Life Experiences – Unconditional Love – Part 1

The terms "life experiences," "choice," "karma," "and unconditional love" are  all part of the same whole.

The terms “life experiences,” “choice,” “karma,” “and unconditional love” are  all part of the same whole.

I will explain them individually, in the way that I  received them in my own teachings;  however, they must be understood holistically.

One without the other can bring  confusion. Together, these terms explain the wonder of life.

Life Experience

Life is physical. We  are born into a physical body, and we live in a physical world. We interpret our experiences physically. This physicality allows us to “feel,” which the spirits  have explained to me is the major component of the earth experience. The earth  experience is one of emotion, where the soul acquires a physical understanding  of emotion.

For example, it is one thing to conceptualise anger and another thing to experience anger and to feel it throughout the body. The same holds  true for love. It is significantly different to think about being in love and  about the concept of love than it is to “feel” love and the emotions and  physical sensations of love.

When one thinks of the vast array of human emotions, one realises how many lifetimes must be lived in order to “know” life. It is the spirits’ message that we live many lifetimes and experience many life forms and situations along our path to understanding. With  each incarnation, your spirit selects the physical realities you will experience  in that lifetime.

You, embodied in your spirit, choose the circumstances you  will be born into: the life conditions, the geographic location,  the economic status, the handicaps, and the body type. You actually choose all  of the fixed factors that will constitute a major portion of your life  experience. You also choose your variable life conditions, those conditions that  can change through growth and development as you progress through life.

These choices constitute the conditions  under which you live each lifetime. What you have chosen to experience is  designed for a particular unfolding of your soul. The choices are made at a  spiritual level, a soulful, subconscious level, before you incarnate into this  particular body.

The unfortunate thing about being human is that you do not get to remember, consciously, the spiritual choices that you made before your  incarnation. This lack of remembering, however, allows you to experience each life fully and completely in its current physical reality.

In the next  instalment, I will discuss the second piece of the picture – choice. You have already chosen to come into this life as your are. Now, how does choice affect  your being in this life?

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