Tarot card for this week – The Hermit

Some may think it strange that the spirit world would choose the Hermit card (one of the major Arcana cards) at times when there has been so much seclusion and separation of people across the world. But is it that strange?

This weeks Tarot Card is The Hermit (24th – 30th August 2020)

Some may think it strange that the spirit world would choose the Hermit card (one of the major Arcana cards) at a time when there has been so much seclusion and separation of people across the world. But is it that strange?

The Hermit card represents the need for us to go within, to find our true self and although we have had the times of separation from loved ones, for some seclusion, it has also been a time of stress, worry and confusion and for a great many people a time of losing themselves in all of the turmoil. Being separated from friends and loved ones, being alone, feeling lonely is not the same as what the Hermit card speaks of.

The Hermit is asking us to go within and connect with ourselves, our spirit, our “true self” where the real guidance and answers are. It is said that “the answer you seek is already within you”. To “connect” with our “true self” is something that some would say is all mumbo jumbo new age rubbish and just ridiculous.

Do you know how many times I have heard that? How many times I have met people who are petrified at the thought of doing it? Of going within and just spending some time in thought. If you think about it in simplistic terms, they fear the thought of having a little chat with themselves!

Some see the Hermit as the card of Intuition, Inner knowing, Inner guidance and really that is what it is. There is nothing realistically mysterious about it. I often end my readings on here with the words:

“Take some time out for yourself! It is allowed! “


In reality that is what the Hermit is asking of you. To take time out, have a breather, take some deep breaths and calm the mind. We all need periods of “Me time”, where we can take a breather and clear our head, slow down the mind and simply think more clearly, without someone wanting something of us or from us, without having to think for a short while of all the everyday problems that we often “drown in” mentally and emotionally.

We all have periods and times of confusion. As the saying goes “you can’t see the wood for the trees”, periods of time where everything is just running away from us and we can’t keep up. I call this “brain overload”, trying to think of, do and solve so may things and problems at once that you just go round in circles getting nowhere, or end up just patching up problems or situations that will only become a problem again.

The spiritual message of The Hermit is about “you”, your “true self”. Very often the hidden part of yourself that you keep from others and for some even from themselves. Some people go through life involving themselves in other peoples problems, only too pleased to help, because then they don’t have to face their own problems, their own true self or their own truths.

“the answer you seek is already within you”

It can take strength and courage to follow the path of the hermit, because at times of introspection, of going within, it means facing the part of us we do not want to, facing problems we do not want to see, those thing we have buried deep down and don’t want to face. Asking ourselves the questions we don’t want to ask.

But we all know in truth that the Hermit is within us, we all know we have ignored the inner guidance “our own thoughts” that we have just shrugged off and ignored because it’s easier that way, because that way we then get to do what we want rather than do what we should, about a person, situation or problem we have.

This week The Hermit is asking you to take some time out for thought, ask yourself (The Hermit) “what direction is my life actually going in?” Am I leading my life the way I want to or am I just following everyone else’s lead? Am I being true to the real me? These are just an example of many questions you could ask, Only you know the questions you need to ask. The path to the Hermit within you, is your own personal path.

Be brave, find some time and have a chat with your Hermit.

I will say it again as I always do, take some time out for yourself! It is allowed“!

Until next time…. please take care and stay safe.

Steve Robinson

Tarot Card deck used for reading is The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris – Anne

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