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Why do I keep waking up at 4am

Why do I keep waking up at 4am

Why do I keep waking up at 4am

Has this happened to you? Despite how early or late you try to go to bed, you keep waking up at the same time on the clock every night: 3:33am or 4:14am.You stare at your alarm clock thinking, why does this keep happening?

You may even feel a presence with you or a cool breeze that comes over you while you sit in your bed having been woken up without a cause. It may sound a little crazy, but there is a reason why. Someone you love and miss in spirit is trying to get your attention.

Those you love and miss who have died, miss you just the same as you miss them. The moment they get to the other side, they want to be able to check in on you and their friends and family members. Just as much as you are trying to reach them, they are trying to reach you; they just have to figure out how.

As a psychic medium, I have noticed that those in spirit use different ways to try to get your attention. New spirits or souls who recently have crossed over start to try to reach you through spirit touchpoints, the first being numbers. It’s a simple way for them to open the door and start communicating with you right away.

So, let me ask you, have you lost someone recently?

When a soul recently passes within the last year or year and a half, it is normal for them to try to reach you by waking you up at odd hours of the night. Normally, it’s a friend or family member you were close with who just so happens to be trying to get in touch with you. They are waking you up not to scare you, but to get your attention.

Many times, those in spirit can’t reach you during the day because your mind is preoccupied with day-to-day happenings. When you are in a quiet, silent or calm space, a spirit knows that’s the best time to try to communicate. Normally, this is while you are sleeping.

In the beginning, they will wake you up at the same time and keep doing so until they have your attention. The cool part is that it actually works! If you are reading this right now, it is not a coincidence. You probably were googling waking up at 3am or it may have been shared on Facebook and got your attention. Know that by reading this right now, you are receiving a sign from a spirit.

So, a spirit has your attention; now what !?

Once your loved one has gotten your attention, it’s up to you to acknowledge their presence. Saying something simple like, “Okay Dad, I know it’s you” or thanking your departed husband for coming and checking up on you will show him or her in spirit that you are open to them coming to visit and that you are ready to start communicating with them.

When they realize you are aware of their presence trying to reach you, they will start to find other ways to get your attention, normally through signs during the day. You will start to notice random coincidences and things that make you think of that special someone. Anything that you think is a sign or that reminds you of that special person is in fact a sign.

When do these signs come, and should you look for them?

The best part about signs is they come when least expected but most needed when you are missing someone you love. Opening yourself up by acknowledging your loved one is all you need to do. These signs will come much like a post card would. It is your loved one’s way of supporting you and letting you know that they are standing there and with you. They send signs to remind you they love and support you, but they do not want to interfere or stop you from living your best life.

Waking up at 4am

It’s important to remember that your loved ones are only a thought away. When you think about them and reminisce about the times you had with them, they are close by. Heaven is not a faraway place; it is an energy space that is created for your loved ones to rest in peace as they watch over you until you are reconnected and reunited again. In the meantime, continue living your best life, achieving new goals and milestones. Your loved ones will make sure they don’t miss out and are with you all the way.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (30th November ~ 6th December 2020)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (30th November ~ 6th December 2020)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (30th November ~ 6th December 2020)

The cards for this week are: Temperance, The Chariot, The Ace of Wands, The Tree and Ancient Forest

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

We are all feeling the pressure of further lock downs and restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and so it’s hardly surprising that it comes through in the Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading each week. As I have said before the Spirit and Angelic realms are very aware of all that we go through on a day to day basis.

The important thing that we need to remember is, that while they do their best to bring through their advice and guidance, they can not influence or get involved directly with our lives. We are all here to walk our own paths and we all have free will. The decisions and choices we make are ours and ours alone to make, and we alone must take personal responsibly for them.

Indeed the first card chosen with the help and guidance of spirit this week was Temperance, and this card speaks to us of the need to find Balance, Moderation and Purpose in our lives.

“If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.”

~ Epictetus ~

The second card chosen and also the second major arcana card this week was the Chariot ~ The message here is one of self control, willpower and determination.

The 3rd card was The Ace of Wands and she speaks to us of Inspiration, new opportunities and growth.

We have two cards this week chosen and inspired by spirit to represent the overall energy of the reading and they are:

The Tree ~ a reminder for us to stay grounded, keep our feet firmly on the floor and strengthen our roots.

