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Environments with lower energies.

brainTo become more positive, surround yourself with positivity energy and avoid environments with lower energies.
Have you ever noticed that when you enter a room with a bunch of people, you can instantly feel the energy of the environment? Whether the energy is positive or negative, your mood is very likely to get influence…d by it. Each and every interaction we have with the outside world influences our mind. The mind turns relatively negative when in the midst of negative energy, and it turns relatively positive when in the midst of positive energy.

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The Power of Living in Your Truth and Authenticity

“You will know the truth and the truth shall set you  free.” John 8:32

Truth: The REAL state of things

Your life is a mirror of the way you live your truth and of your reality.

In our politically correct environment, everyone must like what everyone else  is doing. We have replaced our truth with lies. That might sound harsh but,  after all, this is an article on truth!

unspoken wordWe have become conditioned to hold back the real truth in many situations. We  hold our truth in. Stuffed into our minds and bodies, our truth clogs our entire systems, like a plugged fuel line to a  motor — not operating at full potential — sputtering through life.

Think about this: Have you ever kept a significant truth inside or unstated  for some time and when you finally let it out, you felt like a weight had been  lifted from your shoulders?

When we lie, we falsely believe we are doing something beneficial to help the  situation. We use excuses such as I don’t want to hurt their feelings, I  don’t think they or I could handle the truth, the truth hurts so I won’t say  anything.

Here are some examples where we are conditioned tonot tell our truth.

· Your significant partner just left you; you feel like a truck just ran over  you. Someone in the office asks you how you are doing; you respond: Fine! Hey, that’s not truth. You feel awful . . . with good reason . .  . so be real!

· You are in a work situation; the boss asks if you like your job and the  work environment. You say, Yes, it’s just fine, but you really don’t  like the situation and you mislead your boss and yourself on the truth. You tell  a lie.

· Let’s reverse the situation. Think of yourself in the role of boss. An  employee asks you if you like his/her work. You say Yes, but you have  an ad in next week’s paper, looking for a new  employee. You have told the individual a lie.

· You go to dinner at the home of friends and the meal is just terrible. They  ask you how you like the meal; you state It’s great . . . another lie.  So the next time you visit there, the same food in on the table. After all, you  approved it before; why not make it again?

· Your child has done something very poorly and knows it. He says to you, Isn’t that great? and you agree. Another falsehood.

· A telemarketer calls. You stay on  the line not expressing your truth, which is I have no time for  this.

· Someone asks you about your success. You exaggerate (lie) about your  accomplishments to cover up insecurities, fear, or to get approval.

How have we digressed so far as to think that lies are more effective or  powerful than the truth?

By the way, being truthful is different than being a whiner or a victim of  your life and circumstances.

Interesting enough, many of these lies are directed toward ourselves; we deny  our own truth. By doing so, we lower and give away our own personal purpose and  energy. Truth is the difference between being authentic or fake ? real instead  of phony. We have become sheep ready for slaughter and we have denied others our  truth. This is a destructive behavior pattern.

Alert: Before you go out to tell everyone how you REALLY feel about them,  there is a caveat. You must speak your truth with compassion — not only  to others but to yourself.

This is not about hurting yourself and others; it’s about releasing what is  true. Truth does and will set you free when done with a good heart. You will be  stating facts — not releasing emotionally charged truths launched with arrows,  blame, or vengeance.

Your truth should not be about being callous, judgmental, or putting  someone/something down. It should simply be about the facts as you see them and  about your truth.

Have you seen someone constantly lying (sucking up to) a person of stature  and authority? What did you think of the person who was not being truthful? Did  you wonder where else this person was living a lie? Could you deeply trust this  person? If you are being honest, most likely not!

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, identified that the most  successful companies are brutally honest about their condition. They do not live  on Fantasy Island but on truth. How can quality, purposeful decisions be made on  false or untrue information? They can’t.

