Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 21st ~ 27th December 2020

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 21st ~ 27th December 2020

Spiritual Tarot & Guidance 21st ~ 27th December 2020

The cards for this week are: The Knight of Cups, 7 of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Fire, Conflict & Defeat.

Hello everyone as always I hope this weeks reading finds you safe and well!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, loving and caring Christmas. I know this Christmas is going to be very different to the ones that we have become accustomed to, but we can all still choose to approach this Christmas from it’s true spiritual meaning. That is being more Loving, Compassionate and Caring towards one another.

The first card drawn for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is the Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups in the general meaning of Tarot is the true romantic however I feel it his other qualities that the spirit and angelic realms are drawing our attention to. The Knight of Cups is in touch with his emotions and Intuition and is also kind and caring towards others. I feel spirit are drawing our attention to his other qualities too. The Knight of Cups when he makes decisions does so from the heart, he uses his intuition, how he “feels” about a situation rather than just what he “thinks” about it.

Our second card is the 7 of Wands. As you can see from the image he is in a position where he is having to stand his ground, defending both his achievement and beliefs. Sadly in this world there is always conflict that is often caused by the differences of peoples beliefs. What maybe true to one person is not always true for another. There are a great many people who make decisions and take action on what they “think” is right based on the information they have been given, often ruled by their head, rather than using the gift of intuition like the Knight of Cups and asking themselves “does it feel right”.

The third card in this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading is another Knight, The Knight of Pentacles. This Knight is someone who is hardworking, he decides carefully on his plan of action after considering all of the options open to him. He has his vision in mind of what he wants to achieve. he is meticulous in his approach checking every detail and sticks relentlessly to his path.

Our first of the two Oracle cards for this week is the card of Fire. If you look at the word underneath it says Passion, we often describe passion as “being on fire” having a “creative spark”. Sadly some have lost this, more so over the past year of 2020. Some quite understandably have lost their spark and fire, their passion all together, others have just fallen in line confused by all the information and misinformation that they have been bombarded with and just followed the crowd, pushed aside their own feelings, their own intuition and chosen to “fit in” rather than stand for what they “feel” is right.

Our last card for this weeks Spiritual Tarot and Guidance reading is Conflict and Defeat. This card again chosen, as all the cards are, with help and guidance from the spirit and angelic realms and it fits nicely alongside the card of Fire and all the other cards in this weeks reading. The Conflict and Defeat card represents learning and change and how we respond to the changes. The need to show sensitivity towards people and the conditions and situations that surround us. In the deck this card is from it is one of the “Mental” cards, so again signifies the use of using thought alone, rather than sensitivity and our Intuitive abilities.

So what is the message from the Spirit and the Angelic Realms for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading?

I feel their message this week is that there is a real need for more love, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding in the world. We are fast approaching a time of celebration that symbolises and represents those very qualities. In fact this weeks reading covers that very period. With all the restrictions that have been placed on our lives over the past year, I feel that the spirit and angelic realms are asking for us to put our differences aside whatever our political views or other beliefs may be.

They are asking us to adopt the qualities of the Knight of Cups, to get in touch with our emotions, our intuition and be more kind and caring towards one another. We can then avoid the need to place ourselves or anyone in the situation of the 7 of Wands. We can then if we choose to follow their guidance adopt the qualities of the Knight of Pentacles and the Fire card and choose to approach the Festive Season with careful planning and clear vision, passion, spark and creativity whilst keeping in mind the various restrictions and rules that are in place

In doing this we will also be taking on board the message behind the card of Conflict and Defeat. We will be learning to respond creatively to the constant changes and conditions that surround us with intuition and feeling rather than just acting on thought and impulse alone.

The energy and feeling that I have received from the Spirit and Angelic realms throughout this reading is one of the urgent need for more LOVE, SUPPORT, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING and UNITY across the world, and not just for the festive period we call Christmas.

I hope that this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading has helped and given you support in some way. The messages from the Spiritual & Angelic realms are always bought to you on an energy of love, compassion and understanding.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself, It is allowed !”

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

The Tarot & Oracle cards used for this weeks Spiritual Tarot & Guidance reading are:

The Original Rider Waite Tarot – A.E. Waite

Earth Magic – Steven D. Farmer

The Psychic Tarot – John Holland

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