The Ancient Forest ~ the message here is a reminder that we all have an immense ability to heal within us, and also the need for us to have faith in the “unseen” but very real love and support that surrounds us.

There is a very strong reminder coming from the spirit and angelic realms in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Reading and that reminder is “We are Hear!” Our loved ones, our family and friends in the spirit world are always around us and they are saying “talk to us” “we are listening”.

Once again they are reminding us to try to stay as focused and balanced (Temperance) as we can, and to not stay in “our heads” too much, to focus more on our “heart space” and allow the emotions to flow through us, so that we can work through them, and accept them. This will help us find the much needed balance in both ourselves and our daily lives.

This need is made apparent by the appearance of The Chariot. Spirits message here is the need for us basically to “take the reins” of our lives, stay in control, dig deep and find the willpower and determination to move forward with our lives. Despite the restrictions with which we are all faced at the moment, it does not stop us from taking a look at our present situation, make any necessary changes and lay plans for the future.

Spirit then chose the Ace of Wands and through her they are letting us know that they are doing their best to bring through to us their inspiration and ideas. They do this to help us to keep going, to keep moving forward, to learn and grow, and remind us of the real potential that lies in each and every one of us.

The overall energy I feel from the spirit world for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is the need for us to stay grounded, to strengthen our roots and foundations, and for us to remember that our true roots, are our “spiritual roots”. That we are all a part of nature and nature is a part of us. If things get a little too much, a walk out into your garden or local park, and opening up to nature can help bring us relief both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Finally through the card of the Ancient Forest they reminds us “that we all have an immense ability to heal within us” and of the need to have faith in the “unseen” but very real love and support that surrounds us.

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

a little something just for you….

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Tarot Card deck used for this reading are:

 The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

Native Spirit – Denise Linn

You are what you think…

You are what you think is a well known mantra.

You are what you think…

You are what you think is a well known mantra.  To helps prepare your mind and allow your spirit to blend with this truth, I have listed 5 points below that I hope will help you:


Let go of past hurts and mistakes. What has been said, or what has been done are all things of the past. They happened for a reason and we should learn from both the lessons and from those experiences. There is so much more ahead requiring our best efforts and energy. We cannot afford to carry the additional burden of past mistakes. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes, forgive others for theirs and move on. Feel the peace in your heart and be renewed.

Don’t look back look ahead.

Looking back and worrying about events or incidents that have occurred are of no  benefit to us. They cannot be altered and the mental energy used  on dwelling over them is wasted energy. It is better to conserve such energy for creating new images and new visions for a new future.

Break free of resentment.

Resentment stops progress. It is a mental resistance to something that has happened and over which we do not have any control. Resentment to an injustice, to having been treated unfairly, negatively and so on distracts us and weakens our spirit. Resolve to harness the energy and direct it towards a higher purpose.

Stop feelings of guilt.

One of the most powerful negative emotions.  Guilt leads to a poor self-image. To be rid of guilt or to reduce the damage it can cause, we can act on what we feel guilty about. If it is about being selfish, share more at the next opportunity. If it is about not being kind and caring, be more generous and concerned in the future. We need to do what it takes to cut off from the guilt. We cannot afford to dwell on guilt and let it drag us down.

Clear mental blocks.

There is nothing that we should hold onto or detach from if we want to free our spirit to grow and develop. Mental blocks obstruct our potential and stop the free flow of creative energy. Mental blocks take up valuable space which we need to free up and make available for creating the new wonderful images that we desire.

Whatever challenges life throws at us,  we can face those challenge and work at overcoming them. We have an unlimited and powerful spirit and also power of the mind, if we choose to work at developing and allowing  ourselves to use them.

You are what you think….

How long should I wait to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

How long should I wait after someone has died to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

How long should I wait after someone has died to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

After a loved one passes, it is normal to want to speak with them right away. Death can leave you with a lonely feeling and a deep pain within your heart. As a psychic medium, I am in touch with souls every day. The most frequent question I am asked is, “My loved one just died. How long should I wait before connecting with a medium?”