Finally, what about the individuals who are not truthful about the true  condition of their lives — physical, financial, mental, spiritual, social,  relationships, etc.? It’s time to be real about your life and to move forward  from a position of truth and authenticity at all levels.

Yes, I have been guilty of not stating my truth in the past — of not being  real. Looking back, I realize how much that modus operandi cost me in  personal energy, relationships, business, and credibility. And I have also been  truthful without compassion; my truth has ridden the emotions of revenge and  anger. Neither of these approaches to the truth proves beneficial.

At this moment, I encourage everyone reading this article to achieve freedom  by living and stating what’s true for you . . . not in an intense judgmental  way, but in a calm, confident, grounded space. Make this commitment for everyone  and everything ? you don’t get to pick and choose where you will be truthful. Be  100% authentic.

Be aware of the freedom and incredible feelings you experience as you more  toward more and more truth in your life.

Action Steps for Living in Your Truth

1. Acknowledge there is no benefit in misleading yourself or others in  lies.

2. Embrace the fact that your truth can set you free.

3. Speak your truth with compassion, not in judgment or anger.

4. Lying is often based on fear, the need for approval, or a lack of  self-worth. Stop doing it now!

5. The more authentic you are, the more self-confidence you will exude and the more action you will  take.

6. Think right now where in your life you are not being 100% truthful and  authentic. Make a list of everything that comes up for you: When, Who, Where,  How, What. If you are having difficulty thinking of instances, use the examples  above to kick-start your process.

7. From your list, clarify and determine the truth for each of your  scenarios. Be honest with yourself about your life conditions and your  relationships.

8. Take action NOW! I suggest you start with the most difficult item on your  list. That way, everything else will seem easy. Make sure you enter this process  with compassion to yourself and others.

9. Pay attention to the mental release and energy you gain from your  truth.

10. Become aware of day-to-day situations where you omit the truth or are not  being authentic. Start changing your habits.

11. Ask for support and feedback from your family and friends.

12. Truth is strength and power. Tell the truth, and then watch how you  attract more of what you want into your life.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose.

Ken  Keis –    About the Author:

Ken Keis, MBA, CPC, is an internationally known author, speaker, and  consultant. He is President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group  International, Inc., Many professionals herald CRG as the Number One global  resource center for Personal and Professional Development.  For information on  CRG Resources, please visit http://crgleader.comFor  information on Ken’s Training and Speaking Programs, please visit


Everything Happens for a Reason

happens4areasonCertain events happen in our lives that completely change our outlook and consequently the choices we make. Be it ending a relationship, leaving a job, moving away, losing a loved one, winning the lottery, finding your soul mate, starting a family after many years of waiting, overcoming a fatal diagnosis, etc. This list could go on and on. One may say it is your destiny or karma.

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Conquer your fears

In order to truly live your life to the fullest, you have to let go of  fear.  As humans, our ability to fear has no doubt aided us in our survival for thousands of years, but at the  same time it has held us back from living the life of our dreams.  This is  the duality of nature and one of the great challenges of existing in the human  body.  Our spirit or soul is inherently  free, everlasting and  divine.  At the very core of the  soul, I believe it is our nature to be peaceful, loving and creative  entities.  What holds back this peace, love and creativity is often  fear.  Fear of hate, fear of violence and destruction, fear of rejection,  fear of others and their unknown agendas, fear of failure.  Fear is an ugly  symptom of being human.  It is a by product of the ego.  The ego has  had it’s purpose on Earth and in humans.  It has helped us to survive.  The ego does not want to die as it can only  exist in this human body.  It creates fear as a necessary tool for  survival.  Fear can hold us back from parachuting out of an airplane, but  it can also hold us back from living out our true nature and true desires.

fear_of_failureFear can have many different faces and you can find it in many different  places.  Many people, including myself, have been drowned in a sea of “what  if’s” which can easily cloud the mind and seemingly destroying the creative,  loving and peaceful nature of our souls.  Think about it for a  moment.  How has fear stopped you from achieving your dreams and  goals?  What would you do if you had nothing to fear, if you assumed that  you would only be rewarded for pursuing your heart’s desires?

