Learning how to recall, analyze, and then interpret your dreams is something that will really open up new possibilities for you and your life.

Quite simply, whatever you know or believe about your dreams, the fact is that they are based upon the contents of your mind, or more specifically your subconscious mind. Each day you are bombarded by images of all sorts and it is only those that you consciously choose to recognize that you actually experience.

The rest simply pass into your subconscious for sorting later, i.e. whilst you sleep. Your eyes, ears, and other sense receptacles are merely the medium by which light, sound, and other senses are received and then passed to your brain. It is the brain that actually decides what you consciously see, hear, taste, etc. But the reality is that every day light waves and sound waves carry millions of unnoticed images to you and just some of them can appear in your dreams as the brain does its daily sorting.

An example of this is that until it was made illegal, advertisers used subliminal messages to get you to buy their goods or services. These were hidden messages placed into background music in places like supermarkets, malls, and airports. You wouldn’t consciously hear them as your ears simply don’t have the ability to choose what they take in and pass to your brain. So they would go into your subconscious until you later saw or heard something to trigger the desire to buy.

Another example is that when you have the radio on when you are driving or working do you actually “hear” everything that is broadcast? You may notice your favorite tunes or important news announcements, but much of it will simply have no impact. But the fact is that sound waves are carrying everything that comes out of the radio via your ears to your brain and then into your mind, either conscious or subconscious. And it works exactly the same for all the things that are in your line of vision in every place you go each and every day.

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!

And the only way you will get to it is when your subconscious mind releases some of it in dream form. So can you see why it’s so important to choose to follow your dreams?

Consider these three points:

– The people in your dreams can tell you so much about yourself. You will usually dream about them to emphasize particular qualities or skills they possess (or possessed) that you wish you had and would benefit from learning how to acquire.

– The events in your dreams may point you towards things you want in your waking life. You will often dream about doing things you would not or could not do in real life and your dream may be encouragement to go out and develop those skills or areas of knowledge.

– The way you feel whilst you experience your dreams can be vital in enabling you to look at the emotions you are experiencing in life and help you towards any changes you may need to make. This can be particularly relevant in areas of your health or relationships.

Each day so much information is absorbed into your mind that it would surely be foolish to ignore it. And the world of your dreams opens the door to so much of it and so by learning to remember, record and understand your dreams you will gain real life-changing benefits.

Throughout history people from all walks of life have used their dreams to help them to achieve their goals. I hope you choose to follow your dreams too!

Tony HallAbout the Author:
Tony Hall is an author and publisher of self-improvement products with vast experience in the areas of personal and business development. In his book “Your Dream Secrets Uncovered” he reveals the techniques that will enable you to fully understand your dreams and how they can transform your life. To learn more go to:
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