The problem is, there is no definite answer on when a soul will come through. When you contact someone in Heaven, it is a request, not a command. It’s like calling someone here on Earth. How can you be sure they will pick up? I have done readings where souls have come through the same day, and there have been other times when it has taken up to one year for a loved one to come through with a message.

Some souls take a little extra time. I personally have always asked my clients to wait one year before a reading. Firstly, this is because when I do a reading, I am not after a person’s money. Instead, I want to make sure I can 100% get in touch with the soul that has passed on, and more importantly, so I give them the best reading possible. My main goal is that my clients walk away feeling hopeful and uplifted knowing their loved one is ok.

The main ways I communicate with the departed is by seeing and hearing them. I have noticed that when I speak to a soul that has recently departed, although I can connect with them, the conversation is not as clear as it normally would be. I almost always know when I am channelling someone who recently has passed because it sounds like talking on a cell phone that is breaking up. I will start to hear bits of information, like their name and how they had died, and then I will hear silence.

A few moments later, they may come through and start to tell me a message, after which there is more silence; the communication isn’t consistent. But then again, there have been those strange and sometimes awkward times when souls come through unusually early.

One time, I was holding an event in Maine, when my eye caught a guest seated in the third row. He had a young man in spirit standing right behind him, and he was telling me his name was Kenny; they were best friends. I pointed to the gentleman in the audience and asked him to stand up. I said to him, “Did you lose your best friend? He just told me his name is Kenny.” The man turned white. He said, “Oh my God! I just came from his funeral before coming here today. He was laid to rest this morning!”

It just goes to show one thing: different souls channel in different ways. It is based on their personality and what they were like here in this world. For example, if you have a loud, vivacious Italian grandmother who was a busybody, it is likely she will come through and talk my ear off! On the other hand, if you had a father who was quiet, reserved and kept to himself, it is not likely that he will come through as strong or with as many messages.

Normally, for spirits to come through loud and early, it is because there are urgent messages they need to deliver to their family ASAP. Think about it: for a soul to come through, their needs to be a message attached. They wouldn’t just come through and not say anything. What would be the point? They will, however, come through to bring their family comfort and closure or to assist them with any questions that have gone unanswered.

So, you might be thinking, why does it take a year sometimes for a loved one to come through?

The answer is simple. During that time, the departed goes through something called a “spirit life review.” This is a process of transition where the soul let’s go of all the negative anger, grudges and regrets that were once experienced here on Earth. Just as your illness gets left behind, so do the burdens. Think about it: if everyone brought all their anger with them, how could it be Heaven and a place of peace? Part of the process involves letting go of all the heaviness so the next chapter can be enjoyed in peace and without illness.

That is why your loved ones want to see you happy and enjoying life. They are not there to judge you; they are there to love and support you. When you first pass on, you do not enter Heaven alone. When you first make your way to Heaven, it is a big family reunion. Every friend you have ever made, every pet that has died and family member that you have loved are waiting to greet you in Heaven.

While your loved ones are being reunited and reconnected with loved ones and going through this life review, it may take them a bit to learn how to channel or reach you through a psychic medium. This does not mean they are not with you; it just means they are taking care of a few things first. It’s like when you move into a new apartment. You have to unpack the boxes before you can start having people over to enjoy their company.

Another reason why they may not come through right away is because their message would not help you at the moment or it would cause you more grief. Your loved ones want to see you happy and living life. If they feel that a message will cause you to dwell on their passing and not be able to move forward, they will wait to come through when you are in a better place. Deep grief can sometimes act as a wall, preventing you and your loved ones from connecting. When you start to take steps to heal, you begin to feel and connect with your loved ones more and more.

How long should I wait to get a reading with a Psychic Medium?

My advice is to wait a year. Not only will the message be stronger, but also you will be in a better place to hear the messages coming through. I personally feel it would be better to wait and get a good reading than to leave a session with unanswered questions or scratching your head trying to figure it out. If you can’t wait or if your intuition is telling you otherwise, try attending a group reading instead.

You may hear from that special someone, or you may hear from someone else in spirit who was near and dear to you. Even if you don’t make a direct connection, you will walk away feeling inspired after witnessing the many other messages from spirits, and when the time is right, your loved one will come through with a very special message for you.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (23rd ~ 29th November 2020)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (23rd ~ 29th November 2020) The cards for this week are: The Devil, The 8 of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles and The Tower.