One of the most difficult things about fear is that it is a feeling that  carries low vibrations.  When your mind is focused on fear, it is zeroing  in on that negative level of frequencies and everything at that same vibration  level.  Feelings like indecision and doubt, also comes into focus.   Think about when a person says “I get bad vibes from that guy”.  You are  literally feeling their negativity and the lower vibration of all of their  thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes it is oppressive to be around people like  that and you may literally find yourself feeling sick around someone who is  completely focused on their fears and worries.

The law of attraction is coming into play here.  Now let’s focus on the  polar opposite.  Think about when you encounter that person who doesn’t  seem to have a care in the world, maybe it’s a child that you know who is still  fresh from the other side and still carrying the higher vibrations that are the  true nature of our spirit.  Maybe it’s a coworker or friend or even your  boss.  They always seem to be smiling, they always see the brighter side to  life and they seem to have it all.  Nothing ever seems to get them down or  get in their way.  In fact, they may make it look easy, almost as if  everything was simply handed to them.  You may find yourself jealous of  their success, assuming they’ve gotten a free ride in life.  In reality,  it’s far from the truth.

When we are consumed with these fears and feelings along the lower  vibrations, it’s almost as if you are seeing life through distorted  goggles.  From your perspective, it is hard to see all of the hard work and  the persistence that was surely a large part of the successful person’s  life.  They make it look so easy.

One of the reasons they make it look so easy is they have let go of their  fears and simply trust and know that they will be successful and  happy.  When you can stop worrying about what will happen if you fail or  what will happen if you are rejected or what will happen if you aren’t good  enough, your mind does a marvelous thing.  It stops focusing on the  negative!  When you give your mind that break, that freedom, the true  divine creativity within you can shine.  When you know that no matter what,  everything will be okay and everything will work out, you can start focusing on  your goals and start pursuing your passion in life.  You suddenly become  free of the grips of fear and you are able to get to work and start doing what  needs to be done in order to achieve your goals.

So how do you conquer your fears?  How can you tell yourself everything  will be okay and you have nothing to fear when there is that nagging voice in  the back of your head saying, “yes, you do dummy, you have everything  to fear!”?  Well, there are a number of ways to combat fear, actually.

Most importantly, you have to start with a positive mind set.  It will  take time and you will often have to remind yourself, almost constantly at  first, to stay positive and focus on the great life that you know you  deserve.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, you have to write it  down.  How can you constantly remind yourself of something if you don’t  have it clearly defined?  Write it down along with any steps and actions  you know you can take each day that will help you achieve your goals.  Read  this list every day, before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep at  night.  This will help to keep you focused.

One simple thing that has helped me is a positive affirmation bracelet.   If you obtain a bracelet with positive affirmations on it, every time you feel  yourself slipping back into your fearful mindset, you can feel the bracelet,  read what’s written on it and bring your mind back into focus.  You can  even make your own positive affirmation bracelet through one of the many online businesses out there that make custom  rubber bracelets or you can make one out of beads that spell out your positive  thoughts and feelings.

Another great way to keep those higher vibration thoughts present and  dominating is to carry a quartz crystal with you.  Quartz carries some of  the highest vibrations on Earth and is known to amplify thoughts and  feelings.  You can charge your very own quartz crystal with positive  affirmations, feelings and thoughts by meditating each day with your  crystal.  Carry it with you to help you amplify those feelings squashing  any fear and negativity.

You may be reading this and part of you may be agreeing with what you are  reading only to find that voice in the back of your head still saying negative  things to you, doubting that any of this could possibly help you.  It is  very difficult to retrain the subconscious mind which is constantly bombarding  you with the thoughts and feelings that were allowed free reign for so  long.  You must focus on the positive and learn to retrain that voice, this  is where persistence will pay off.  If you are persistent and learn to  quiet that voice, over time, you will find it slowly fading away allowing the  positive thoughts and feelings to take over your mind.

