Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Weekly (24th ~ 30th May 2021)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Weekly ~ Self Love (24th ~ 30th May 2021)

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance Weekly ~ Self Love (24th ~ 30th May 2021)

The card chosen for this weeks message with the help, support and guidance of the Spiritual & Angelic realms is Self Love.

This is something we are ALL guilty of NOT doing at times, if at all…

Self-love for most is something that we just don’t get around to, and of course there are also some who just think the idea of loving yourself is just weird. but it really isn’t. What could be so wrong with loving yourself, nurturing yourself and looking after your mind, body and emotional health?

We do this with no problem for others and do so freely without thinking don’t we? Our partners, children, friends and family so why not ourselves?

The point here is to really appreciate and respect yourself. Not just your successes, but also your failures, be kind to yourself when you speak to “yourself”. Remember words are energy and what you think and say becomes your reality (Universal Law). So if you tell yourself you are a failure often enough you will begin to believe it. The same applies if your tell yourself you’re fat or ugly or just not good enough for anything or anyone.

Just remember though not to let “ego” step in! It’s one thing to appreciate yourself, but another to think your “god’s gift” to everyone and the best looking person to walk the earth. That’s just vanity and ego taking over and a time when you definitely need to have a word with yourself!

The body we were given to walk this earth is the body we were meant to wear for our lifetime this time around Learn to love and accept it the way that it is. We don’t take it with us when we eventually complete our journey and return back home to the spirit world, it gets left behind and discarded like an old overcoat. So lets look after what we were given, appreciate what we have, be kind to ourselves and to others. Treat ourselves and others in the way we would want to be treated. The beauty that come from within is where the true beauty lies.

Lets allow and give ourselves some “Self Love”. We deserve it and its “FREE”.

The key words from the Spiritual & Angelic Realms for this week are…. Self-love, acceptance, respect, kindness, love and appreciation.

I hope that this Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

Spirit Messages – John Holland

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