Spiritual Evolution: The Light

Spiritual Evolution: The Light ~ At one time the human condition consisted primarily of survival and adaptation.

Spiritual Evolution: The Light

At one time the human condition consisted primarily of survival and adaptation. We did not have the conveniences that we do today that essentially does the surviving and adapting for us. Today controlling our temperature is as easy as turning up or down the thermostat. 

When hungry we get food from the cupboard, refrigerator or freezer, pop it into the oven or microwave and in minutes we are eating. Out of milk?  Pop over to the corner market and pick up some more. Without being in the survival mode our souls are entering a different phase of life that offers a spiritual evolution in place of the physical one of the past.

When our soul is ready to become more, to glide beyond the basics of spirituality there becomes a prominent longing for light and spiritual connectedness. We start to listen for guidance and we begin to become intone with our intuition; even our dreams bring us to a higher level. 

It is now that our spiritual evolution becomes a priority and we long to be closer to our personal Divinity and the sources of light, love and understanding.

Today, more than any other time on Earth we are faced with an infinite number of opportunities for spiritual growth. The vast number of paths, beliefs and methods of growth only go to show the need and longing that the human condition is bringing us to.  We are all becoming spiritually conscious and are being guided to that next step in our spiritual evolution.

The growth of a higher spiritual light on the Earth is generating a new atmosphere that allow penetration to the universal spiritual realm and allows access to that more enlightened spirituality for even the inexperienced in the process of awakening to the light.

There are simple ways that you can personally begin to create a greater light in your life and purposefully create a sacred environment in your home and in your life.  You begin this by letting go of what you no longer need.  Let go of the objects, the energy and the emotions that hold you back and no longer serve you. 

By consciously aligning yourself with your own personal understanding of the Universal Spirit and your own personal understanding of your inner divinity you can raise your vibration and enter into the light.

Spiritual Evolution

Begin your journey into the light by cleansing your living space. Centre yourself and walk into and through your home with grounded vision.  Look at all your belongings and make a conscious judgement to let go of the objects, clutter, clothing and stuff that does not reflect what you really want in your life. All that is left must be cleaned well, open all the windows and allow fresh air to come in and push away the old air. 

While you are cleaning the items that you have left in your home take a moment to really connect with them and notice how they make you feel.  If the item does not make you feel the light and warmth or if it actually makes you feel bad throw it out.  Acknowledge all your emotions while doing this exercise and consciously exchange it for the light and love you bring into your spiritual life.

With everything cleaned and purified you will now create sacred space in your home and in your life.  Find an area in your home that can become a focal point for your spiritual centre. Choose a location that will not be used for anything else and place a small table in your new sacred space.  You may choose to place a candle and a few items on the table that feel spiritual to you and place them in a way that feels good to you. 

This sacred space and sacred table will be a place that you can pray, meditate and focus your spiritual light. This space will take on a higher light and vibration and can be a source of healing and peace for you. You can go to your sacred space when you need comfort and peace and when you want to give thanks for the light that is restored into your life. 

Remember, this is your own space, invoke in it the spiritual path and feelings that you are aligned to and that feel right to you.

With your sacred space defined you can begin to align yourself with the Divine as you understand it to be.  You may have been injured by a particular spiritual path in life; however, you can let go of that and discover the path and the Divine that is right for you personally.  Use this time to discover just what Universal Spirit brings you light, love and peace; this is your personal Divinity. 

Each day you will want to spend a few minutes in your sacred space and breathe deeply and quietly as you align yourself with the divine light.  You may do this as your own meditation or as a guided meditation. The more you meditate in your sacred space the stronger your connection with the light will become.

These simple steps will begin to create a pathway that leads to an intense light in your life and a higher vibration. New doors will begin to open, new possibilities will arise to bring you to a place of healing and enlightenment as the light expands over you and over the Earth. The more people who begin to align themselves with the Divine light that is personal to them the higher the vibration of the Earth will become; leading to a healing and enlightenment that will be felt universally.

Author: Laura Cass

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