One of my favorite ways to find comfort and really let go of fear is to read  about near death experiences and past life regressions.  Almost all near  death experiences and past life regressions carry the same positive story that  can help to sooth even those who seem helplessly consumed with their greatest  fear of the unknown.  Why am I here?  What should I be doing with my  life?  What happens after this?  Is there life after death?   Should I be doing more with my life?  If so, what should I be doing?   How will I know what’s right?  These are great questions to ask, but only  if you seek and find the answer.  If you let the fear of the unknown take  over, you will never progress and find your true purpose in this life.

These types of thoughts and feelings can stop a person dead in their  tracks.  They can become so consumed by the fear of death that they forget  to actually live!  By reading and listening to people’s experiences with  near death and past life regression you can come to a greater understanding of  why we are here and what your true purpose is.  The greatest thing that can  happen by learning about these experiences is you will come to the understanding  that you are an eternal, divine, loving being that has no end.  You will  come to the realization that yes, you have done this before, many times before  (ever heard of deja vu?) and you will continue to reincarnate until you progress  further and further along in the spirit world.  You will come to realize  that you never really stop learning both here on Earth and in the afterlife.

Earth will begin to look like one big school, where we act out a play that is  interconnected with every other spirit incarnated on this planet.  You may  come to understand that we are all working towards balancing our true divine  spirit within the human body.  The ultimate goal may be heaven on Earth  with every individual coming to the realization that they can let go of their  ego, let their true loving divine spirit exist in full in the human body.   If we can let go of fear, we can do it.  If we let go of fear, we can  accomplish anything we desire.

There can be great comfort in knowing that your essence goes on forever long  after you’ve left this plane of existence.  Just knowing that, can give  assurance and help to ease the doubts that may cloud the mind.  I know I don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes I’ve made in life over  and over again, one life after the next. I want to advance to the next  level!  When I find myself falling back into the grips of fear and feel the  “what if”‘s coming on, I remind myself of this truly miraculous chance that we  have here on this beautiful planet.  I remind myself that I really have  nothing to lose, if I fail, I will try again, if I fall, I will get up.  It  never really ever stops for us so you might as well keep going, keep your head  up high and go for all that you dream of and desire.

Here is one last trick to help you to let go of all of your fears.  A  silly analogy, that often helps me, is to think of life as a video game.   In a video game, you don’t have any fear because you are simply acting out your  wishes and desires through the character of the game.  If you die, you know  you will start over.   You also know the next time around you will have an  easier time with that level as you’ve already learned quite a bit from your  first crack at it.  Life is very much the same way!  We can’t remember  our previous attempts, much like the character in the game that has no  recollection of the previous death or previous attempts at completing that level  in the game.  In a video game, you wouldn’t sit and wait at the starting  line afraid to move forward in case your character died trying.  You just  go for it.  And you keep trying until you win.  Having this type of  perspective in life is very helpful in learning how to let go of your fears and  accomplish what you actually came here for.

So when you feel fear stopping you in your tracks, remember this.   You’ve been here before, you’ll be here again, your essence is eternal and it  came here for a reason.  So stop worrying and start living, and you will  find your true purpose in this life.

Annie  Amen –    About the Author:

I hope that my thoughts and insights can inspire people and give them  hope.  In a world that is crowded with fear, poverty and suffering, I  believe it is possible to rise above and live in a world of peace, love and  abundance.  I’ve gained knowledge through my own experiences that I hope  can help others.

Emotional Healing Examined

emotional healingWhat is emotional healing? It is a painful process that leads to  peace, happiness and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge leads to liberation. It is  painful, because only painful emotions need to be healed. True happiness does  not need releasing! But true happiness remains un-experienced as long as there  is an escape from pain. It is the healing of buried pain that allows happiness  and joy to start to make a true entrance into our lives. This is because only  through self-acceptance can we really move forward in our lives.

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