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance (23rd ~ 29th November 2020)

The cards for this week are: The Devil, The 8 of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles and The Tower

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength.”

~ August Wilson ~

The quote above signifies the arrival of the first card in the Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading for this week ~ The Devil.

The Devil card for those who are new to tarot can be quite an unsettling/unnerving site, but it isn’t as bad as it seems. It really speaks of the need, as the quote above says, to look at those parts of ourselves that we keep hidden, or that are buried in our subconscious mind. These are based on what we have been taught or have learned from others that don’t really serve us or have purpose in our lives.

The second card drawn as always with the help, support and guidance of the spirit world was ~ The 8 of Pentacles.

The 8 of Pentacles signifies the need to either learn new skills or build upon and master the skills that you may already have. It is the card of apprenticeship and mastery. It reminds us that we need to be both diligent and hardworking and apply ourselves FULLY to the tasks at hand.

The third card drawn for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading was ~ The King of Pentacles

So we have had The 8 of Pentacles and now coming along in support is The King of Pentacles. The King has achieved his success through hard work, diligence, application and self-belief. He represents what can be achieved by following the advice given in The 8 of Pentacles. He is asking you to maintain your self discipline and build up your self confidence. You are asked to look towards the future and plan with confidence, but keep the vison and the plans that you have, as simple and practical as you can.

Our last card for this week represents the overall energy for the week and is ~ The Tower

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

~ Socrates ~

The Tower card again is one of those cards that can be unsettling for some when it appears in a reading. And yes it can symbolise breakdown and destruction. But what we need to do, is accept that change is inevitable, and that there are going to be times when change does come along knocking at our door. Although we may not want it, we may want to try to stop it, there will ultimately be nothing that we can do about it, change WILL happen.

The best and least painful thing we can do for ourselves and for others that may be affected too, is to face what the Tower lays before us, face it head on. What ever change or destruction you may be experiencing, whether it be materialistically or personally, it is needed, however painful or disruptive it may be.

The overall energy of this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is represented by the Tower and is not surprising considering the situation/s the world finds itself in at this moment in time, our very foundations are being shook to the ground. If you look at the image on the card, lightening really has struck us all in the form of Covid19 globally. But if things can fall apart so easily as they are, how strong were the foundations to start with?

Is not the significance of the Tower card this week, which represents breakdown in communication, destruction, a crumbling of foundations and CHANGE a strong message for us all?

The spirit world are reminding me of a part of their message from last week, which was “to let go of the negative patterns of thinking”. They speak of the need to re-asses ourselves, our lives and our lifestyles and be willing to change what needs to be changed (The Devil) and find the courage and strength to do so.

They again remind us through the 8 of Pentacles of the importance of the advice they have given over previous weeks, that is the need to see “everyone working together” to bring both “knowledge and skills together” to “look to the future together with a clear vision”. Not individuals working for just their own personal gain.

The King of Pentacles represents someone who has achieved his personal achievements and success. he has achieved this through hard work, clear thinking and careful planning, determination and self belief (8 of Pentacles). he has faced and overcome his inner fears and insecurities (The Devil) and built his life and success slowly and carefully. He has not attempted to do it alone, he has worked with others to gain his knowledge and skills to ensure that all he has built, is built on firm foundations. If he should face any Tower moment in his future, however painful it may be, he can face it with the confidence of knowing his foundations are strong and built to last.

The question is… If we want the life of the King of Pentacles are we willing to face the Tower head on and accept that it needs to take place both externally and internally? Are we willing to take on the role of the apprentice and listen to and follow the guidance that we are given, follow the rules, and work hard to achieve the end goal? Are we willing to face our own Devil, face our fears, clear out our negative thoughts and admit our weaknesses if only to ourselves and deal with them?

I feel that the message behind this weeks Spiritual Tarot and Guidance reading is two-fold. The spirit world are letting us know they are aware of the chaos, loss, destruction and confusion that is going on in our world right now, but at the same time they are also reminding us of the opportunity that we have to help one another, to rebuild and re-start our lives if we wish too, on a more stable, stronger foundation. And just as importantly the chance to grow, learn, understand and progress more on a spiritual level.

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Tarot Card deck used for this reading is The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

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