Spiritual Tarot & Guidance May 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance May 2021

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance May 2021 ~ New Direction

The cards for this months reading are: The High Priestess, The Tower, The Moon, 8 of Pentacles, Shape Shifter, Memories, Rainbow.

Hello everyone as always I hope this months Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading finds you safe and well!

I feel that the strong theme and message that the Spirit & Angelic realms are sending us for this months reading is “New Direction” They are asking us very clearly I feel to look at ourselves, our surroundings, our relationships, basically everything that we consider to be us and attached to us.

The message through the Shape Shifter card is asking us to look at ourselves, are we who we think we should be? or are we trying to be what others think we should be? The Shape Shifter has the mystical ability to transform into other forms. the message here from the Spiritual & Angelic realms is that we can be anything we desire, we do not have to be what is expected of us or what we think we are expected to be. We can just be US! The person we have always been destined to be.

Our past does not have to equal our future, we can change our past belief systems or views and gain a totally different perspective of ourselves and our lives, and therefore bring into being and entirely new destiny and a new direction for ourselves.

Our lives at present are full of grief, disappointment, loss, bereavement, just to mention a few of the emotions almost everyone is enduring at present and above what is expected to be the “normal”. The Memories card we have been given asks us how are we allowing these emotions to affect us? whilst they are all very real emotions, how we allow them to affect us is indeed our choice alone.

The Spirit & Angelic realms are reminding us that whilst we may feel alone while going through these varied emotions we are never truly alone. Our loved ones in the Spirit World are always there for us. We are being asked to remember the happier moments we had with our loved ones now in the spirit world and also reminded that distance & time cannot stop the energy of love that you have for one another.

The power of love works both ways. Your loved ones in spirit could be thinking of you at the same time you are thinking of them! Talk to them just as though they were still with you in this life, they are after all still real people. Memories are like diamonds in your treasure chest.

Through the Rainbow card I feel the Spiritual & Angelic realms are bringing us blessings. The rainbow is believed to symbolise many things including good luck, a bridge to heaven and abundance coming our way, but it is also believed to bring with it blessing from heaven. This I feel is the main message through the card. The Spirit and Angelic realms are sending us all endless love and blessings.

Our first Tarot card for this months Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is the High Priestess and she signifies communication, Intuition, dreams and visions. I feel the message here we are being given is to follow and work with our intuition more closely, to listen to our inner voice, be aware and take notice of any vivid dreams we may have for this can be a way for the Spirit & Angelic realms to communicate with us as they try to get through our clogged, busy, over worked and stressed minds. Some of us may also have a true spiritual experience of some kind so please be open and aware of this possibility!

Our next tarot card was the Tower card and is usually associated with chaos and destruction where something has been built on rocky foundations e.g. a business or relationship. however I feel the message for us here is more to do with our perception and belief systems. I feel this month we will be looking or forced to look at how we see ourselves and others. as I said in the opening paragraph to look at ourselves, our surroundings, our relationships, basically everything that we consider to be “us” and attached to “us”.

I feel that the chaos that we may feel will be more internally as we search “our inner beliefs” as well as our outer world looking and striving to move forward in an ever changing chaotic world. Some of us may feel as though the rug has been pulled from under our feet. However we have the support and guidance of the High Priestess to help us. we just need to take a little time out, to go within and ask for her support.

Next in this months Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading given the Moon card. Our 3rd Major Arcana Card of this reading! The Moon card also brings with it the message of mysterious dreams, of hidden truths suddenly surfacing and coming out into the open. This may not only be truths that have been hidden by others, it can also mean hidden truths of our own, things we have pushed beneath the surface that we have been unwilling to face. The message we have been given through the High Priestess from the Spirit & Angelic Realms is being repeated through the Moon card, and that is to learn to listen to and trust our Intuition.

Our final card for this months Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is the 8 of Pentacles. I feel as this card is the last card of the reading and the High Priestess was the first card of the reading, we are being advised by the Spirit & Angelic realms that although the Tower & The Moon may bring a period of change uncertainty and confusion we will if we listen to the message of the High Priestess and 8 of Pentacles be able to get through and avoid some of the confusion, disruption and instability.

The 8 of Pentacles represents patience and determination. Through this card I feel we are being asked not to rush into things, to think things through carefully and definitely not be tempted to take any short cuts. The 8 of Pentacles represents a period of learning and mastering new skills, however I feel the main message from the Spirit and Angelic realms here is one of learning and mastering new ways of seeing, living, feeling and being.

It is a message of learning to have more trust in ourselves as individuals, for us to take on the role of the apprentice and be prepared to try new ways of thinking, doing, living and being, and not be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes happen and we should not be too harsh on ourselves if we make them. Mistakes are a part of learning, growing and becoming the master. In this instance it is becoming the master of “self”.

“One person cannot change the world, yet the world can change because of one person.”

Nicolas G. Janovsky

It may be a strong word and some may disagree but our world is currently and has been for some time in turmoil. With what we call so many Man Made Disasters and Natural Disasters. Countries at War, other countries flexing their military muscles and of course the current pandemic that is affecting every country and person across the world in some way. And yet a lot of the population of this world are still trying to live life the “old way” refusing to learn any lessons or do anything any differently, believing we will at some point be able to get back to “normal”. But “normal” has not worked has it?

The Spiritual and Angelic realms have for a long time tried to advise us to “Change Direction” to alter the ways that we think, the ways in which we treat each other and the earth on which we live, but so many refuse to listen or scoff at their teachings and their words of wisdom.

This months Spiritual Tarot & Guidance readings is again about the need for us to change our thoughts patterns, it is about listening to our “true self”, our “spiritual self” that is within each and every one of us. They are again guiding us to find new ways to exist on this planet so that we may live in a world of peace. Where love and respect are of greater importance than money, greed and possessions.

If each one of us could be that one person in the quote above then the Change of Direction would easily be possible with a brighter, better, more loving, healthier world for all.

I hope that this Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

Native Spirit – Denise Lin

Spirit Messages – John Holland

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